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I swear I could drink herbicides and not suffer.

So EPA approves a herbicide and the greenies get panicky.

There is no danger to the bioshpere created by herbicides applied appropriately. I have applied some herbicides to reduce my problem with cactus. If you poured a herbicide into a stream or pond you might kill some fish.

Insecticides are a differnt thing, since they attack the autonomic systems of bugs and those side effects impact humans, whose nervous systems depend on the same chemical interactions.

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Doctors Versus The Medical Establishment

While there has always been a scientific establishment—and within that a medical establishment—it is only quite recently that the notion of “scientific consensus” has been advanced to prove the verity of a particular theory. Indeed, precisely because disruptive breakthroughs occur in science with some frequency, the establishment was always reluctant to equate consensus with truth. Rather, consensus was used to bully rebels into submission to the status quo. In fact, equating consensus with truth is a classic example of reversing cause and effect.

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The Systematic Dumbing Down of the Populace. Public Education promoting Mediocrity

Dr. Fernald is a scholar of philosophy and rhetoric. That says something. I found this old essay he wrote, which reminded me of important current problems. Mostly that people place no value in wisdom and the search for the truth–they are more concerned about social pressures and acceptance.

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Scientific integrity problems

Something to consider, should we make it a free for all?

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Xenophobia and hate make people paranoid

Here’s an Islamic leader who thinks that Ebola was invented by the whites to torture whom?

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ITSSD is on top of a very good strategy to stop EPA junk science–I approve

I do like these people–Lawrence Kogan is the leader. The importance of a strategy to stop EPA aggressive regulatory behavior cannot be overestimated.

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Marita’s pretty stoked

I will leave it to Marita to talk.

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