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Katrina 10th anniversary–insightful essays

I was once a happy resident of Baton Rouge, a Yankee transplant in the early 80s and happy to be there. What a wonderful place to live.

Below is a fine writer’s discussion of Katrina and the people of Louisiana, the reasons for the disaster that can be traced back to the 19th century, believe or not.

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Fearless Ann takes on that pomposity O’Reilly on the issue of 14th amendment anchor babies

The only thing that really disappointed me about this essay is that John Yoo has gone to the dard side with the emperor and Darth Vador and is now a shill.

He claimed that anchor baby protections even went back to the founding–he is so FOS.

You thought that American campaign contributions from foreigners were verboten?

Naw, not in the new international system of political corruption. It was probably going on all the while, but in the last 20 plus years has become epidemic.

Here’s a recounting of the past 20 plus years of Iranian lobbying and contributions to dems.

It’ll make you think about the concept of betrayal or the label–TRAITOR TO YOUR COUNTRY. You might recall the Death to America chants started with the Ayatollah and Carter. Iran was properly identified as part of the axis of evil by W. I guess being against America is to be for the democrat party.

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Michael Walsh writes a book about the Frankfurt School, commies, and intolerant totalitarianism

As you my know, the Frankfurt School was a group of commies who left Germany, and moved to American Academia and became a terrible influence. Clarice Feldman reviews a book By Michael Walsh on the effect and the rise of intolerant political correctness. Walsh’s book is The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West.

Ever wonder why people who claim to be so tolerant could be so intolerant–this explains a lot.

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Don Feder talks the Vienna deal with Iran v Munich deal with Mr. Nazi

He points out that it is worse, I would agree. And to anticipate any complaints about junk talkiing politics–remember political science includes international relations, international law, history, cultural studies–how is that not intellectual inqiry, and science in the broad sense of the word.

If psychology and sociology are science–politics is practical application of those discipline with a dab of history and philosophy.

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Dostoevsky’s predictions–part II

Fyodor Dostoevsky was a moral, insightful and eloquent writer, prescient man and warned of the harm of socialist atheism. He was a believer and then a virulent anti communist.

R J Moeller, a conservative writer and prominent commentator/pundit wrote of Dostoevsky’s predictions that were uncannily accurate for someone who lived in the 19th century. We already put up Part I, From PJ Media.

Below is part II

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How the socialist statists became so powerful here and abroad–a story

The “March Through the Institutions” became the Marxist/Leninist strategy after the hoped for revolution was defused by the progress of human welfare during the industrial revolution.

The Creation of a middle class was one of the big reasons socialists couldn’t pursue their uprising strategy, so they moved on to infiltration and sabotage of traditions, mores and institutions.

We now have a socialist Pope and a socialist POTUS, for example, so they have done well.

The linked essay below explains the rise of socialism very well and the most important players and strategies.

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