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NO… Monsanto’s Roundup does not cause cancer

Incriminated by junk science; Debunked by reality. Continue reading

Uncovered: Scientist-enviro conspiracy to have neonic pesticides banned

Climategate meets anti-pesticide activism. Continue reading

DDT and bedbugs

Well here is another story. Josh Bloom is a toxicology expert on pesticides and herbicides, splains.

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So, it’s the glyphosate in my GMO non organic corn chips making me fat

Want to get rid of a long string diseases, including obesity?  Ban Roundup and pesticides.  A foray into some scares.  Continue reading

Big Fears, Little Risks

The 25th Anniversary of ACSH’s documentary narrated by Walter Conkrite debunking the fears of synthetic chemicals in the environment. Continue reading

Organic Food is Healthier–right chemophobes?

So let’s consider organic food and how it might rate on the “healthy” scale.

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Bees are More Important than You Think

Paul Driessen, who is a regular contributor on enviro issues and climate, provides an in depth discussion of the bees.

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