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Jack Cashill discusses leftist intolerance and his new book on the subject

Scarlet Letters is Jack’s dissection of leftist political correctness intolerance.

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More on John McCain

I wonder if the assertions made by James Stockdale commanding officer at the Hanoi Hilton for the men who suffered the long imprisonments have some meaning unsaid.

Did his statements on who did poorly as prisoners have something to do with John McCain?

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Well, let’s talk McCain

McCain was never a good conservative. He and his running dog buddy Lindsey Graham were always working to prevent conservative advances.

Now the Trumpmeister has everyone upset–Trump is accused of not being properly deferential to McCain but that’s not true–Trump gave McCain his due for being a stand up POW under severe torture. However McCain is not sacred and shouldn’t be treated as such if he is in the political arena–far from it since much of his political conduct is inexcusable for a declared conservative. He has no principles and is always buffing up his image for the lefty press. What a worthless man when it comes to conservative causes.

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VDH on the invasion 3rd world miscreants and the stupidity of sanctuary cities

Being a Californian, born and bred, and growing up in the Valley close to Fresno in a mixed ethnic environment, Victor Davis Hanson is wise on immigration–much more so than elites from the Bay Area.

He also knows something of politics and civility as a classicist.

When did feminism become a nasty business? Victimology and identity politics corrupted the movement.

Here is an insightful discussion.

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Black Psychiatrist says ghetto violence is due to Fetal Alcohol Disorder

This is absolute BS, nothing more than huffing and puffing to argue for an excuse for street thugs as having a diagnosis.

They are bad people, not victims of alcohol abuse by their mothers in pregnancy–nonsense.

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Let’s try some criminology junk science on for size–on immigrants

The clowns for the lax immigration policies and importing poor ignorant savages from 3rd world countries say that there is no evidence of higher crime rates in these lovely exotic new residents. I would suggest that the illegal and legal ones are certainly more likely to commit crimes and live like animals. Sorry, reality is gonna get you upset if you believe the nonsense about the nobility of the poor, who are losers in life.

And it has nothing to do with race or racism, bad Caucasians from the stans are savages, and they’re likely to commit violent crimes or even kill infidels just cause the Koran says so. So am I a racist if I point out we don’t need any more Boston Marathon bombers?

I would prefer a well-behaved Dane or German with a doctorate in applied math who wants to come to the greatest country on the planet over some of these basket cases, even an applicant from the biggest loser in the last two big wars.

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