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It’s not a model, it’s a tool

The use of the word “tool” for a model seems to have become a current fad.  Is that because when the model morphs into a tool, it implies more precision?  Continue reading

Retesting E15, again?

The Renewable Fuels Association objects to Congressman Sensenbrenner’s bill to retest E15.  Continue reading

California Moonbeaming

Governor Brown wants 50% of CA energy from renewables by 2030.  Continue reading

What about the US oil boom?

The way to fight ISIS is to use less oil and more ethanol?  Continue reading

Going green where it counts

Southwest airlines is buying biofuel made from waste wood products. It will be used in San Francisco area airports.  The supply is fueled by a government grant. Continue reading

At least 5 myths

Forbes debunks five US electricity myths.  We should follow Europe is the greatest myth. Continue reading

Aviation biofuels: biokerosene from sugarcane

The headline implies Brazil’s aviation going green, the text says just a little.  Continue reading