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Hypocrisy on the left of me, hypocrisy on the right–censorship by fanatics

I know Pat Michaels and David Legates–both honorable and intelligent scientists.

Who disagree with the arrogant warmers

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Let’s just remember Mount Sinai has the monopoly

So the ACSH reports on the ongoing saga that is the WTC disaster, and now, like Agent Orange, and Gulf War Syndrome, a cottage industry of medical care and advocacy has developed.

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Kogan plumbs the depths of junk science–excellent analysis

Met Mr. Kogan at Las Vegas–a man of energy, integrity, insight and intelligence.

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Dr. Hayhoe puts up a scam

Sierra Rayne tries, again, to explain why trend lines and claims of the warmers must be analyzed for veracity.

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Roy Spencer does psychoanalysis on warmers

From the desk and brain of the great Roy Spencer, a new mathematical formula that will help you gain a clear understanding of the climate change and warming crusaders. How to predict temps based on other political and economic factors.

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Climate record claims dissected and debunked by Sierra

Rules for statistical analysis are explained by Sierra Rayne to help analyze claims about hottest ever and such.

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Sierra Rayne is looking like a giant of a man

I just can’t believe how Rayne get’s after it day after day–this is one of his most comprehensive and enlightening essays yet, and that means really, really good.


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Pushing a rock up hill on the climate

Sadar discusses why the line between ideology and science has become blurred–it has to do with the social educational canons and attitudes as well as the very influential economic/financial/career pressures for professionals and academics in enviro or climate studies.

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Brian Bledsoe is a Joe Bastardi kind of weatherman, the real deal

I like this guy–and I agree with him–since I live in Central Texas and rain is so critical to our economy and life.

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This is the kind of junk that gives science a bad name

So here comes a medical study with plenty of power–40,000 subjects so it has statistical significance. HOWEVER!!!!

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Guns are an epidemic? Only in your small brain, nannies

If I kill you with a knife, is that the beginning of a knife epidemic? Huh?

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Streetwalking Bishops and Baptists–government money turns a trick

We have mentioned many times before the corrupting effect of government grants on climate and environmental research.

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Paulsen talks climate crisis in Portland

Sierra Rayne discusses, and points out Oregon has had no warming or changes in weather.

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Sierra Twofer–the man is amazing on NOAA cheating and Aussie waffling

Here he comes today with two debunks of the media warming ninnies.

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Pistachios are healthy? Really? I say this is a weak study

Look at this study, and see if you see what I see. This is a problem with these food magic risk assessment studies.

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John Christy represents the best kind of scientist–he follows the evidence

Howard Hayden, physicist, Prof U Conn, reads the NYT and alerted me to this piece. Thanks.

This essay and profile is pretty fair, although Wines gives entirely too much space to the intolerant fanatics who are at the climate funding trough.

Howard Hayden at Energy Advocate

I am a big fan of physicist Howard Hayden, formerly Prof at U Conn, so I ask you to consider some of his comments from the July issue of The Energy Advocate</em, a real paper newsletter he publishes.

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Climate tripe–my my, such strong words from Time Mag

I am chuckling to think that such things could be said by the left.

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Marita on the endangerment mess created by the SCOTUS

Well it’s true they cannot re write statutes, they can “interpret” them in ways that boggle the mind.
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If you are studying sea level rise, this is ok?

Seismic blasting to study the ocean floor off New Jersey to study ocean floor sediments from up to 60 million years ago seems to be ready to go despite protests.  Continue reading