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Salt reductions, again?

The FDA is proposing voluntary salt reduction guidelines for food companies and restaurants to reduce “out of control” salt intake. Continue reading

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UK Government scraps salt reduction targets for foods

The Grocer reports: Continue reading

Claim: Medicines should be labeled for salt content

This is junk science because… Continue reading

Experts advise taking those sodium intake recommendations with a grain of salt

Morton Satin wants you to eat your vegetables. He wants you to consume broccoli, carrots, cabbage – all the good-for-you greens, reds and yellows out there. But most importantly, he wants you to enjoy them so you will eat them every day. And that means you must add salt. Bring that salt shaker out of hiding and start enjoying your food again, is Satin’s advice.

Who is this maverick whose concepts on salt fly in the face of years of advice handed out by most all public health institutions? Continue reading

Canadian Health Group Pulls Back Salt Restrictions

Following close behind the UK, Canada’s health organization, Hypertension Canada, has raised its recommended salt limits. They’re inching their way towards the evidence, but still can’t quite bring themselves to abandon popular salt myths. Continue reading

Universal Salt Iodisation

Coinciding with observance of Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder prevention day, Pakistan’s public health officials call for a stronger salt iodisation program. Continue reading

UK health officials lighten salt reduction efforts

The Department of Health is scaling back salt reduction targets set to be issued for a wide range of foods, including meat, bread, cereals and cheese. Efforts to change consumers’ palates, it seems, are running into problems as food producers find they’ve “reached the limits of what is possible.”  Continue reading

Study: Weight loss more important than salt reduction for hypertension

GMNews reports: Continue reading

CDC asks Congress for $40 million for food safety while wasting millions in useless, junk science-fueled anti-salt campaign

The CDC picks scaring the public over cottage cheese over buying gene-typing equipment. Continue reading

Little evidence sharp reductions in salt consumption will improve health, heart researcher says

The National Post reports: Continue reading

CDC salt reduction goal may be dangerous, says Hypertension journal editor

The Kennebec Journal reports: Continue reading

Salt: Government ignores report it commissioned!

Julie Gunlock writes at Continue reading

The Scare Must Go On: CDC rejects own study debunking dietary salt hysteria

Bloomberg reports: Continue reading

Salt nannies admit no evidence for universal salt reduction — they just want a simple message

Martin Kurlansky writes in the New York Times: Continue reading

UK Dairy Council challenges ‘alarmist’ salt report

In response to the new UK salt-in-butter alarm, reports: Continue reading

Cutting back on salt may cause you to eat more

WCHS (Charleston, WV) reports: Continue reading

Study: More evidence low salt diet can kill — Low chloride level associated with mortality

“The results we see from this study are confounding against the knowledge that excess salt is a bad thing.” Continue reading

Salt Guru: Tide turning — more evidence showing salt reduction a bad thing

The Salt Institute’s Mort Satin writes: Continue reading

Population-wide salt reduction makes no sense, according to latest worldwide clinical trial

… and the effect of salt reduction in the salt-sensitive isn’t really anything to write home about. Continue reading

Ron Bailey: Top 5 Bogus Public Health Scares

Reason’s Ron Bailey writes: Continue reading