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Sea level rise is always a hobgoblin–models exaggerate

Can I also put in a word here–rising seas could be part of a long,long term phenomenon, that goes back to the last ice age, but what about the settling factor? HUUUH?

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Antarctic melt worse than we thought?

A new study says the previous estimates of sea level rise from Antarctic ice sheet melt/collapse may underestimate the effect. Continue reading

We have the technology

The science and technologies are already available to stop climate change.  All we need is zero global emissions by mid century. Continue reading

Sea level rise news

A sampling of the reports on sea level rise.   Pick your scare.  There seems to be some variability in the times and rates of sea level rise. Continue reading

Sea level rise 1.6 mm/yr or 3.2 mm/yr?

Measurements say 1.6 mm/yr and satellite altimetry (adjusted) say 3.2 mm/yr.  Continue reading

Did they calculate the carbon footprint?

Vanuatu offers tourists the opportunity to take action against climate change.  Continue reading

More Antarctic ice melt

Now it’s projected winds and global warming that will accelerate the melt. Continue reading