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Science attitudes affected by age, race, gender

This is no surprise, however, the attitudes of people about science do make a big political difference.

I suggest it is no age race gender, but attitude about risk and level of knowledge about how things work.

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Goreham goes yard.

I can’t ever complain about the writing advocacy of Steve Goreham.

Here below he takes up our JS favorite advocacy–the problem of EPA lies on air pollution and their refusal to release their data.

I will tell you I can detect their junk science without looking at their data–they pronounce based on bad scientific principles anyway. Their small associations don’t prove toxicity and they actually admit it.

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Now the Harvard Nurse’s Health Study junk mill says citrus causes melanoma

Sure a 10 % risk–that is in an observational study–some basic rules for evaluating the pile of crap.

Besides, I thought that the melanoma experts were convinced it was UV ray exposure. Jon Samet and the ACS probably have some survey study association of melanoma with tobacco use, even second hand smoke exposure. Research is so much more rewarding when you can cheat for a chance at publication and ignore the rules.

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More on the SCOTUS put down of EPA

I am not happy because the SCOTUS is still reluctant to question the EPA junk epidemiology and toxicology claims.

They are still ignoring the EPA sponsorship of human exposure research that involves exposures that the EPA says are lethal, toxic and cause cancer.

What can you say when a Federal agency promoted unethical and illegal research?

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The linear no threshold scare continues–Nature announces a landmark study.

Nature declares a landmark study results confirm low dose radiation causes leukemia–or does it?

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Another survey to confirm an opinion

Like the claims of high rates of rape on campus, discrimination, the survey methods to establish this or that sociology theory are not reliable.

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Sugar and Salt nannies are booted and spurred, prepared to ride us

Eric Hoffer was the most insightful of writers about true believer mass movements.

I stole the idea of the aggressive nanny meddling chattering oligarchs in the title from him.

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