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A stab at explaining why psych research is so junky

This essay covers some basics about scientific methodology–how to deal with multiple factors, how to reduce the experimental unknowns or confounders adn why psych research is particularly prone to cargo cultism. Optimism and intellectual passion are dangerous for research. The guy names the key, humility.

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What’s the surprise that ABC was all wrong on its 2009 climate catastrophe predictions

The important thing to consider in a world of leftist bullshitters, is they don’t really care if they are right or wrong, truthful or not–they are posing as concerned and superior, so evidence and truth is not important.

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David Dilley, former NOAA meteorologist, tells of the junky NOAA climate crusade

Dilley is, like so many retired from government, revealing the nature of their deceptions and intellectual/scientific malfeasance.

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PLOS is sliding down into the lefty censorious political correctness sewer? Say it ain’t so.

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Work stress and overtime causes strokes? Another Type A myth?

Their was at one time a big myth, supposedly proved by good “research” that Type A personalities get heart attacks, aggressive hard workers with short tempers get what they deserve. Let’s all do Yoga and repeat our mantra to ourselves.

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More on EPA misconduct and bad science–an analysis of the junk

John Graham’s well regarded paper on the problems of EPA research is linked below.

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Hank Campbell picks up the issue on research funding and the NIH

As you might know the new exec at American Council on Science and Health (ASCH) is Hank Campbell, who started up Science 2.0

Here below I pasted what I think is a thoughtful and informative essay on the research funding issue we mentioned in the last 2 days. I have a couple of comments that are critical of Hank’s analysis but we agree on the big point that big jumps in research funding are not necessarily going to be efficient or productive. Hank agrees but says more that needs to be said.

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