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Scaring People About e-Cigarettes: A Public Health Disgrace

According to Dr. Gilbert Ross, Medical and Executive Director, American Council on Science and Health

Smoking is America’s most important, and preventable, public health problem: It is estimated that almost a half-million of us will succumb prematurely to smoking’s deadly effects each year, with twenty-times that number sickened. Among our 43 million smokers, over half try to quit each year, yet less than one in twenty succeed. The FDA approved products—patches, gums, and drugs—help “boost” that to about one in ten, an abysmal “success” rate of 10 percent. Yet, the official line, from the FDA and the CDC on down, is “stick with the FDA-approved methods; don’t even try anything else!”

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Ed Calabrese, my hero, goes after the linear non threshold charlatans

This is a letter that Ed wrote to Archives of Tox about that latest linear non threshold stuff.

As an emergency physician I have real world experience with tox–and linear non threshold theories of toxicology are junk.

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Never enough money for public health–just ask the lefties

Dallas Morning News raises the usual howl–not enough public health money.

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John Droz has been neglected here at JunkScience

I apologize to our readers and commenters that I have not been more assiduous in informing you of the work of John Droz–Physicist, and advocate for sensible energy who lives in North Carolina.

Droz is particularly active and knowledgeable on wind issues, but his brain is big enough to cover enviro and climate issues comprehensively.

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Autism and small particles

Wanna see some more junk epidemiology?

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You Can Keep Your Doctor…If He Doesn’t Kill Himself

As the ACA (Obamacare) enters its comic relief phase, with the Jon Gruber videos; the “now you tell me” confessions of Democratic lawmakers who say that the bill should not have been passed; and the truly unwanted resurrection of Kathy Sebelius, maybe it’s time to get serious once again. In health care, it can’t get any more serious than physician suicide.

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Sierra on the Ebola issue–Canada and Australia cancel visas from endemic countries

That makes sense, which is something our president and his minions lack.

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