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XL was always dead–Community Agitator in Charge

The XL pipeline gets too much response.

Alinsky said rub a sore.

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Tyranny of the anti free speech crowd.

We have been discussing forms of bullying.

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Dr. C K talks about totalitarians

Charles Krauthammer makes a living expressing his opinions, so you might expect he would be a little sensitive about totalitarianism censorship and bullying.

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Barone warns of predictions

Michael Barone, political pundit, takes down the current settled science and presumptions.

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A New Army of Tourquemadas–Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson, classicist, military and agricultural historian, political commentator discusses a new inquisition by the left.

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Junk Exonerations

I do some law enforcement activity as a medical officer for the local sheriff, and watch these “he was innocent” dramas.

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Everyone hates Rich People–Right?

Yesterday I was working on a book review of Ben Shapiro’s book
Bullies and he reminded me of the many species of political bullies, including the class bully.

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Pat Michaels on Politics and Climate

Pat Michaels is a Climate guy but keeps his finger on the politics, from his perch at the CATO.


Indeed, there is a disconnect on climate in DC, even for the people in the same party–sort of a reminder of the failure of cap and trade.

Yessiree, Climate panic–how?

Booker is a sensible person on this one.

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War down when Temp up

It makes sense doesn’t it, nations enjoying prosperity don’t like to make war, during hard times politicians need to keep things stirred up to avoid rebellion at home.

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WHO is Never to be Trusted

The WHO is a UN sponsored socialist rattle trap organization.

They produce studies and make predictions to advance the socialist agenda.

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Russia on a Roll Against Enviro West

Now let’s assume that the West was committed to piddle power from solar and wind and willing to shut up coal, even nuclear energy plants and compromise the grid or increase prices and decrease access, increasing dependence on Russian Natural Gas.

Imagine, to borrow from John Lennon the peacenik.

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Koch Brothers are Demons?

In the recent past we have shown the depth of financial resources on the left for enviros.

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Clarice on Junk Science Issues

Clarice Feldman comments on some current troublesome events and trends.

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My Brother’s Keeper–Junk and Bunk

I was around for job corps and the war on poverty.

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Midwest is the Classic American Culture?

Wadduino except I cannot think that the East Coast is for real.

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Here’s some Junk Diplomacy

Consider this in the context of what any half way informed person would know.

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Enviro Fanatics are Misanthropes

Population control drives the left–humans are not important to them–utopian ideas are.

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Junk Banking-Economics for Social Justice

Much of policy making is what is based on “lying for justice.”

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SAT Dumbs Down to Common Core

Who is this creep Coleman?

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