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KillTheDrill – Offshore (kinda), but deepwater drilling?

Hat tip to M. Malkin for sending this out today.

Say, bamster, hows that al queda project going

The bamster promised us, stated emphatically that al queda was on the run and in decline. Now a General Keane testifies to a Senate Armed Services Committee that al queda has grown fourfold in the last 5 years.

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Mark Christian MD, groomed to be a Muslim Brotherhood leader–warns us

The life story of Dr. Mark Christian is compelling. His advocacy of good sense with regards to the savage ideology of Islam is eloquent and well founded. He grew up in a jihadi environment and is now a Christian warning us.

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Indiana goes down–expands Medicaid

Mike Pence, another midwest phony conservative, takes Indiana down the road to single payer and expands the welfare state.

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Talbott pops off in the WAPO

The commies say that bad people are determined by their oppressions and their grivances.

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And Churchill and I agree on Islam and Socialism–as well as a good cigar

One more thing–Churchill warned against the commies and Islam, and we should be reminded of his assertions regularly. He said that both ideologies were corrupt and evil and tyrannical.

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I smoke cigars, can I celebrate Winston Churchill?

The man who stood for civilization and against tyranny.

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