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The totalitarian in chief pops off too much

Junk Science on gun control and criminal law/law enforcement and this repeated talk about an impending police state, even dictatorship–guess this empty suit with no understanding of history likes to puff and pose.

Apparently he finds political opposition and liberty an offense to his extreme self esteem and vision of himself as anointed one.

And he never was a legal scholar, as clearly elucidated by Jack Cashill–nor was he a professor of anything but Alinskyite mob agitation.

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Death with Dignity advocates sound so smart–not

Well this Nick, a typical modern-day journalist who writes more than he reads and has a political agenda sewn onto his sleeve, discusses euthanasia, so much the stylish thing in the post modern socialist dominated era. Bioethics now reflects a nihilistic utilitarianism energized by amoral secular statist collectivism.

I think euthanasia is just one more stylish assault on the traditions of civilization, west or east–after all respect for the life of an individual is fundamental.

I adhere to the position of Paul McHugh, University professor at Johns Hopkins, former member of the presidential ethics commission, Professor and former Chair of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins.

McHugh said life in each human is precious and euthanasia is a canard and trap that relates to socialist view that human life is not so important as the collective.

Don’t score well on your quality of life–be gone, don’t be a burden to the collective.

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Public Shooters and advice from an expert, Col Tom Stein

How does one get inside the head of goofy person who’s goal in life is to kill or maim a bunch of unknown innocents, then commit suicide?

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Fay Voshell discusses Vladimir Putin’s religious faith and the Christians persecuted in the Middle East

Ms. Voshell is a theologian and religious commentator, and has some very compelling observations about Putin.

I can assure you that the bamster will not lift a finger to save persecuted religious people when the persecutors are muslims. Of course he claims to be Christian. Ubetecha.

This might all be posing by Putin, who is a capable of cruelty it appears and not hesitant to employ violence for his cause, but he wears a cross given to him by his mother at all times? He also is energetically committed to pushing back on muslim bellicosity and aggression. Assad could best be described as a Baathist, a kind of commie, but he didn’t carry out the persectuion of christians as systematically as the ISIS gang. Islam is committed to conquest and the caliphate, no place for infidels.

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Gun control will produce higher black arrests and convicions

This one will stop the lefty bullshitters in their tracks, if gun laws are made more restrictive, and gun violations increase, the rate of black arrests will be disproportionately as high as their arrests for violent crime–four or more times the arrest rate for whites.

More young black male gangstas in jail will be the result.

Big surprise? Consider the gun crimes in the cities and you can answer that question.

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History lesson–George McGovern, the bamster, and Syria

The writer points out what many people forget, George McGovern worked for the commies in his early career, represented the hard left as a Senator and then presidential candidate, and his speech to the Dem convention was right out of the playbook of FDRs 1944 “necessitous man” state of the Union speech with the added touch of pacifism and withdrawal from foreign matters.

Read this very cogent essay on why McGovern presaged the democrat party shift to the left and this bamster mess with the resultant decline of America.

McGovern got the America he wanted. Consider that more tha 40% of the people in this country can be counted on to vote democrat.

We are so screwed.

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May I suggest this David French essay on how to man up.

I can’t believe the weakling pussies who walk the earth–always working on their victim or grievance agenda.

David French discusses the difference between men and weenies.