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Poor outlook for renewable energy in Austrailia

Combine an energy glut and the end of the renewables target and the prospect for renewable energy is dim. Continue reading

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Invasive biofuels?

Some think the EPA ought to evaluate the biomass plants on invasive species potential as well as GHG potential. Continue reading

Clean energy California delusions

Just a few questions on the Stanford study to power California totally with renewable energy. Continue reading

Matt Ridley: Realistic roundup of renewables

Bob Greene:

Renewable energy summarized very nicely

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:

Matt Ridley article for the Times, reposted from the GWPF, because as many people as possible need to read it and think. Then act by using your vote sensibly.

Date: 28/07/14 Matt Ridley, The Times

wind-costsIf wood-burning power stations are less eco-friendly than coal, we are getting the search for clean energy all wrong
On Saturday my train was diverted by engineering works near Doncaster. We trundled past some shiny new freight wagons decorated with a slogan: “Drax — powering tomorrow: carrying sustainable biomass for cost-effective renewable power”. Serendipitously, I was at that moment reading a report by the chief scientist at the Department of Energy and Climate Change on the burning of wood in Yorkshire power stations such as Drax. And I was feeling vindicated.

A year ago I wrote in these pages that it made no sense for the consumer to…

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Renewable fuels research

An article on research into using non-food crops for biofuel doesn’t mention acres needed for replacing oil.  Continue reading

Deep pockets

California climate change policies will likely hike fuel prices. Continue reading

Not Much Wind, But Plenty Of Hot Air!

Bob Greene:

Not much electricity either.

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:

Dave Ward has sent me some details of an onshore windfarm site in Oxfordshire.
The Westmill Wind Farm consists of 5 x 1.3 MW turbines, and their website provides live updates of output.



The chart covers two days, up to 18th July, when Dave took the screen shot, during most of which next to no electricity was produced.

Windspeeds were typically around 5m/sec, which, if my brain is working properly, works out around 11 mph.

Dave particularly draws attention to the dramatic variation in output at low wind speeds, even on an hour to hour basis or less.

The Westmill website goes on to list some of the “Facts on wind generation”:

Construction of Westmill Turbine at NightWind energy is often criticised for being unreliable. Critics claim that wind energy can never replace existing power stations, or remove the need for new power stations to be built…

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How about 0?

UK proposes a ceiling of £200m for renewable energy subsidies.  Those receiving the subsidies are angry. Continue reading

Fraud in renewable energy? Say not.

EPA adopts a voluntary quality assurance program to address past issues with Renewable Identification Numbers for compliance with the Renewable Fuels Standard. Continue reading

Building the energy future

From the biofuels perspective it is continued subsidies and regulated demand.  Continue reading

Not a surprise

Renewable energy mandates raise Colorado energy bills. Continue reading

It’s not much, but it is an increase

Duke Power is raising electric rates so that they can develop future renewable energy sources. Continue reading

Biofuel scam

A Houston man was arrested for defrauding the government of $29 million by selling renewable fuel credits for biofuel he never produced. Continue reading

A detour on the road to green

Germany’s goal of becoming the first major industrialized nation with a renewable, green power system detours to lignite. Continue reading

Naval algae

The Navy is supporting biofuel algae research in order to reduce the cost of green fuel.  Do green ships project sea power? Continue reading

Another navy goes green

The Royal Australian Navy will be biofuel capable in six years. Continue reading

How much algae?

A new report on green fuel says that 30% of our fuel demands if we just converted the untillable land to algae production.  Continue reading

Biofuels fanatics just don’t get it.

So here’s a wide eyed stupid item about how corn waste doesn’t do well on producing energy and avoiding producing carbon dioxide.

Continue reading

The horrors of coal

A rather muddled piece on Big Carbon, coal, nuclear and renewable energy from the Guardian.  Continue reading

E85 Economy

Based on an unscientific survey of pump prices, the annual cost of E85 versus E10 fuel for a 2013 Dodge Ram is 1.33% more. Continue reading