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Goreham goes yard.

I can’t ever complain about the writing advocacy of Steve Goreham.

Here below he takes up our JS favorite advocacy–the problem of EPA lies on air pollution and their refusal to release their data.

I will tell you I can detect their junk science without looking at their data–they pronounce based on bad scientific principles anyway. Their small associations don’t prove toxicity and they actually admit it.

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Retractions – “settled” science unsettled

From Benedict Carey at the New York Times, via Chaos Manor:

“The crimes and misdemeanors of science used to be handled mostly in-house, with a private word at the faculty club, barbed questions at a conference, maybe a quiet dismissal. On the rare occasion when a journal publicly retracted a study, it typically did so in a cryptic footnote. Few were the wiser; many retracted studies have been cited as legitimate evidence by others years after the fact.

Will Happer, Physicist Princeton–with a chair position–says warmers are goofy mad

I would say yes but it’s about the true believer pathology–they are committed to a sky is falling concept so they can commit to a “solution.”

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From the belly of the junk science academic beast comes an inane essay

Dr. Noe–I assume Dr. Noe or he wouldn’t be a UC Berkeley faculty–writes an essay that ignores what is all around him, politically motivated and funded junk science and intellectual inquiry.

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American Physical Society exposed as a shill for enviros

Well after all, a lot of money flows from the enviro movement, and a physicist has to eat, right?
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Bilge From the AAAS–a commentary by the Union of Unconcerned Scientists

I call them unconcerned because they play a key role in the promotion of junk epidemiology and toxicology that has become cover for EPA sponsored junk science to justify fraudulent claims that support bad policy and regulations.

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Anthony Watts on the Graham Study that shows EPA is lying

Well even though I think Graham is too much a bureaucrat to be truthful about the corruption of the EPA and their junk science in pursuit of bad policy, there is good to come out of Graham’s recent research showing EPA fraud.

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