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Autism and small particles

Wanna see some more junk epidemiology.

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You Can Keep Your Doctor…If He Doesn’t Kill Himself

As the ACA (Obamacare) enters its comic relief phase, with the Jon Gruber videos; the “now you tell me” confessions of Democratic lawmakers who say that the bill should not have been passed; and the truly unwanted resurrection of Kathy Sebelius, maybe it’s time to get serious once again. In health care, it can’t get any more serious than physician suicide.

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Sierra on the Ebola issue–Canada and Australia cancel visas from endemic countries

That makes sense, which is something our president and his minions lack.

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So this NYC physician is your usual dumb ass hippie savior to the world and he exposed his girlfriend.

Doctors without borders is your typical bullshit lib organization. They think because they have good intentions they are special.

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Racialism and Ebola

So anything we do to quarantine West Africans is racist?

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With dirty coal and oil, how can that be?

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Urban Hospitals & Health Insurance: Making It Work

Have you heard about the insurance company that provides free health coverage for the poor? Me neither. What about the hospital that provides free health care services to the poor? Of course, you say. Many of them do! Indeed, some of these hospitals even go bankrupt in the process.

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