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We have the technology

The science and technologies are already available to stop climate change.  All we need is zero global emissions by mid century. Continue reading

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Sea level rise news

A sampling of the reports on sea level rise.   Pick your scare.  There seems to be some variability in the times and rates of sea level rise. Continue reading

Sea level rise 1.6 mm/yr or 3.2 mm/yr?

Measurements say 1.6 mm/yr and satellite altimetry (adjusted) say 3.2 mm/yr.  Continue reading

Did they calculate the carbon footprint?

Vanuatu offers tourists the opportunity to take action against climate change.  Continue reading

More Antarctic ice melt

Now it’s projected winds and global warming that will accelerate the melt. Continue reading

Sea level rise and silicon valley

The next storm surge could flood homes instead of just streets.  How do we save Silicon Valley?  Continue reading

Good Planning?

Vancouver, BC, proposes to designate new areas as flood plains based on estimates of sea level rise in 2100. Continue reading

Virginia paying for its coal sins?

Norfolk is going under water maybe it’s due to Virginia coal.  Continue reading

Climate change threatens sand dunes

Sea level rise from climate change threatens Adelaide’s dunes and beaches.  Continue reading

Norfolk, Virginia, poster child

Norfolk has recently become the poster child for “climate change” and sea level rise.  NPR takes its turn.  Continue reading

Magma melting the WAIS

New research leads to volcanic activity below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet contributing to the melting.  Continue reading

G-7 to adopt global climate change agreement

Obama doubles down on his quest to save the world from climate change. Seems rather messianic.  Continue reading

Climate change and Jamestown

Secretary of the Interior visits Jamestown in the Administration’s propaganda tour. Continue reading

Miami is underwater faster than we think?

Sea level rise supposedly will make parts of Miami unlivable before the 30-year mortgage cycle is up. Continue reading

JoNova on sea level rise

Sea level rise in Australia is similar to the period 1920 to 1950, despite all the carbon dioxide emissions. Continue reading

We just discovered storm surge?

The National Hurricane Center has developed a new tool that better explains storm surge.  Continue reading

Climate change causes subsidence

Two-thirds of Norfolk, VA, sea level rise is subsidence, but it is the poster child for climate change.  Continue reading

Backing up on the West Antarctic Melt Scare?

Now that the word of the unstoppable collapse of the West Antarctic melt with up to 13 feet of sea level rise is echoing globally, are they now backing up a bit on the scare? Continue reading

Climate panic at the New Republic

Climate Change will force us to abandon coastal cities.  We’d better start preparing now. Continue reading

We’ll see our 13 feet and raise it another 20 feet

The same folks who predicted 13 feet of sea level rise are predicting 20 feet from Greenland. Continue reading