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Importing losers and criminal types is a real risk–consider the evidence

So a fine essay about the real world instead of the multicultural fantasyland. A nice Follow up to awhat I emphasize is shown by Ann Coulter in her new book Adios America, a terrible and alarming indictment of multicultrual silliness and political correctness coverups.
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Study: Non-stick cookware linked to arthritis

Doubtful (poor quality data & misuse of statistics), especially since the claimed “effect” was reported in women but not men. Continue reading

Chemical link to heart disease

US researchers have identified a link between chemicals found in non-stick cookware and heart disease. But Australian experts have urged caution about the findings, which suggested increasing levels of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in the blood were associated with cardiovascular disease. Continue reading

Stain repellent chemicals linked to liver damage in people

Elevated levels of two stain-resistant chemicals in the blood of adults living near a DuPont plant in the Mid-Ohio Valley were associated with enzyme activity that indicates liver damage and possible liver disease. The results of this large study of PFOA and PFOS, which are used to make cookware, food packaging and fabrics, mirror the findings of studies of lab animals and chemical plant workers. Continue reading

Chemicals undermine childhood vaccines?

“This evidence tells me that the immune system is very sensitive to PFCs.” Continue reading

Water-, stain-proofing chemicals hurt child immune systems?

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Non-stick cookware linked to chronic kidney disease?

Does junk science stick to Teflon? Continue reading