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Ron Johnson, R Senator from Wisconsin to UN panel? Whaaaat?

Somebody on the enviro supervision panel for appointments must have had a stroke.

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Rick Moran on the silly climate change people and their nemesis–the pause

I just worry about little things, like when will the weather produce some rain for central Texas.


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Sierra on oil production–up big time, and the 97 % consensus fraud

Thank you for what you do Dr. Rayne.

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Science scams in politics, why they continue Roger Pielke speaks

I have always benefited from reading Pielke.

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BBC proves that British IQs have declined

So the Environmental News correspondent for BBC jumps on the Atlantic Ocean as the culprit.

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Godfather Morano plays villain in movie

I would have been happy to put on my Hannibal the Cannibal helmet and sit in for Morano on this warmer movie.

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Rick Scott is an imbecile, no, he’s just scared

Read this nonsense, but only after you take your Zofran.

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