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How much plastic in the ocean?

Much less than we’ve been led to believe.   Continue reading

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Feminists insist, Will must go

George Will columnist for the WAPO for 40 years has crossed the Rubicon–by pointing out the grievance industry victim game. We have pointed out other examples here at Junk Science.

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Plastic Bottle Battle in India

Plastic is good for containers of all kinds, including medication containers.

There is no evidence to support pushing glass in favor of plastic on the justification of the endocrine disrupter panicmongering.
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Plastic Bags May Go the Way of Lead Paint, Lawn Darts

The plastic bag threat to marine life is a myth. Continue reading

Enivros agitate for plastic bag tax in London claiming ‘devastating cost to wildlife’ — RealityDrop: No evidence bags threaten marine mammals, birds

“Giving away polluting plastic bags must stop. At once.” Continue reading

Jeremy Irons’ War Against Plastic

“People should curb ‘unadulterated consumerism’, actor says at launch of European Commission green paper on plastic waste.” Continue reading

Store owners say plastic bag ban causes more shoplifting

“Thieves with reusable bags harder to track, Seattle store owners say.” Continue reading

LATimes: Some plastics should be classified as hazardous, scientists say

Not because they are, though. Continue reading

Greenpeace at climate rally: ‘No more plastic bags’

Check out Plastic Bag Man. Continue reading

Plastic bag ban linked to diarrhea outbreak

Ramesh Ponnuru dishes the dirt on plastic bag bans. Continue reading

Study: Plastic bag bans hurt store sales

“A study from the National Center for Policy Analysis claims that a ban on plastic bags used by grocers and retailers can negatively impact sales in the ban area and increase sales among stores just outside the bag ban region.” Continue reading

Plastics Suck Up Other Toxins: Double Whammy for Marine Life, Gross for Seafood

“That’s because not only are the plastics themselves toxic but some also act as sponges for other toxins.” Continue reading

Plastic bags banned in Switzerland

Dolphins were turning up dead on Swiss beaches. Continue reading

UC Davis students work to engineer plastic-degrading bacteria

Every weekday this summer, 10 students from different departments at UC Davis have come together in the university’s Genome Center to work on what they hope will one day be the answer to cleaning up the world’s landfills. Continue reading

Ocean Plastics Soak Up Pollutants

Some marine plastic debris attracts more pollutants than lab studies suggest Continue reading

You know it’s really silly season when they recycle: Skin cream: killing you softly?

In the book, Slow Death by Rubber Duck Rick Smith turns himself into a human science experiment. He lathers himself with shampoos and shaving creams, all in the sweetly-scented spirit of chemical exposure. To phthalates, that is. Continue reading

Libs push for bag ban results, promising to overturn ban if elected

The Canberra Liberals [conservatives, down-under] will overturn the territory’s ban on free plastic bags if they win October’s ACT election. Continue reading

Miranda Devine: Great green lies never die – they merely get recycled

YOU would think the last thing we need is another environmental tax but the great green beast is never satisfied. Continue reading

Plastics chemicals linked to diabetes in women; blacks and Hispanics most exposed

A group of chemicals found in household plastics and medical supplies is linked to higher rates of diabetes in women – up to double the rate for women with the highest levels, according to new research led by Harvard scientists. Continue reading

Another bag nag: Plastic, like diamonds, is forever: time to use fewer bags

Between 30 million and 50 million plastic bags enter the environment as litter in Australia each year. Continue reading