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Moderate Consumption of Sugary Drinks Has Little Impact on Adolescents’ Metabolic Health, MU Study Finds

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Bloomberg’s Legacy

Tevi Troy, generally a sensible man and prolific writer on public issues, takes on a discussion of Mayor and professional nanny, Michael Bloomberg.

Last week I discussed this Medici of the modern age, who spent more than 600 million of his own money to facilitate and inflate and flaunt his mayoralty, in violation of the spirit if not the letter of American Law and Government.

We don’t elect monarchs or even Dukes or Counts here. He got away with his behavior and extravagance because he was rich, worth in the range of 30 billion adn New Yorkers and the New York press do love to kiss up to rich guys with big egos.

Danish Pastries? not so fast…..

[NPR report]

Cinnamon swirls are beloved in Denmark, but recent testing by the Danish government found many of these rolls had more of the spice than allowed by European health guidelines. Now bakers may have to change their time-tested recipes. Too much cinnamon? Yes, there is such a thing.

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Sugar Hysteria: ‘The most dangerous drug of the times’ — ‘Like alcohol, tobacco… use should be discouraged’

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Mental meltdown at lefty UK paper: Soda is a ‘demon drink’; Calls for ‘war on sugar’

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Food nannies fail math in effort to blame obesity on high fructose corn syrup

The food nannies at Citizens for Health (And who are the Citizens Against Health) stated today: Continue reading

Food nanny rebellion: Yale doc says Lustig sugar-is-toxic claim ‘not rational’

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