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Zero would be a good number

The EPA’s delay in setting the ethanol percentage in the Renewable Fuel Standard is causing some problems.  Continue reading

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A victory for E15 users?

The 10th (DC) Circuit Court of Appeals has denied standing in a suit against E15.  Continue reading

E15? No E30

The founder of the American  Coalition for Ethanol is angry and feels cheated by the EPA because they stopped at E10 and should go to E30.  He pretty much guarantees it won’t harm engines.  Continue reading

Biodiesel from sunflowers?

A retired engineer takes apart Green Mountain Power’s great idea for renewable fuel, sunflowers, in Vermont.  Then he goes off the rail a bit.  Continue reading

2014 biofuel mandate: We have met the enemy and he is us.

The latest on the rather delayed issue of the 2014 biofuel mandate is that we aren’t using enough gasoline.  This and other fun with the RFS. Continue reading

Biofuel treated unfairly?

Biofuel suppliers say they are being treated unfairly because the Feds aren’t requiring more under the RFS.  Continue reading

E15, no reason to worry says the RFA

The Renewable Fuels Association says we shouldn’t worry about E15.  It’s been tested and most of the cars made today can use it.  Continue reading