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HIV in drug users–the story in Indiana reveals

HIV has always had a special status because it is associated with homosexuals, but this is about the problem of ideology getting in the way of public health.

Black Psychiatrist says ghetto violence is due to Fetal Alcohol Disorder

This is absolute BS, nothing more than huffing and puffing to argue for an excuse for street thugs as having a diagnosis.

They are bad people, not victims of alcohol abuse by their mothers in pregnancy–nonsense.

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Political Correctness and Public Health

The term “politically correct” dates back to shortly after the Russian Revolution of 1917. Originally, it only meant adherence to the policies and principles of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (aka the “party line”). Inevitably, though, the term would become one of derision, mocking those who would blindly follow Stalin’s enormous policy flip-flops during and after World War II.

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Joe Schwarcz, McGill chemist, receives award for excellent debunking of junk science

Homeopathy has been one of Dr. Schwarcz’ targets but he generally does public education on sound science topics.

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New Pres of ACSH, Hank Campbell, founder of Science 2.0, announced

This is good, I think. I am a science advisor to ACSH and support their efforts to promote sensible science in matter of Public policy.

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John Stossel is a reliable science reporter

He takes off on the Chris Mooney, (WAPO blogger) who wrote a book a while ago that claimed Republicans were anti science. Mooney–with no science qualifications at all (Ivy League lit degree) generally puts out lefty science propaganda and specializes in making fun of conservatives.

He surely is not a voice for rational evidence based science. Stossel, however, is.

Rand Paul steps in it

In his big announcement of candidacy for the president Rand Paul proved his a superficial little twit.

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