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Here come the puddin’ headed neuroscientists again

This research group is convinced that Freud’s unconscious and subconscious hypothesis are proven by their outcome energzied research.

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Age of the Universe? Method for estimating it?

I am not an astrophysicist, but we have a Holiday Inn Express in our town.

This is a fascinating trip into the big bang and why the estimate for age of the universe we live in is 13.8 billion years since the big bang with some uncertainties before that.

Get your attention?

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Anti-science warmers spit and howl but ignore the evidence and reject the scientific method

I do get tired of all these confident people who are blinded by their intellectual passions.

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A remarkably good essay about the dynamic tension–science and philosophy

I thought this essay extraordinary for the insight provided so efficiently.

It reminds me of the many times people have commented that this website has no business talking about social sciences and politics, but I would challenge any thinking person to distinguish intellectual inquiry in the social sciences or politics from studies in the hard sciences. Except, of course, for the uncertainties–they are much more prevalent in the soft sciences.

The dangers of Utilitarianism, the importance of the individual but the need for society and civility, the role of philosophy in assessing the discuoveries of science.

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Intellectual tyranny and totalitarianism, scientific misconduct discussed–not a pretty thing

I am just a humble emergency physician, and a push cart professsional trader–but the inegrity of science is essential to my life–I must practice medicine with respect for scientific principles–or I am a clown–a charlatan.

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Advice for Lawyers on detecting junk science–not bad

I like this so much and it is so succinct and efficient, it deserves another plaudit and just a paste for the people who hate going to a link.

From a National Law Journal:

Published on The National Law Review (

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Junk Science in big and little ways–Medical Research is unreliable, but scientific unreliability is epidemiic

Stan Young send this to me. Stan is quite familiar with the problem.

John Ioannides has demonstrated the unreliabity and unreproducibility problem many times–particularly in observational studies that make big claims about populations of people.

The impact is exhibit one for the Twain statement it is easier to fool people than prove to them they’ve been fooled.