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Renewable Border Wars

North Dakota’s Public Service Commission refuses charges from higher cost renewable electricity from Minnesota. Continue reading

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Energy storage by rail

Roll the train cars up the hill and when you need electricity, roll them back down the hill.  Continue reading

Renewable Energy made affordable

The switch to renewable energy sounds affordable in the UK because it is heavily subsidized.  Can we get something like that in the US?  Continue reading

Trees were renewable energy

Except when you want to burn them or waste wood products from other uses to generate electricity.  The greens would rather leave the logging residues even if it increases potential fire damage. The Australian greens are interesting folks.

LFNs – a serious issue for wind power?

Scares over technology aren’t restricted to unsound fears of EMFs emanating from electric lines or automated natural gas meters. Now wind farms are being blamed for making families and children sick because of low-frequency sound waves, harmonics, to the point some famililes in St. Croix County, Wisconsin, abandoned their homes near wind turbines. It prompted a study… Continue reading

Wind tax credits extended in fiscal cliff deal

But Xcel Enery (which uses wind for 17%  of its electricity, more than four times the national average, according to the Denver Post) is reconsidering its support for the wind industry for not benefiting customers. Continue reading

Energy stories in 2012

The Consumer Energy Alliance lists its top ten energy stories of the year. From gas prices, the war on coal, natural gas production, carbon emissions, to wind power. Continue reading

What does wind power and the electric car have in common?

As wind energy tax credits, which cover as much as a third of the costs of wind generation, set to expire at the end of the month, the industry has proposed a compromise plan to Congress. Continue reading

Solar industry declining worldwide with a massive supply glut

The solar business continues to plummet world wide. Does anyone see the disconnects in this picture? Continue reading

Renewable energies and your electric bill

The headline in the Washington Free Beacon was a no brainer, but reminds us that ignoring the downsides to well-intentioned policies can be costly. Continue reading

Another one bites the dust

Just 18 months after opening, another solar company has closed, taking with it another $26 million in taxpayer dollars… Continue reading

Followup: Proposal 3 Failed

Michigan voters rejected Proposal 3 which would have created a constitutional ammendment, the first in the country, requiring utilities to derive at least 25% of their electrical sales from wind, solar, biomass and hydropower by 2025. Continue reading

New Energy Economy — A Complete Flop

Former Colorado Governor, Bill Ritter, coined the term “new energy economy” in 2006 when he hoped Colorado would become a center for renewable energy commerce. It has been a resounding failure. Advocates of renewable energy say government tax credits and loan guarantees are necessary for the wind and solar industries to be competitive against other power sources. Continue reading

Proposal to change Michigan’s Constitution

Michigan voters could make Michigan the first and only state to make renewable energy mandates part of its Constitution if Proposal 3 is passed. Proposal 3 would require 25% of the electricity produced in the state to come from renewable sources — wind, solar, hydro and biomass — by 2025. Continue reading

Scientists genetically modify bacteria to turn household waste into fuel

Researchers at MIT in Boston genetically modified a soil bacterium called Ralstonia eutropha. When stressed, it usually stops growing and put all its energy into making complex carbon compounds. Now scientists at MIT have manipulated its genes to persuade it to make fuel, in the form of, a kind of alcohol called isobutanol that can be directly substituted for, or blended with, petrol. Continue reading

Renewable Fuel Mandates

A few years ago, ethanol was hailed as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our use of imported oil. Continue reading

EDITORIAL: Getting burned by biofuels

Energy firms are caught in green-credit crossfire Continue reading

EU Announces Natural Gas will be Eligible for Renewable Energy Subsidies

It is fairly common knowledge that the oil and gas industry holds massive power in world politics, and a recent revelation has illustrated this power quite obviously. Continue reading

Brian McGraw: Fraudulent Renewable Fuel Credits Continue to Surface

When the government introduced the mandates for ethanol and related biofuels, they needed a way in which companies could verify that they were complying with the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007. For whatever reason, the decided mechanism would require that companies purchase credits to demonstrate that they had complied with the mandate: a renewable identification number (RIN). Continue reading

Standing Up Against ‘Green’ Defense Spending

A release from Senators McCain and Inhofe: Continue reading