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All hood ornaments have to do is look attractive

An article comparing hood ornaments and renewable energy does a good job but could add a couple things.  Continue reading

Problems with biodiesel and injectors

Diesel engine manufacturers have expressed concerns with the specifications of biodiesel and effects on injectors. Continue reading

All it takes is adjustments in how we use energy and money

Engineers have developed the roadmap to 100% renewable energy by 2050.  All it takes is a 40% reduction in energy consumption and a few other pipe dreams. Continue reading

E85 is great stuff if you want higher fuel costs

Mario Lewis on the Renewable Fuel Standard.  Continue reading

Energy subsidies. Renewables get more

The argument seems to always be that if renewable energy got the subsidies that fossil gets, they would fly.  Continue reading

Biofuel Gov speak

Energy independence and national security all from fuels that requires government support?  You really have to love the use of meaningless verbiage. Continue reading

How to make a bad idea more expensive

Feinstein-Toomey would push less viable, more expensive biofuel technologies.  If cellulosic ethanol were anywhere near commercially viable we’d have it. Continue reading