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Big Fears, Little Risks

The 25th Anniversary of ACSH’s documentary narrated by Walter Conkrite debunking the fears of synthetic chemicals in the environment. Continue reading

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Organic Food is Healthier–right chemophobes?

So let’s consider organic food and how it might rate on the “healthy” scale.

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Bees are More Important than You Think

Paul Driessen, who is a regular contributor on enviro issues and climate, provides an in depth discussion of the bees.

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Ag pesticides

Important to consider that dose makes the poison and applications of Ag pesticides and herbicides do not create toxic situations.

I know, I be a licensed Texas pesticide and herbicide applicator and a physician.

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Proposed EPA agricultural pesticides rule built on junk science?

The EPA has proposed a rule making the requirements for agricultural pesticides applications more restrictive, requiring more worker training, limiting field entry and increasing the age workers can enter fields at certain times.  As usual, family members are not covered by the rule.  The basis for this rule seems rather farfetched. Continue reading

Canadians Worry Over Pesticides

Enough pressure from the anxious and politicians create another scare.

Pesticides are essential to food and feed production. Dose makes the poison, dammit.

Europe’s FDA sees “potential” problems with some insecticides. Potential. That’s like a big maybe…

[press release]

“Two neonicotinoid insecticides – acetamiprid and imidacloprid – may affect the developing human nervous system, said the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Experts from the Authority propose that some guidance levels for acceptable exposure to the two neonicotinoids be lowered while further research is carried out to provide more reliable data on so-called developmental neurotoxicity (DNT).”
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Berkeley Anti-Atrazine Crusader Blames ‘Big Ag’, Set To Sue, After University Dispute Freezes Research

Jon Entine writes at Continue reading

UC Berkeley no longer willing to fund Tyrone Hayes’ junk science jihad against pesticide; Hayes threatens lawsuit; 100,000 frogs in danger

And where’s PETA? Hayes has used 100,000 frogs in his “research.” Amphibians in decline? No, they’re all in Hayes’ cages! Continue reading

While NIH dabbles in malaria vaccine development, 600,000 deaths (mostly children) this year — They need insecticides not research fantasies

Michael Gerson writes about the latest malaria vaccine research in the WaPo: Continue reading

West Nile healthcare costs 5x the cost of aerial pesticide spraying; Enviros cause harm and waste $$$

Enviro pesticide hysteria causes harm and is expensive. Continue reading

NO… Global warming not to blame for West Nile outbreaks

… enviro-fomented pesticide hysteria is. Continue reading

Study: Aerial mosquito spraying finds no immediate public health risks

Mass spraying was safe 50 years ago — and it’s still safe today. Continue reading

Crabgrass circumvents EPA pesticide rules: Uses unregulated poisons to kill neighboring grass

That’s right, crabgrass doesn’t crowd out other vegetation — it kills it with a homemade poison, says a new Chinese study. Continue reading

Study: Frog die off now caused by global warming

Well, if pesticides can’t be blamed, global warming must be the next culprit in line. Continue reading

NRDC still defending alar

No one was ever harmed by alar — or any legally administered pesticide. Continue reading

NRDC demands DC Examiner retract column on EPA sue-and-settle; Ever heard of alar?

NRDC attorney John Walke tweeted: Continue reading

Pesticides Make a Comeback

Many corn farmers go back to using chemicals as Mother Nature outwits genetically modified seeds. Continue reading

Former chief UK scientist says precautionary principle could reduce crop yields 25%

“Former Chief Government Scientist Professor Sir John Beddington has accused EU policymakers of misusing the precautionary principle in their approach to pesticides such as neonicotinoids.” Continue reading

Delingpole: Bees, pesticides, more green lies

“Have we been here before? You bet we have, from at least Silent Spring (1962) onwards.” Continue reading