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Donald Kendal of Heartland exposes the green lefty misanthrope dark side

The reason for the enviro crusade is that they think humans are a cancer on the earth.

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Height another cardiac risk factor? Really?

If you dredge the data you can find things.

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Rand Paul steps in it

In his big announcement of candidacy for the president Rand Paul proved his a superficial little twit.

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The Julian Simon bet–populations–resources–economics–reality

The discussion about how the human race is in good shape today prompted two comments–one on the Simon Ehrlich bet and the other on the value or benefit of population control.

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The bias against humans rears its ugly head

These enviros and oligarchs really don’t like people, that’s why they love Mother Gaia and some mystical bucolic past where the planet was like a park and there was no evidence of human habitation. Continue reading

Condoms to save the planet?

The Population Reference Bureau says birth control and family planning could stem climate change.  No mention about the inverse relationship of birth Rate and GDP. Continue reading

Enviros have always hated humans and human habitation of Mother Gaia

Here comes at least an honest watermelon admission. They hate babies.

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