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Cribs are toxic–What to do?

This silly little research announcement about ‘potential’ toxicity from crib mattresses is an annuity for the authors.

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Doc, splain One Hit


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From ACSH: Upholding its tradition, a new Lancet piece on chemicals aims to scare rather than inform

The current issue of Lancet Neurology has a “sky is falling” alarm about the alleged ever-rising threat of environmental chemicals for our children’s neurological development. The authors are well-versed in this subject: not toxicology or neurology, no, we mean they are experts in the subject of trying to scare parents and the media about remote or hypothetical chemical threats. Continue reading

Revisiting the Cowardice and Fear that Spawns the Precautionary Principle

Frank Furedi writes and speaks on the vicious problem of the precautionary principle.

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Secret Science targeted by the House

Steve Milloy, Stan Young and many others have argued that EPA researchers should show their data and methods.

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More from Thomas Sowell on Facts and Fantasy

Thomas Sowell continues his series of essays on fact free liberal thinking.

We already put up the first and II.

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Newsman Suffers Anxiety Attack

Gee, there just isn’t enough information on the health risks of fracking for this Penn journalist.

Butterworth Talks Chemoriskophobia

This essay is about surveys of professionals involved in assessing chemical/toxicological risks.

Very enlightening and more sensible than what we see in the political forums and the media. These professionals are properly concerned about the political “consensus” and the fanatic influence, and would prefer more science, less hysteria.

Let’s Talk Precautionary Principle

I know, maybe you want to see the latest–later.

Now we talk PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE, since it drives much of what we criticize here at

The idea that one bad event is too intolerable and you can’t be too risk averse.

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Former chief UK scientist says precautionary principle could reduce crop yields 25%

“Former Chief Government Scientist Professor Sir John Beddington has accused EU policymakers of misusing the precautionary principle in their approach to pesticides such as neonicotinoids.” Continue reading

Supplements exempt from Prop 65 rules in California

Companies selling dietary supplements containing lead have convinced a California Superior Court judge that chemicals  occurring naturally in foods do not count as chemical exposure for consumers and are exempt from Proposition 65’s warning label requirements. Continue reading

Argentine Locals Want Power Transformers Out of Neighborhoods

Limits on electromagnetic radiation emissions by power stations in Argentina do not respect the precautionary principle. Continue reading

Papua New Guinea’s seabed to be mined for gold and copper

Government approves world’s first commercial deep-sea mining project despite vehement objections over threat to marine life Continue reading

Resolutions Made at Rio+20 Should not be Taken as a Sign of Progress

Really? I thought the mealy-mouthed empty nonsense a great improvement over previous efforts. Definite progress. Continue reading

Tim van Gelder: Sustainability demands public wisdom

Sigh… Actually Tim, Australia is still pretty much a blank sheet, waiting for us to terraform into an environment that suits us better. Once we have done so we can sustain anything we want. There is nothing magical about the way it was before we started improving it any more than there is some special quality about its previous desperately unproductive state.

We were a country of nation builders but constant white-anting by the green left has eroded us to a collection of effete worriers, too uncertain to manage a trip to the corner store. That’s not ‘public wisdom’ but societal sabotage. Continue reading

Lorne Gunter: World Cooling To Global Warming

As the climate-change theory crumbles, expect its supporters to be more vocal in its defence, more insistent that the science is ironclad. Like the cultish followers of any faddish religion when it nears the end of its fashionableness, they will proclaim their views even more vociferously and denounce more forcefully all those who disagree. But increasingly, their warnings of impending doom and their character attacks on their opponents will be performed before empty houses, as in Rio. Continue reading

Gary Hunt: Rio+20 Economic Reality Check

Against the backdrop of wobbling economies more than 130 world leaders arrived for the Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development where the mood was just as surly as the global economy. Continue reading

Gwynne Dyer: Perpetrators will not pay for crimes against planet

This week’s item from the rubber room: Continue reading

Christopher Monckton of Brenchley: Don’t worry about the ickle birdies

“BUT what about the ickle birdies?” wailed the ancient, off-blonde representative of the planet’s indigenous peoples in the shapeless, grimy, crumpled eco-sackcloth shift that is de rigueur this season among the female of the species here at the shapeless, grimy, crumpled Rio conference center. Continue reading

Terence Corcoran: Post Rio+20 Sustainable Development: RIP?

Executive at IISD writes devastating, almost despairing critique of Rio+20. “We have come to a sorry pass,” says Mark Halle in a commentary on last week’s conference Continue reading