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Energy subsidies. Renewables get more

The argument seems to always be that if renewable energy got the subsidies that fossil gets, they would fly.  Continue reading

Biofuel Gov speak

Energy independence and national security all from fuels that requires government support?  You really have to love the use of meaningless verbiage. Continue reading

How to make a bad idea more expensive

Feinstein-Toomey would push less viable, more expensive biofuel technologies.  If cellulosic ethanol were anywhere near commercially viable we’d have it. Continue reading

A little hype on the pathway to the hydrogen economy

Reports of a high-yield production of hydrogen from corn stover makes it sound like the hydrogen economy is coming to a corn field near you.  The details seem like the reports are a bit premature.  Continue reading

No mention of Monarch butterflies

I thought that the expansion in crop production was well known.  Apparently not, it’s just been shown in a new scientific paper.  Continue reading

Support the green revolution by going on a diet?

Scientists have just noticed that green, renewable biofuel competes with food production.  Continue reading

I wonder if any actually flew in on ethanol

A lobbying effort is described as an ethanol fly in. Continue reading