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California enviro sugar daddies distort the debate, corrupt the science/policy making

When 30 million dollars is put in play, it’s hard for regular people to win. Example in the essay below in City Journal is about the carbon legislation and the CA battle about enviro laws in an environment of unemployment.

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Falling for the media ambush

I continue to be amazed that politicians on our side are so ignorant and gullible–Romney should have evisceerated Crowley on the spot–but he’s such a nice and chicken shit man.

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David Horowitz releases Volume IV on Islamo Fascism and the war on the Jews

Here is a link to a review of the fourth volume of Horowitz’ collection of writings, commentaries, essays from his long and distinguished career. Continue reading

Common sense about Military Options

The former ambassador does something very undiplomatic–he explains why military option is a very important tool for forcing peaceful options.

Of course the Moron Collin Powell, mentioned in this essay, doesn’t understand much. His option is alwasy retreat and avoid violence, which puts him at a disadvantage with bullies. Continue reading

Sierra Rayne on Economic performances of GOP Candidates

Sierra is a sophisticated analyst and here he makes a comparison–but I would also point out that my bet is these good performances would be in contrast to economic performances of democrat controlled states.

Maybe Sierra would use the sources from this analysis to make that little comparison? I hope so.

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Paul Kengor explains why commies in Cuba have changed on the homo agenda

It’s about the commie agenda against religion and family. Homosexual and other sexual deviance lifestyles help the commie cause against traditional religion and family.

Course the Pope, being a leftist, won’t believe his lying eyes about these things, so many things.

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Jeremy Lott on the Cover Oregon 300 million dollar waste

It’s worse than Lott thinks–they probably shut down Cover Oregon for political reasons, since the people responsible for the web site said it was ready to go.
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