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Jane Orient provides wisdom

I have always been impressed with the essays of Jane Orient at the newsletter of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

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Here’s a review of public health achievements

I would not object to the listing.

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Absolute crapola from the OB GYN people

Annual exams sans a complaint, are nonsense as a preventive health screening procedure. Mayo clinic said long ago that annual physicals are nonsense, of course they keep doing them. Anxious Americans are an easy touch.

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Sanitation Workers have dangerous jobs

This makes sense, just like considering that construction jobs are dangerous.

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possible, possible, new option in fight against malaria

from the “great idea if it works” files.
It seems a group of scientists in the UK have found a way to skew the m:f ratio of offspring from 50:50 to be 95 percent male. And since it’s the females who spread malaria, this has some potential. That is, if it works on a commercial scale, if The Usuals don’t block it, and, of course, if nothing goes wrong, goes wrong, goes wrong… Continue reading

Yet another actual analysis of toxins in “local” food gardens shows bad stuff…

But since these are used by yuppies and hipsters, instead of them
getting shut down we get comments like this in the NY Post:
“No one has ever gotten sick that we know of,” noted Annie
Faulk, 66, who also tends the Sterling Garden patch…
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Planned Parenthood idiocy on HIV/AIDS

Here we go–Planned Parenthood says no reason you should reveal you are HiV positive to your sex partner. Really?

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Jenny McCarthy and RFK Jr: Ohio State Univ is calling you… Mumps outbreak

Even though we root for Ohio State’s opposition, we
still feel pity for anyone who’s listened to Jenny and RFK.
There are now over 200 confirmed cases of Mumps in
the Ohio State campus area, including Columbus, Ohio. Continue reading

Vaccines ain’t perfect, but it would have been a lot worse without them

It seems to turn out that in a recent measles epidemic (by modern standards) in NYC, “patient zero” was, indeed, fully vaccinated. And some of the folk she infected were vaccinated or previously exposed as well. Continue reading

Labs and viruses: nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong…

It seems that a bunch of epidemics (arguably pandemics) were courtesy of… escapes from labs that were researching them/trying to produce vaccines, etc. Continue reading

WHO is Never to be Trusted

The WHO is a UN sponsored socialist rattle trap organization.

They produce studies and make predictions to advance the socialist agenda.

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Aussie Paper Alarmed with Super Bug Infections

This is an odd story that is a product of superficial journalism. This Australian journalist is worried about one bug?

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Claim: FDA’s overly broad and expensive rules… keep life saving drugs from market

This argument gets thrashed out every couple of years, with the FDA saying all these regulations and studies “protect” the US consumer (“Thalidomide!, Thalidomide!”) while folk hoping for better and faster access to drugs point out the huge expenses and delays. Continue reading

ACSH just left the Reservation

I can’t believe the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) sometimes.

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Gov Revenue Benefits from Dope

This will work out, dependent dopers who are avoiding work but have a life of leisure, now are contributing their welfare or black market “bread” to the dealers–the gov. The gov is taking a 25% cut, better than booze.

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Oh it is so Hard to be a Public Health Official

Here is an excellent example of why public health officials are morons.

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Euthanasia for Children in Belgium

I have expressed my disapproval of the aggressive euthanasia programs because life is precious.

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Measles scare in SF. (no) thanks to anti vax whackoes…

It seems that a college student “infected with the contagious disease” (measles) rode on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system last week. This semi-legitimately has the public health folk concerned and they’ve made the usual announcements warning people (10,000? 100,000?) who rode the trains, etc., etc. Continue reading

Porn is Now in Style

Why learn social skills and date when you can entertain yourself with a computer?

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Marijuana goes to the Islands

Guam goes doper. Why not, let’s go to the beach.