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Jenny McCarthy and RFK Jr: Ohio State Univ is calling you… Mumps outbreak

Even though we root for Ohio State’s opposition, we
still feel pity for anyone who’s listened to Jenny and RFK.
There are now over 200 confirmed cases of Mumps in
the Ohio State campus area, including Columbus, Ohio. Continue reading

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Vaccines ain’t perfect, but it would have been a lot worse without them

It seems to turn out that in a recent measles epidemic (by modern standards) in NYC, “patient zero” was, indeed, fully vaccinated. And some of the folk she infected were vaccinated or previously exposed as well. Continue reading

Labs and viruses: nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong…

It seems that a bunch of epidemics (arguably pandemics) were courtesy of… escapes from labs that were researching them/trying to produce vaccines, etc. Continue reading

WHO is Never to be Trusted

The WHO is a UN sponsored socialist rattle trap organization.

They produce studies and make predictions to advance the socialist agenda.

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Aussie Paper Alarmed with Super Bug Infections

This is an odd story that is a product of superficial journalism. This Australian journalist is worried about one bug?

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Claim: FDA’s overly broad and expensive rules… keep life saving drugs from market

This argument gets thrashed out every couple of years, with the FDA saying all these regulations and studies “protect” the US consumer (“Thalidomide!, Thalidomide!”) while folk hoping for better and faster access to drugs point out the huge expenses and delays. Continue reading

ACSH just left the Reservation

I can’t believe the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) sometimes.

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Gov Revenue Benefits from Dope

This will work out, dependent dopers who are avoiding work but have a life of leisure, now are contributing their welfare or black market “bread” to the dealers–the gov. The gov is taking a 25% cut, better than booze.

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Oh it is so Hard to be a Public Health Official

Here is an excellent example of why public health officials are morons.

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Euthanasia for Children in Belgium

I have expressed my disapproval of the aggressive euthanasia programs because life is precious.

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Measles scare in SF. (no) thanks to anti vax whackoes…

It seems that a college student “infected with the contagious disease” (measles) rode on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system last week. This semi-legitimately has the public health folk concerned and they’ve made the usual announcements warning people (10,000? 100,000?) who rode the trains, etc., etc. Continue reading

Porn is Now in Style

Why learn social skills and date when you can entertain yourself with a computer?

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Marijuana goes to the Islands

Guam goes doper. Why not, let’s go to the beach.

Public Health Bureaucrat Bullying–You Bet

Let’s imagine that I was a Politician and I said that money spent on Public Health bureaucracies could be better spent elsewhere.

Can I expect the people in matching t shirts to campaign against me? You Bet.
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Racist Government Health Officials Raise Spector of Racism

Is it possible that junk science race attitudes still have influence in Public Health Salons?

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Junk Gun Control Research

I have a confession to make, an emergency physician like me, named Art Kellerman, was one of the most junk science perps of the last 15 years on issues of gun control.

I am ashamed of him and his research.

Art hated guns and some of his junk science included making it seem that the victims of gun violence were children–only he included adolescents of gang banger age. You know gang bangers, they shoot with their guns sideways in the movies.

He also made a case for acquaintance gun crimes but failed to warn that he included john v pimp or prostitute, or even customer v cab driver, anything that was acquaintance, even gang banger crimes where the perp knew the name of the victim.

Art did one where he tried to show that guns in the home were more likely to kill the homeowner, failing to point out that suicide is a different thing.

Lastly, junk scientist Art did a study on how home guns increased the rate of gun violence, failing to adjust for socioeconomics and neighborhood consideration, like if I live in a violent neighborhood, if I have a gun it might be for sensible self defense?

Art Kellerman wanted to disarm Americans. He apparently lives in a nice neighborhood in Atlanta.

I think Art Kellerman is a mountebank and slug, a junk scientist extraordinaire and don’t trust me, gun control researchers like Gary Kleck and John Lott have exposed this junk science clown researcher.

So, by golly, here comes another essay discussion the nature of guns and gun defense in America. Also the subject of gun killings and violence. It isn’t really an anti Democrat piece as much as a piece that describes a subset of the crazy Democrat party. I can’t help them, they are barbarians or they support barbarians.

I would recommend that every woman in America learn to handle and use a gun to good effect. It eliminates the advantage us big boys, us males, have in a confrontation. Trust me, you don’t want to be at a disadvantage–that’s not prudent. You have children and a family to consider, not to mention yourself, shoot to kill.

Learn to shoot to kill. For amateurs and less than extreme experts, no head shots, no wing ‘em shots, shoot center mass, then again, and again. When faced with lethal threat, return the threat, emphatically. Better judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Some cities are a damn jungle. Do not underestimate the danger–or you will be a victim.

Don’t pull a gun to threaten, pull it to shoot if the perp doesn’t immediately obey the command to lie down hands behind the head or something similar in effect to eliminate the threat to life. Don’t apologize, this isn’t about manners, it’s about survival.

Cultural Decay is Partially Attributable to Junk Social Science

Sure, Social Sciences, for example political science,are about morality, civility and the natural law and what works for civilizations.

Aristotle and other big brains considered the inquiry on what makes a civilization and society important.

Preventive Health Public Health Overrated

Here we go again, federal funding for the public health activities that make so many bureaucrats comfortable and happy.

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Public Health Funding Increase in New Fed Omnibus Spending Bill

The funding for public health bureaucracies always goes up because?

Savages in the Heartland of America?

We talked about Teen Suicide last week and many responded with dramatic personal tales and observations.

Let’s talk the Heartland of America, I know Omaha pretty well.

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