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One more reason for the pause

I get it, another excuse. The beat goes on. People get money to do these things to push the agenda.

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More news on the great John Ioannides and his campaign for scientific integrity

How can I express my support and gratitude for Ioannides’ work.

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Aaron Stover summarizers Will Happer–lecturing at George Marshall–a giant of a man

Aaron did damn good job of taking notes–my goodness. When I was in medical school certain individuals were designated to produce the notes becuase they were good–Aaron would get that job.

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John Ioannides

This author is a most important junk science detective.

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I swear I could drink herbicides and not suffer.

So EPA approves a herbicide and the greenies get panicky.

There is no danger to the bioshpere created by herbicides applied appropriately. I have applied some herbicides to reduce my problem with cactus. If you poured a herbicide into a stream or pond you might kill some fish.

Insecticides are a differnt thing, since they attack the autonomic systems of bugs and those side effects impact humans, whose nervous systems depend on the same chemical interactions.

An anesthesiologist explains why CO2 is not a poison at ambient levels

Charles Battig is not only a physician anesthesiologist, he is an engineer and worked in aerospace medicine.

Here he talks about carbon dioxide because anesthesiologists know all about it.

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Endangered Species Scares–scam enviro advocacy?

This is a fertile ground for enviro manipulation.

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