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Paul Ehrlich off his meds again

Small Paul Ehrlich gives Stanford bug scientists a bad name.

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Barone warns of predictions

Michael Barone, political pundit, takes down the current settled science and presumptions.

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Midwest is the Classic American Culture?

Wadduino except I cannot think that the East Coast is for real.

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Enviro Fanatics are Misanthropes

Population control drives the left–humans are not important to them–utopian ideas are.

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Junk Gun Control Research

I have a confession to make, an emergency physician like me, named Art Kellerman, was one of the most junk science perps of the last 15 years on issues of gun control.

I am ashamed of him and his research.

Art hated guns and some of his junk science included making it seem that the victims of gun violence were children–only he included adolescents of gang banger age. You know gang bangers, they shoot with their guns sideways in the movies.

He also made a case for acquaintance gun crimes but failed to warn that he included john v pimp or prostitute, or even customer v cab driver, anything that was acquaintance, even gang banger crimes where the perp knew the name of the victim.

Art did one where he tried to show that guns in the home were more likely to kill the homeowner, failing to point out that suicide is a different thing.

Lastly, junk scientist Art did a study on how home guns increased the rate of gun violence, failing to adjust for socioeconomics and neighborhood consideration, like if I live in a violent neighborhood, if I have a gun it might be for sensible self defense?

Art Kellerman wanted to disarm Americans. He apparently lives in a nice neighborhood in Atlanta.

I think Art Kellerman is a mountebank and slug, a junk scientist extraordinaire and don’t trust me, gun control researchers like Gary Kleck and John Lott have exposed this junk science clown researcher.

So, by golly, here comes another essay discussion the nature of guns and gun defense in America. Also the subject of gun killings and violence. It isn’t really an anti Democrat piece as much as a piece that describes a subset of the crazy Democrat party. I can’t help them, they are barbarians or they support barbarians.

I would recommend that every woman in America learn to handle and use a gun to good effect. It eliminates the advantage us big boys, us males, have in a confrontation. Trust me, you don’t want to be at a disadvantage–that’s not prudent. You have children and a family to consider, not to mention yourself, shoot to kill.

Learn to shoot to kill. For amateurs and less than extreme experts, no head shots, no wing ‘em shots, shoot center mass, then again, and again. When faced with lethal threat, return the threat, emphatically. Better judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Some cities are a damn jungle. Do not underestimate the danger–or you will be a victim.

Don’t pull a gun to threaten, pull it to shoot if the perp doesn’t immediately obey the command to lie down hands behind the head or something similar in effect to eliminate the threat to life. Don’t apologize, this isn’t about manners, it’s about survival.

Nepal is, Indeed, a 3rd World Place

So some Yalies have an enviro scoring system and Nepal is 139.

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The Middle East Suffers and Simmers

Daniel Pipes is a leading expert on Middle East studies.

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Shock NYTimes column: Sustainability is ‘nonsense’ — says college prof!

Erle Ellis writes in the NYTimes: Continue reading

Population Bomb-er Paul Ehrlich claims vindication b/c 2 billion are ‘undernourished’

The “undernourished” may as well never have been born, right Paul? Continue reading

As dumb as it gets… World Vasectomy Day Crowdfunding Video

For “men who do not want more children”… with a cameo appearance by Population Bomb-er Paul Ehrlich. And what does Don Quixote have to do with vasectomies? Continue reading

Obama climate plan being shaped by John ‘Compulsory Abortion is Constitutional’ Holdren

Well… when you get down to it, in the enviro mind, people are the problem. Continue reading

People-hater Paul Ehrlich advises Pope to become ‘ethical’

“One can’t be green and pronatalist at the same time,” says Population Bomb-er Ehrlich. Continue reading

People-hater Paul Ehrlich hits House abortion bill as ‘Republican war on women’

How about Paul Ehrlich’s personal “War against people.” Continue reading

Population Bomber-er Paul Ehrlich predicts ‘soaring death rates’ by 2100

But you can help Paul prevent people by signing his pathetic petition? Continue reading

Preemptive Genocide: Preventing births in poor nations would reduce infant mortality

It would also saves water, food, and money otherwise (apparently) wasted on education, health care… etc. Continue reading

Population Bomb: How wrong was Paul Ehrlich?

In Paul Ehrlich’s 1968 book Population Bomb, the third sentence reads: Continue reading

Google CEO Eric Schmidt goes Malthusian: ‘We can’t afford others to have our carbon footprint’

The Register reports: Continue reading

UN: Renewable energy not sustainable for population growth

Okay, so the UN actually postured reality the other way around. Continue reading

Population Bomb-er Paul Ehrlich calls ExxonMobil CEO ‘head of branch of Murder Inc’

Paul Ehrlich reacts badly to Rex Tillerson’s rhetorical question: “What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?”. Continue reading

Paul Ehrlich: Supporters of more people in Australia are ‘morons’

Australian people lovers join Sen. Jim Inhofe in being condemned as “morons” this week by Population Bomb-er Paul Ehrlich. Continue reading