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Intellectual tyranny and totalitarianism, scientific misconduct discussed–not a pretty thing

I am just a humble emergency physician, and a push cart professsional trader–but the inegrity of science is essential to my life–I must practice medicine with respect for scientific principles–or I am a clown–a charlatan.

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Advice for Lawyers on detecting junk science–not bad

I like this so much and it is so succinct and efficient, it deserves another plaudit and just a paste for the people who hate going to a link.

From a National Law Journal:

Published on The National Law Review (

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Junk Science in big and little ways–Medical Research is unreliable, but scientific unreliability is epidemiic

Stan Young send this to me. Stan is quite familiar with the problem.

John Ioannides has demonstrated the unreliabity and unreproducibility problem many times–particularly in observational studies that make big claims about populations of people.

The impact is exhibit one for the Twain statement it is easier to fool people than prove to them they’ve been fooled.

Mandarins love report cards

The campaign to denigrate medical care in the US resulted in these report cards that are issued for hospitals and practitioners.

Here’s why they are a bad idea. why I hate bureaucrats with furrowed brows and clipboards, armed with red pencils.

And the medical associations and pin heads that enable the mandarins.

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ACSH references a legal journal article on admissibility of science testimony and evidence

Well this does repeat what we keep pounding on here at Junk Science.

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Sir Cooper, American psychologist ex pat to England shows why we can’t trust social scientists

To restate the theme of this essay about the ideas of a famous psychologist in Britain who advocates for more funding and a better attitude about the Social Science:

Sir Dr. Cooper, psychologist, says, to paraphrase:

Social Science are important and desperately needed–trust me, I am a Social Scientist. We need to tell the world how to organize societies and we need more funding for the wonderful research we are doing to prove how important our ideas are.

Can I laugh here at his pretense?

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Vilfredo Pareto and the problem of climate warming true believers

Pareto hypothesized that emotions are the basis for true believer sentiments, and, as a result are not vulnerable to rational arguments, in almost all cases.

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