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Gordon Fulks, PhD Physics on a local Oregon goofy climate action plan

Gordon and I have corresponded many times, and I follow his advocacy.

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Norm Rogers on social influences, and fears, the glue of mass movements like environmentalism

Norm Rogers, a very smart and insightful man, focused on the climate debate and other pubic policy problems. Here he revives the legacy of Pareto and his ideas on dynamics in society.

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Cleaning up the EPA science/research whorehouse

We at applaud the passage of HR 1029, a bill intended to reduce conflicts of interest in scientific supervision of the EPA portfolio of research.

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Europe is a museum/mortuary and has learned from the French to avoid risk

Europe is running scared–scared of risk, scared of the future, ashamed of its past–but full of hubris about its ability to create an elite of mandarins that can managed everything and prevent harm.

They live and breathe the precautionary principle and hate the risk taking that is required for success as a country or society.

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More from Kogan on stopping junk science sponsored by government agencies

The prolific Kogan must not sleep.

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Shut the scientific whorehouses down–transparent science and peer review integrity

There is so much incest and conflicted peer review it is a disgrace. Money lubricated science produces claims that don’t replicate and violate scientific methods.

There are some efforts afoot to stop the corruption. The lies. The insider deals, the corruption fueled by ambitious and money pressure.

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EPA BS epidemiology and risk assessment on air pollution

This essay is pretty good, but misses the underlying fraud.

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