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Godfather of warming skeptics announces chaaaamppeen movie on climate

Mark Morano, caretaker of Climate Depot, source of much of what goes up here on junkscience, is a remarkably effective promoter/debater/speaker/debunker.

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Physicist Gordon Fulks on why the coal miners need to reorganize

In response to Tom Harris, a strong advocate for common sense on climate issues, who rejects warmer crazies, here’s Gordon Folks, PhD Physics of Oregon.

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Thyroid CA over diagnosed and overtreated

This is similar to other cancer treatment approaches and overdiagnosis that comes from better detection by imaging and testing.

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Warm and cold apocalyptic reports for the last two centuries.

Thomas Lifson, editor of American Thinker, looks back at climate/weather/glacier panics generated by the chattering class.

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Since we be talking smoking–how bout a toke?

I admire a certain writer who puts up this fine piece on why small particles–tiny dust–don’t kill nobody the way the EPA claims.

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Charles Battig on mass movement delusions and Climate panic

Charles is a physician/anesthesiologist/electrical engineer and a cogent commenter on the human foibles.

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PETA pops off on milk and dairy–Autism faux link

If you try hard and are lucky on selection–you too can show a causal relationship.

In this case assume that PETA has an agenda–and after that it goes down hill.