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One more time–just for emphasis

I have explained on this website, on multiple posts, why Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner are not victims, but emblematic of the criminal nature of an element of this society. It is not a problem of law enforcement, it is a problem of criminality out of control.

But now things are out of hand at many levels. The rule of law is in jeopardy. For sure.

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Think goddamned leftists like Sharpton, Hoffer, the bamster, don’t have blood on their hands? Think again

Well aren’t the mayor of NYC and the attorney general and the president of the United States just special.

They encourage riots and killings and then take Christmas vacation.

Who will console the families of the slain police officers???? HUH–maybe that creep Eric Holder?

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I thought the economy was booming–unemployment was declining

Gee, what a surprise–work force participation is down for Americans?

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Endangered Species Act shenanigans? Shocking

This is one great area for speculative but very effective hand wringing–my goodness, the disappearance of a bird or a fuzzy mammal is really important–but even a bug or a lizard or a bladderpod plant bring tears to me eyes.

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Marquette promotes leftist intellectual tyranny and immorality

A lot of my high school classmates attended Marquette–which is now in the bag for leftist thought and intolerance. The Jesuits now run indoctrination centers, not Universities.

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Given a choice would liberals and socialists hate a conservative? Why sure they would

I think liberals are intolerant and not very charming. David Goldman says it’s worse than that.

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Germany has a suicidal streak

Energy is essential to an advanced economy. Germany is and should continue to be the strongest economy in Europe.

However, they keep nippin’ on the poison kool aid of green ideology. They even have a commie green party in the government.

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