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Electrons are neither dirty nor clean

The Boeing Renton plant announces it will be on 100% renewable electricity.  By purchasing offsets at a premium.  Continue reading

Models are wonderful

Research shows that Electric Vehicles with energy sourced from renewable energy (wind, solar) are the healthiest.  A case of the model giving you the the output you want.  Continue reading

Utility bills skyrocket to support wind and solar?

In the RGGI states, it’s possible that infrastructure projects to bring cheaper gas are stymied because it would make wind and solar less attractive.  Continue reading

I guess the RFS worked

Our dependence on foreign oil, controlled by folks that don’t like us seems to be decreasing.  Continue reading

Maybe he hasn’t heard about the oil revolution

Among the reasons the Congress shouldn’t mess with the Renewable Fuels Standard is to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.  So says a former member of the House and current CEO of the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Continue reading

Running on empty?

Barron’s discusses the future of the biofuels market and it can be summed up by lack of consumer demand for E15 and E85.  Continue reading

Zero would be a good number

The EPA’s delay in setting the ethanol percentage in the Renewable Fuel Standard is causing some problems.  Continue reading