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ITSSD is on top of a very good strategy to stop EPA junk science–I approve

I do like these people–Lawrence Kogan is the leader. The importance of a strategy to stop EPA aggressive regulatory behavior cannot be overestimated.

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Marita’s pretty stoked

I will leave it to Marita to talk.

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Richard Lindzen–MIT hot shot on climate–declaims on the issues and warns us

Who am I to even comment on the eloquence of Richard Lindzen, who has tried–lord how he’s tried, to educate people on climate science done by real scientists.

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Is Hillary a commie–you bet she is–through and through

So the leading current dem candidate for pres is Hillary–who has a very red past–as discussed by Stan Kurtz.

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Ron Johnson, R Senator from Wisconsin to UN panel? Whaaaat?

Somebody on the enviro supervision panel for appointments must have had a stroke.

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Rick Moran on the silly climate change people and their nemesis–the pause

I just worry about little things, like when will the weather produce some rain for central Texas.


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Sierra on oil production–up big time, and the 97 % consensus fraud

Thank you for what you do Dr. Rayne.

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