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Corrupt peer review makes the news

Thomas Lifson on a new scandal in science publishing.

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More Kleck on gun ownership

It doesn’t make any difference to me, since I know that a gun in my hand is a good thing when the circumstances require it.

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More Criticism of the Royal Society position on warming

On Saint Patrick’s day i applauded Dr. Kelly for his critique of the Royal Society.

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MACT is another “cobenefits” EPA game–they use small particles for everything.

This inane article in the Hill describing the inane deliberations at the SCOTUS, gives our readers some understanding of the way the EPA takes advantage of the scientific illiteracy and innumeracy of the judiciary. The key to any regulation getting through, now is small particles pollution claims of premature deaths.

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Ocean acidification rant

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Scott Armstrong nobody to mess with

Scott Armstrong specializes in an important area of science, modeling and predictions.

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Dem witch hunters take a run at David Legates

I introduced David Legates at one of the climate conferences and found his expertise on weather , precipitation in particular, very profound.

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