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Sugar and Salt nannies are booted and spurred, prepared to ride us

Eric Hoffer was the most insightful of writers about true believer mass movements.

I stole the idea of the aggressive nanny meddling chattering oligarchs in the title from him.

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Here comes stupid, claims of greenhouse effect from anesthetic gasses

Well I say, since warmer would be better for humans and the biosphere, put everybody to sleep.

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How much is too much salt?

More doubt on the healthy level of salt, but the government seems to be holding the line.  Continue reading

Betrayal Of The Public Trust…And How To Fight Back

Last week’s article, which detailed officialdom’s unrelenting war on e-cigarettes, generated plenty of e-mail and commentary—100 percent of which was favorable. Many commenters were truly dismayed how the public trust could be betrayed by money, egos, fanaticism, or a combination of the three. Others asked how they could fight back; more on that later.

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Salt scare falls apart; Blame for hypertension shifted to sugar

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Stop The Assault On Salt

Last March, I posted a column sketching a historical background on the irrational fear of dietary sodium, and the less than great science behind such fears. Current guidelines are 1500 to 2300 milligrams per day, or lower. As was pointed out in the earlier piece, the much recommended super-healthy Mediterranean diet averages 4200 mg of sodium per day. Also mentioned was that a standard hospital saline IV drip logs in at more than 10,000 milligrams per day, and whatever the patient might eat on his own will take it up from there.

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Another grain of salt

A new study says the U. S. Government’s dietary sodium recommendations need to be increased. Continue reading