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Introducing another Harvard junk scientist, Dr. Lu

Dr. Lu thinks neonicotinoids are toxic to bees and people.

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Report from the American Science Whorehouse, the NAS

Are you surprised the National Academy of Sciences is spouting the same inanities as the IPCC–is there cross-pollination?

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Aaron Stover summarizers Will Happer–lecturing at George Marshall–a giant of a man

Aaron did damn good job of taking notes–my goodness. When I was in medical school certain individuals were designated to produce the notes becuase they were good–Aaron would get that job.

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I swear I could drink herbicides and not suffer.

So EPA approves a herbicide and the greenies get panicky.

There is no danger to the bioshpere created by herbicides applied appropriately. I have applied some herbicides to reduce my problem with cactus. If you poured a herbicide into a stream or pond you might kill some fish.

Insecticides are a differnt thing, since they attack the autonomic systems of bugs and those side effects impact humans, whose nervous systems depend on the same chemical interactions.

Xenophobia and hate make people paranoid

Here’s an Islamic leader who thinks that Ebola was invented by the whites to torture whom?

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Gordon Fulks, Physicist, knows why GMO crops are good sense and humane

Here’s another stupid woman crusading through the world for “organic” farming. Condemning the companies and technology that are preventing starvation.

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BBC proves that British IQs have declined

So the Environmental News correspondent for BBC jumps on the Atlantic Ocean as the culprit.

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