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The 60s are back. Get out your old clothes

Roger Kimball asks the question–is this rhetorical devolution a form of the Sokol Hoax?

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Paul Kengor comments on commies and Ferguson

The use of race for political agitation purposes was discussed in-depth and at length by David Horowitz in his book on growing up a red diaper baby–Radical Son.

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Ludwig von Mises on anticapitalism

I was directed to a long essay by Ludwig von Mises on the issue of capitalism-anticapitalism many years ago. The book is The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality.

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Sierra on Canadian forest fires.

Sierra must have taken a vacation, since I haven’t benefited from his research and writing the past week.

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You want some social commentary, do Keven Williamson, he’s righteous

I am probably as experienced in racial and social matters as Mr. W, but not nearly as good a writer.

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Ed Markey is an idiot and a US Senator–but do I repeat myself?

Markey believes that BPA is an endocrine disrupter in spite of many studies that show no toxicity.

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Jay Lehr puts up a plan to take down the EPA

Jay Lehr received the first PhD in hydrology from Princeton a long time ago at a very young age.

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Bob McTeer gets around to saying the recession isn’t over, it’s bad

The great McTeer has spent entirely too much time recently covering for the pathetic people at the Federal Reserve. His essay today has some spunk and fire.

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Rattlesnake logic–and cactus attitude

Yesterday I was sraying cactus in my pathetic drought strcken pasture.

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Moral busybodies and practical politics, Mencken and Lewis insights

Yesterday a reader commented positively on the Mencken statement about the aim of practical politics, to make the public anxious so they will be clamorous to be led to safety.

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In totalitarian states organ harvesting is more aggressive

Here is something to consider, and the question is can America become this collectivist kind of tyranny?

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Social Science junk–featuring whining

The attached essay is about the new hot button–gender–but the political and social commentaries are always junky.

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Try this one on — use of homophobe as vilification is enmification

And enmification is political correctness tyranny take to the edge–persecution for supposed hate or thought crimes. The prelude to and facilitation of pogroms, peaceful or violent.


I teach ethics and consider ethics to have non theological and theological foundations, since i think Natural Law theory can derive from proper observation and analysis of human social life. For example a pagan, Aristotle had a good handle on virtue and social mores.

So too Confucius, Christ, and other holy and pius men taught a moral life and virtuous conduct that have common elements for the human condition.

Leo Alexander was a Jew, a physician/psychiatrist who was a chief medical investigator for the American prosecutors at the Nuremberg Trials. He wrote a stunning essay, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1949 that explained the descent in savagery and barbarity of the Nazi movement and the complicity of German physicians in horrific inhumane treatment and experiments.

It is a chilling essay "Medical Science Under Dictatorship"

that shows how depersonalization and labeling of groups can result in the gradual development of pogroms and genocide. Recall that the slide begins with small things until groups are identified as not worthy of life–Christians are now targets. The theory goes like this–Christianity is intolerant, so it must be destroyed and its adherents intimidated or destroyed along with it.

Homophobe rolls off their tongue so easily, doesn't it? And they can do Christian with a sneer very well. Hate crimes, thought crimes and labels used selectively against those who disagree–Saul Alinsky would be proud, make ‘em live by their own rules of kindness and mercy and such, nothing more evil than a Christian that doesn't approve of some lifestyle choice, but the social dynamic of the intolerant left represents a much bigger lie–and a much more serious development. They are about destroying the Western Institutions, they are about destruction.

Hopey changey is the smiley faced version but it’s about socialist envy/hate/vitriol/revolution/destruction.

Enmification is the making of an enemy or a target for persecution and destruction–and that is happening to Christianity on the foundation of political correctness and intolerance that post modern society has created from its rejection of many basic mores.

It is not so hard to understand–to be enmified is to be labeled not worthy of life.

I see a Christian community so anxious to compromise and avoid the epithets and the sneers.

They don’t even consider that maybe they have the Natural Law on their side, because they can’t help themselves–they wanna be nice, they don't want to be labeled as haters or _____phobes. Post modernism, amorality, political correctness, totalitarianism, enmity, enmification–works both ways. Why is the Christian Community silent in the face of pogroms against Christians in muslim countries? Why are the Crusades always put up as evil when they were a response to the savage theocracies that had destroyed Christian culture that was dominant in the Middle East before the Islamic conquests brought on the age of dhimmitude?

Racism, _____phobias, political correctness, all rhetorical epithets, weapons to be used by the intolerant in their effort to impose intellectual and social tyranny. 1984 newspeak and revisionism, political correctness, rigid elitist statism.

Brady’s death ruled a homicide after how many years?

The effects of the gunshot wound are not the cause of the death, even though it might be politically correct or interesting to say so. It may be that he died with the effects of the GSW apparent, but he did not die from GSW.

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Charles Battig exposes another lefty NGO

Virginia Organizing, run by a commmie community organizer, gets money for its advocacy projects.

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Why Paul Ryan is a creep

Paul Ryan has never been far away from a government job, and I am sure he reads the WAPO every morning or evening.

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Paul Ryan never was worth a nickel

I always was disgusted with Paul Ryan, all the way back to when he proposed a 1300 page comprehensive healthcare bill in response to a democrat bill.

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More on impeachment talk, the ghost of Saul Alinsky roams about

This is a pretty good analysis, but the author ignores the one constant–the worshipful press that will always spin an issue for the benefit of the sacred black icon.

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Prosecutions are not impeachments

However, the political reality is he is a sacred race icon.

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Big surprise–in the creation of the Obamacare slush funds there was some slushing

GAO tells us something that we don’t know.

First of all the reason that there are so many rich people in the DC area is they are close to the money trough.

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