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Roger Kimball is pessimistic about the American People–me too

Roger Kimball expresses his alarm.

I am fascinated by the venality and ignorance of the American Polity.

I can’t imagine, in a population that knows so little, a serious effort to get the republic back on course.

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Multiculturalism is a cancer, our enemy is the savage cultures that exist domestically and come from other countries

There are, unfortunately, some cultures that cannot contribute to the progress of civilization.

We need to stop pretending otherwise. This open borders stuff is suicidal. We are getting everything we don’t want in this new wave of 3rd world immigration that started with the Teddy Kennedy immigration bill of the 70s and continued with Reagan amnesty in the 80s–we are getting the dregs from 3rd world countries with only a few exceptions. We don’t allow immigration of any degree from 1st world countries–we are becoming a dumping ground and our prisons are filling with foreign born monsters.

Last night I read late and deep into Ann Coulter’s new book Adios America until I couldn’t stand it any more for the horrific crimes and imminent danger from immigration unchecked that she described. Made me want to lay siege to Marco Rubio’s and the Wall Street Journal’s houses.

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Tucci’s comment on the latest sad tale of bamstercare deserves a clap

Nice going, Tucci. I like your reference to the observations of the great von Mises.

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Jews are on a suicide mission–but well intentioned

Linked below is an essay on why or how American Jews seem to be on a suicide mission. Not fighting back on the new wave of anti Jewish sentiment that is most evident in the lies about Israel and the effort to destroy the Jewish/Israel reputation and status in the world.

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An Independence Day tribute to James Otis–opponent of tyranny

Otis opposed writs of assistance in colonial days, used by the British to intimidate the populace. Continue reading

Don’t be judgemental is a badge of cowardice

Some just don’t get it, the reason civil societies can exist is moral and civic standards derived from experience and wisdom.

Prudence is the most important civic virtue because making good judgments about proper conduct that is respectful of others and good for the group is salutary for society. Continue reading

CDC officials declare bamster an amateur for allowing sick aliens in, big surprise

These CDC characters probably voted for the clown, support the clown, but consider him a—a clown, a black clown, so that’s OK. Identity politics creates problems–like questions of good sense or competence. CDC problems are nowhere near the crux of it–national security, the economy, race politics–where do we begin?

Letting in people with diseases is insignificant.

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