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Big Money…Bad Healthcare?

Contrary to the widespread notion that the US healthcare system is the best in the world, a more realistic appraisal would deem it otherwise. In fact, here in America, we spend far more than any other country to deliver–in the main–mediocre outcomes.

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Here’s a no brainer–opiates plus benzos increase your chance of premature death

Anthony Daniels (writes as Theodore Dalrymple) discusses a well known phenomenon that would be predicted–use depressants and tranquilizers, increase your chance of checking out from poor ventilation or a fall, or decreased circulation.

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PharmedOut 2015

PharmedOut is a Georgetown University Medical Center project that advances evidence-based prescribing, and educates healthcare professionals about pharmaceutical marketing practices. Founded in January, 2007, it is an Internet-based alternative for doctors seeking Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses, not sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.

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Statins: Still Overhyped After All These Years

In a rather self-serving review article entitled “A historical perspective on the discovery of statins,” Japanese biochemist Akira Endo hits all the conventional and PC notes in his 10-page (including references) trip down memory lane. From the get-go, in the abstract itself he tells us that…

“Cholesterol is essential for the functioning of all human organs, but it is nevertheless the cause of coronary heart disease. Building on that knowledge, scientists and the pharmaceutical industry have successfully developed a remarkably effective class of drugs–the statins–that lower cholesterol levels in blood and reduce the frequency of heart attacks.”

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FDA screw ups on generic drugs

Extended release drugs have to be properly tested for efficacy.

FDA apparently has dry labbed some studies and approved some unproven generics. I know you’re shocked.

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Pernicious Low Tech Issues In Healthcare

A wildly disproportionate amount of what is proposed for healthcare reform involves technical matters. Ten years ago, the pundits assured us that the forced adoption of electronic health records would save billions and revolutionize health care. Unfortunately, EHRs have cost billions, are almost universally despised by providers, and are responsible for thousands of errors—some of which have proved to be fatal. The situation is bad enough that even the clueless Feds have decided to back off on some of their more onerous EHR requirements, at least temporarily.

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A Look At Kratom: Fear-mongering and regulatory zeal to beat the band

According to Google Trends, interest in the search term “Kratom” has increased sharply from 2011—by a factor of three. Insider blogs note that it trends higher than many other supplements. What’s more, vastly conflicting descriptions of its benefits and side effects are all over the Web, along with troubling reports of adulterated versions of the substance being sold online. Not surprisingly, eager beaver regulators have jumped into the fray.

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