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Jack Dini debunks plastiphobia

Very nice. BPA and other components that make plastic do a better job, are safe.

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How much plastic in the ocean?

Much less than we’ve been led to believe.   Continue reading

Feminists insist, Will must go

George Will columnist for the WAPO for 40 years has crossed the Rubicon–by pointing out the grievance industry victim game. We have pointed out other examples here at Junk Science.

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Plastic Bottle Battle in India

Plastic is good for containers of all kinds, including medication containers.

There is no evidence to support pushing glass in favor of plastic on the justification of the endocrine disrupter panicmongering.
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Plastic Bags May Go the Way of Lead Paint, Lawn Darts

The plastic bag threat to marine life is a myth. Continue reading

Enivros agitate for plastic bag tax in London claiming ‘devastating cost to wildlife’ — RealityDrop: No evidence bags threaten marine mammals, birds

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Jeremy Irons’ War Against Plastic

“People should curb ‘unadulterated consumerism’, actor says at launch of European Commission green paper on plastic waste.” Continue reading