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Milloy slams Grasshopper, Common Rule is Inadequate to stop Guinea Pig studies.

In the recent past, I have waxed eloquent on why there is no way that the EPA can expose people to toxic, lethal or carcinogenic air pollution.

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Tadchem on Why One Hit radiation biophysics/toxicology is STUPID

I put up an explanation of one hit theory of tox that grew from junk radiation biophysics and tox.

However, one of our commenters understands things better then me by far.

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Second Hand Smoke –OOOOO SO SCARY, Says the Brits

There is no carcinogenic or toxic effect of second-hand smoke.

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WHO is Never to be Trusted

The WHO is a UN sponsored socialist rattle trap organization.

They produce studies and make predictions to advance the socialist agenda.

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Let’s talk Commie agitators–Saul Alinsky

I hate to bust your balloon, but Saul Alinsky, mentor to Hillary and Barack, hated the United States of America and all it represented.

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School on Small Associations Junk Epidemiology II

The EPA is making their whole case with small particle air pollution claims that are based in Epidemiological techniques.

Unfortunately epidemiology is problematic and deceptive as used by the EPA researchers.

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School’s in session, on Epidemiology and Small Associations

I have done this so often before. It is about how the EPA perverts epidemiology.

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Aspartame OK Really

Another round of discussion about the sweetener Aspartame

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Patient Safety Junk Research

Here’s the typical panicky study on patient safety, this time about skilled nursing facilities.

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Ag pesticides

Important to consider that dose makes the poison and applications of Ag pesticides and herbicides do not create toxic situations.

I know, I be a licensed Texas pesticide and herbicide applicator and a physician.

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Tylenol causes ADHD and Behavior Disorders–Really?

Here’s a study that got a lot of attention yesterday.

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Bee Colony–no crisis–Big Surprise

Would you, after experiencing the constant noise of crisis mongering, be surprised if you heard the bee colony collapse is no collapse at all and bee colonies are doing quite well, thank you?

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Problems at Parkland

In spite of problems at Parkland, one of their execs is now promoted to a top spot in Chicago.

I would never be able to sort out what was going on at Parkland. Like most public systems it is opaque to a fault.

Ron Anderson was the big shot for a long time there and he certainly was full of himself.

Cal Truckers Support Milloy Work on Air Pollution

Steve Milloy is a regular contributor to the public education and political advocacy work of the California Construction Trucking Association.

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Junk Gun Control Research

I have a confession to make, an emergency physician like me, named Art Kellerman, was one of the most junk science perps of the last 15 years on issues of gun control.

I am ashamed of him and his research.

Art hated guns and some of his junk science included making it seem that the victims of gun violence were children–only he included adolescents of gang banger age. You know gang bangers, they shoot with their guns sideways in the movies.

He also made a case for acquaintance gun crimes but failed to warn that he included john v pimp or prostitute, or even customer v cab driver, anything that was acquaintance, even gang banger crimes where the perp knew the name of the victim.

Art did one where he tried to show that guns in the home were more likely to kill the homeowner, failing to point out that suicide is a different thing.

Lastly, junk scientist Art did a study on how home guns increased the rate of gun violence, failing to adjust for socioeconomics and neighborhood consideration, like if I live in a violent neighborhood, if I have a gun it might be for sensible self defense?

Art Kellerman wanted to disarm Americans. He apparently lives in a nice neighborhood in Atlanta.

I think Art Kellerman is a mountebank and slug, a junk scientist extraordinaire and don’t trust me, gun control researchers like Gary Kleck and John Lott have exposed this junk science clown researcher.

So, by golly, here comes another essay discussion the nature of guns and gun defense in America. Also the subject of gun killings and violence. It isn’t really an anti Democrat piece as much as a piece that describes a subset of the crazy Democrat party. I can’t help them, they are barbarians or they support barbarians.

I would recommend that every woman in America learn to handle and use a gun to good effect. It eliminates the advantage us big boys, us males, have in a confrontation. Trust me, you don’t want to be at a disadvantage–that’s not prudent. You have children and a family to consider, not to mention yourself, shoot to kill.

Learn to shoot to kill. For amateurs and less than extreme experts, no head shots, no wing ‘em shots, shoot center mass, then again, and again. When faced with lethal threat, return the threat, emphatically. Better judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Some cities are a damn jungle. Do not underestimate the danger–or you will be a victim.

Don’t pull a gun to threaten, pull it to shoot if the perp doesn’t immediately obey the command to lie down hands behind the head or something similar in effect to eliminate the threat to life. Don’t apologize, this isn’t about manners, it’s about survival.

Pro Football Players Healthier–no big surprise

I get so mad when people take up a crusade based on cherry picked studies and lawyers with big mouths.

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Be Afraid, Chemicals All Round

This is the kind of stuff places like Arizona State encourage.

Chemophobia and the precautionary principle.

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More from Thomas Sowell on Facts and Fantasy

Thomas Sowell continues his series of essays on fact free liberal thinking.

We already put up the first and II.

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Shootings Research

A new study on mass shootings–debunks some junk science conclusions promoted in the press.

Droughts Predicted to Rise by 80% is the Scare Today

Based on projections of 5 degree increases in summer temps, these clowns predict terrible droughts, for example, on the Iberian Penninsula.

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