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Race, socialist crapola and pubic health officialdom

This essay explains what I have to say about the pathetic and chronically incompetent public health agencies, both national and local.

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Meals on wheels projects for the Army get riskier

No boots on the ground to fight jihadis, but combat arms units of the highest level of achievement in battle sent to build hospitals and support the battle against a deadly viral agent, Ebola? Wonder if the recruiters told them they were going to see duty in infectious disease wars providing social services.

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You might say that there are some uncertainties about troops deployed to West Africa for Ebola response

Like so much of what has been done by the bamster on Ebola, the depoloyment of the famed 101st Airborne leaves a little to be desired on force “protection.”

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The problem of having an adolescent in charge

It was ____ fault–and the mismanagment of the Ebola thing was because of _____.

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Dr. Clark, Ms. Feldman, and Dr. Dunn on Ebola and political developments

Dr. Clark, surgeon from San Diego provices a nice review.

Ms. Feldman provides some political/immigration commentary. Dunn talks Cloward Piven.

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Fed reaping and the chickens arriving

You can’t violate basic economic rules and devote efforts to profligate deficit spending forever, can you?

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When did political correctness nullify good public health protocols before ?

The way the CDC is acting now is just like they acted during the AIDS outbreak.

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