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I think sustainability should be eliminated from the lexicon

Paul Driessen explains why it is such a junky concept as used by the watermelons.

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Nice to consider–some people notice the media and academic bias

I got this on a google feed for enviro news items–not the usual for the feed for sure.

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Roy Spencer on Ed Calabrese’s special interest, hormesis

I would like to thank Ed Calabrese and Roy Spencer for being my friends.

I do not deserve, as a slug emergency physician who didn’t like calculus, to know them and have them as allies.

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Why does it not surpise me that Paul Krugman–idiot economist–would defend Michael Mann.

Krugman is best known as the last living really enthusiastic acolyte of John M. Keynes, a pervert and a really bad economist, by his own admission, after a period of a decade.

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More good info on climate

I like this stuff.

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Gordon Fulks corrected

Some screw up in the post, but here’s the more accurate Fulks piece.

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Charles Battig and the nonsense at WSJ

I have to laugh that the WSJ would publish things this way–but what do I know–I live in Texas.

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Universities have become high end whorehouses

You think otherwise, consider the price–for less than what was expected, for a start.

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Junk science from the fanatics–a claim that they have found an increase–and it’s what?

I am always amazed at the stuff these clowns put out.

And then I wait for Spencer, Heller, or Rayne to debunk their claims.

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Witch hunting by climate hucksters

Roger Pielke gets the treatment for saying what is obvious–more value, more damage from weather events.

Not climate catastrophe, weather.

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Hypocrisy on the left of me, hypocrisy on the right–censorship by fanatics

I know Pat Michaels and David Legates–both honorable and intelligent scientists.

Who disagree with the arrogant warmers

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Kogan plumbs the depths of junk science–excellent analysis

Met Mr. Kogan at Las Vegas–a man of energy, integrity, insight and intelligence.

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Jane Orient provides wisdom

I have always been impressed with the essays of Jane Orient at the newsletter of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

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John Christy represents the best kind of scientist–he follows the evidence

Howard Hayden, physicist, Prof U Conn, reads the NYT and alerted me to this piece. Thanks.

This essay and profile is pretty fair, although Wines gives entirely too much space to the intolerant fanatics who are at the climate funding trough.

Peer review fraud, Peer review failure

This is a report on a scandal in an obscure journal, and peer review has come under more scrutiny.

Although this is a fraud story, peer review is not as good as you would imagine, even in the best of circumstances.

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Junk science is fallacious science–read here

This author discusses fallacious scientific methods and attitudes.

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Paul Driessen puts up an outstanding condemnation of fanatic environmentalism

Impossible to summarize and properly introduce this essay. Disturbing things to consider

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Steve Goddard will blow you away as Tony Heller.

Well, now, isn’t this just the cat’s pajamas?

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Responding to the National Climate Assessment Agit Prop

A group of scientists who object to the catastrophic warming theories of the greenies lays out the reasons the NCA is nonsense and agit prop.

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Tim Ball and Tom Harris–climate science and policy wisdom

Tim Ball and Tom Harris write about the issues and the policy stupidity promoted by warming fanatics and their running dog political allies.

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