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Dave Burton adds to our inspiration on Freeman Dyson

This was a very good comment, deserving of top tier presentation, in my opinion.

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Enviro sugar daddy money –Just consider this from the early 90s until today–billions

This recent fuss about funding for people who debunk the warmers is hypocrisy. The enviros are flush, the opposition is running on a shoestring. All the advocacy, pr, and research money is going to the lefty greens.

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Shut the scientific whorehouses down–transparent science and peer review integrity

There is so much incest and conflicted peer review it is a disgrace. Money lubricated science produces claims that don’t replicate and violate scientific methods.

There are some efforts afoot to stop the corruption. The lies. The insider deals, the corruption fueled by ambitious and money pressure.

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EPA BS epidemiology and risk assessment on air pollution

This essay is pretty good, but misses the underlying fraud.

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Silicone junk science–plaintiff attorney scams

I have watched this despicable silicone thing for 30 years as a physician attorney-David Kessler is a creepy little pediatrician who was a major miscreant.

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Here we go–earthquake scare in OK–we must stop fracking

The earthquakes are epidemic in Oklahoma. The Anti Fracker movement is afoot.

There is a lawsuit–meeeee o myyyy. I think Putin has something to do with this–he is an evil sorcerer you know.

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Charles Battig, engineer, physician, discusses air pollution junk science.

Nice work, thorough.

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