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Clarice Feldman discusses the Clinton Foundation Criminality

This reviews what we know is corruption and bribery by the Clinton family–all of them–they know what the limits are to charitable foundations.

Does the phrase “influence peddling” cover at least some of the things that are straight up bribery.

Note those evil capitalists from Wall Street were and are keeping the options and access open with millions to the foundation, to the dem party and now to Hillary’s campaign.

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Roger Kimball on the 1st and the developing tyranny of censorship

I can’t say enough. After all I won’t be a part of the German complacency in the face of an intolerant and cruel dictatorship on the theory that they weren’t in the cross hairs.

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Freedom of speech

Insightful discussion. is a web site that is about free speech on science and public policy issues. That means politics is an imposing factor in the discussions. You can pretend otherwise, and magnify any ignorance you might have about the science or research or opinion nonsense promulgated by the oligarchs.

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Republican Senators shred the constitution

I got a note yesterday about Antonin Scalia teaching a course on separation of powers–what a joke.

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What’s the big deal 1.5 million Armenians, considering the genocide we have collaborated with

This is where libertarians and me part ways.

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Paul Driessen on the problem of gov/research complex funded with billions

Amazing to me, the hypocrisy of American Academics–they swill at the trough of federal and state largess for research that is directed to supporting government agendas–then they talk all the time about how private industry and business concerns or even philanthropists corrupt science.

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Frank Capra had it right about America

I find this speech/essay inspiring and enlightening–viewing the greatness of the American Experiment through the eyes of a poor boy from Sicily who made it big in the movies.

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