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Items from Idso–lessons in climate studies

Articles that are good for my eye from Craig’s new items.
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Don Vodophich comes on the radar in juxtaposition to Weather Channel

Here’s a very eloquent and erudite writer, whose essay and discussion came across my desk this morning. Never ran into him before, even though he has been active in climate discussions for decades, since he started watching climate for a commodities newsletter he edited.

Good stuff from Vodopich. Gotta love those Eastern Europeans, they are big thinkers, for example one great Czech politician and economist I have applauded here, Vaclav Klaus.

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Intellectual tyranny–Thomas Sowell discusses

Here at it’s a damn lucky thing we aren’t offerred a lot of money to change our opinions.

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Natural variability is the norm–get it–and warming has not occurred

I would also suggest that the surface record is being screwed with, and that the recording of temperature are a great opportunity to cheat–for example the story last month of “adjusting” the Paraguay records and the Arctic records.

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Gordon Fulks, PhD Physics on a local Oregon goofy climate action plan

Gordon and I have corresponded many times, and I follow his advocacy.

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Expansive climate activism

I recently saw that ll Federal Agencies have climate projects.

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Ambient air pollution effects–why I have never seen an air pollution death in 44 years of practice

Dave, a frequent and insightful commenter asked for a clarification.

The question centers on my statement that ambient air pollution doesn’t cause disease, death or asthma. I can also say that in 44 years of medical practice I have yet to see a death from small particle air pollution or ozone as the EPA asserts is common, in fact a major impact on American’s health, producing hundreds of thousands of deaths every year.

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