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Are atolls static or dynamic?

Two views on sea level rise and coral atolls.  Continue reading

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Sea level rise and public infrastructure

How to use sea level rise to push for more spending on infrastructure.  Probably federal, not local. Continue reading

Future Proof?

Future proof seems to be a new term in the lexicon of climate alarmists.  I missed the repeal of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Continue reading

Delaware universities get $20 million from taxpayers to scare public about sea-level rise

“The project includes public outreach activities.” Continue reading

Claim: One-third of its rise comes from melting mountain glaciers

What sea-level rise? Continue reading

Peter Gleick: Sea-level rise will be exponential

“One of the most important and threatening risks of climate change is sea-level rise (SLR). The mechanisms are well understood, and the direction of changes in sea-level is highly certain – it is rising and the rate of rise will accelerate.” Continue reading