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The importance of Daniel Patrick Moynihan–and why he was discarded

The left can’t tolerate the truth–they want their ideological bullshitting to be dominant, and the obeisance of the benighted masses.

Moynihan was a brain with humility–and he was always searching for the truth–which is why he showed that liberal “solutions” were just plain wrong. That is the ultimate sin in a totalitarian state, run by the nomenklatura, the oligarchy, the ruling class.

Try to ignore the writer of this essay, Sam Tenenhaus, except for getting the drift of how a prick “writer at large” for the New York Times would spin the Moynihan career when he isn’t and never will be strong enough to carry Moynihan’s briefcase. My, what arrogance, what ignorance, what arrogant ignorance. But he does express pretty well the frustration of the left–not getting their proper dose of big idea utopianism in the conflicted political environment. Continue reading

Totalitarians on the march–advocating prison for their opponents on warming

There is a little difference between authoritarians and totalitarians, since authoritarians demand obedience and totalitarians demand you believe what they believe.

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Another positive review of Michael Walsh’s book on the lefties

The Devil’s Pleasure Palace is Michael Walsh’s book about the cultural changes of the past 200 years, and why we are now is such a mess.

I used a Roger Kimball review to promote it a week ago. Now from AMSPEC.

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David Dilley, former NOAA meteorologist, tells of the junky NOAA climate crusade

Dilley is, like so many retired from government, revealing the nature of their deceptions and intellectual/scientific malfeasance.

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PLOS is sliding down into the lefty censorious political correctness sewer? Say it ain’t so.

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How the socialist statists became so powerful here and abroad–a story

The “March Through the Institutions” became the Marxist/Leninist strategy after the hoped for revolution was defused by the progress of human welfare during the industrial revolution.

The Creation of a middle class was one of the big reasons socialists couldn’t pursue their uprising strategy, so they moved on to infiltration and sabotage of traditions, mores and institutions.

We now have a socialist Pope and a socialist POTUS, for example, so they have done well.

The linked essay below explains the rise of socialism very well and the most important players and strategies.

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Theodore Dalrymple agrees that warm is good for humans and living things

I sure like Theodore Dalrymple–on psych, now on junk science in the study of climate.