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Prosecutions are not impeachments

However, the political reality is he is a sacred race icon.

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Big surprise–in the creation of the Obamacare slush funds there was some slushing

GAO tells us something that we don’t know.

First of all the reason that there are so many rich people in the DC area is they are close to the money trough.

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When government goes rogue we have midnight highjacking and drafting errors

Some of the sophisticates who read junkscience reject talk of impeachment.

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Blithering on the problem of underfunded pensions

So the public pensions problem is being dealt with in New York? Not likely.

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Zombie on Progressive racialism Part II

More on the Zombie essay about progressive racism (I call racialism).

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A great expose on the sickness that is the left

This woman has her story and tells it well–why she had to get away from the evil hate that is marxism.

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Jane Orient provides wisdom

I have always been impressed with the essays of Jane Orient at the newsletter of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

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House Judiciary Chair a Junk Lawyer? Can’t define impeachable offense?

Andrew McCarthy, former fed prosecutor says, quite convincingly, that the bamster has committed impeachable offenses–and that’s clear, except to the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

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Zombie on Progressive racialism Part I

I have had this essay by Zombie at PJ Media sitting on my desk now for 3 weeks. I just couldn’t file it.

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The suicidal and self destructive cultures of hate and envy

So any serious student of the human condition is stunned to see the destructive forces loosed.

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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a giant figure who knew tyranny

It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes…

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Australia in the grip of sanity and good sense

What can I say? Let’s hoist a Foster’s and put a steak on the barbee–a salute to Aussie common sense.

Jay Lehr, a friend and wonderful advocate, along with Lord Monckton, and other players on our side, made a big difference. Of course cap-and-trade and other nonsense couldn’t get action in the congress, but we are now governed by a tyrant with his praetorian agency guard under a suspension of the constitution.

I suppose a banana republic is good if you are the banana.

Race, Wealth and socialism

Fernandez exposes the sore of racialism based on envy.

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Middle class necropsy

Jack Curtis tallies up the work of the marxists.
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Charles Battig on mass movement delusions and Climate panic

Charles is a physician/anesthesiologist/electrical engineer and a cogent commenter on the human foibles.

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First the GDP downturn, now inflation is popping up.

We could end up with Jimmy Carter stagflation–or is it here already and the administration is unable to suppress the news.

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Kevin Williamson makes sense on tyrants

We have our own. A declared anti constitutionalist–imagine that–a president who doesn’t like the US Constitution.

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Clarice, former Fed Attorney, on the bamster’s legal tangles

We talked about spoliation, destruction of evidence, but there are other problems from this week, illegal recess appointments, and failure to respond to subpoenas that has been a chronic problem.

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As the commies say–the important thing is who gets to count

So the Congress wants sign up numbers for the small business section of bamstercare.
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1st Quarter GDP down 2.9%, not to worry–imagine if W was pres

There would be solemn faces on all the Sunday shows and features on the media of people having a hard time. Demonstrations in the street.

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