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Polling and politics–junk methods produce deception on purpose

I continue to be irritated with media efforts to cover for the bamster, their favorite politician of all time.

Polling by Pew, a liberal organization indeed should always be taken with a grain of salt.

The Battleground poll is the best, Gallup is not so much, NBC, NYT, ABC WAPO CNN are what they are, an arm of the dem socialist machine. They get their marching orders from the left. Then there are serious agit prop machines like the Soros sponsored outfits.

However the government agencies are a part of the system–like the Bureau of Labor Stats and their ginned up unemployment numbers.

Here’s Bruce Walker, a regular very insightful political commentator at American Thinker to provide some perspective on this polling report that has been publicized so much.

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Reasons why government is not the solution–it is the problem

We worry about gov money funding junk science projects–well it’s worse than that.

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More on misguided Public Health agencies and political correctness

I read this short essay by Heather MacDonald that I put up yesterday again last night–and think it deserves more attention.

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A time for choosing plus 50

I believe in capitalism, I hate socialism and the arrogant despicableness of it; how it crushes the human spirit and makes humans into sheeple.

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Race, socialist crapola and pubic health officialdom

This essay explains what I have to say about the pathetic and chronically incompetent public health agencies, both national and local.

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Meals on wheels projects for the Army get riskier

No boots on the ground to fight jihadis, but combat arms units of the highest level of achievement in battle sent to build hospitals and support the battle against a deadly viral agent, Ebola? Wonder if the recruiters told them they were going to see duty in infectious disease wars providing social services.

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You might say that there are some uncertainties about troops deployed to West Africa for Ebola response

Like so much of what has been done by the bamster on Ebola, the depoloyment of the famed 101st Airborne leaves a little to be desired on force “protection.”

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