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David Dilley, former NOAA meteorologist, tells of the junky NOAA climate crusade

Dilley is, like so many retired from government, revealing the nature of their deceptions and intellectual/scientific malfeasance.

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PLOS is sliding down into the lefty censorious political correctness sewer? Say it ain’t so.

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How the socialist statists became so powerful here and abroad–a story

The “March Through the Institutions” became the Marxist/Leninist strategy after the hoped for revolution was defused by the progress of human welfare during the industrial revolution.

The Creation of a middle class was one of the big reasons socialists couldn’t pursue their uprising strategy, so they moved on to infiltration and sabotage of traditions, mores and institutions.

We now have a socialist Pope and a socialist POTUS, for example, so they have done well.

The linked essay below explains the rise of socialism very well and the most important players and strategies.

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Theodore Dalrymple agrees that warm is good for humans and living things

I sure like Theodore Dalrymple–on psych, now on junk science in the study of climate.

So imagine that the POTUS is an enviro dummass, and imagine he proposes a new reg will be good

Here’s a reaction that might give one pause.

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Enviros lie and deceive to harm their opposition–a bad trend

This is a story about a scientist who did work with GM food, who was targeted by the usual perps from the enviro left.

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Anti-science warmers spit and howl but ignore the evidence and reject the scientific method

I do get tired of all these confident people who are blinded by their intellectual passions.

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