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Roy Spencer discusses John (the idiot) Holdren

How can I top a short comment about John Holdren by Roy Spencer?

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Paul Driessen takes up enviro Sugar Daddy issue

We have posted here information on enviro funding, and how wealthy the greens are.

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Norm Rogers on social influences, and fears, the glue of mass movements like environmentalism

Norm Rogers, a very smart and insightful man, focused on the climate debate and other pubic policy problems. Here he revives the legacy of Pareto and his ideas on dynamics in society.

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Kogan takes down the Schultz proposal on warming

George Schultz says do warming like Reagan did ozone. NOT.

Shultz should know more about the science before trying to draw parallels and dig up Reagan memories.

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Nova reminds the clowns that they are still burdened with the 97% claim

We know the data torturing required to get to 97% consensus on warming among the so0called experts.

Don’t we?

More Criticism of the Royal Society position on warming

On Saint Patrick’s day i applauded Dr. Kelly for his critique of the Royal Society.

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Grand Inquisitor Grijalva just got a message from John Christy

I know Christy, not a man to disregard–a man of courage, fortitude, and integrity.

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