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EPA’s Destructive Workfare Economics: Pointless GE PCB clean-up creates 350 jobs at a cost of $2.86 million per job

That doesn’t include jobs created for lawyers and lobbyists, including at the utility GE is now suing — all over a clean-up that is not only unnecessary, but actually causing water pollution. Continue reading

GE to stir up even more Hudson River PCB sediments

No doubt a never-ending process — as news PCBs are stirred-up and settle, they’ll “need” to be dredged. Continue reading

PCBs, other pollutants delay pregnancy?

Given much higher exposures during the mid-20th century, would there have been baby-boomers or Gen-Xers if this were true? [NIH News]

I’m so relieved: PCBs levels down in Norwegian polar bears

It’s never been easy to be a polar bear. They may have to go months without eating. Their preferred food, seal, requires enormous luck and patience to catch. Add to that the melting of Arctic sea ice due to climate change, and the poisoning of the Arctic by toxic chemicals, and it’s easy to see why polar bears worldwide are in trouble (sic). Continue reading

Should military training be constrained by “pollution fears”?

Navy ‘Sinkex’ raises pollution fear – In 2005, the USS America aircraft carrier was towed out to sea on her final voyage. Hundreds of miles off the Atlantic coast, U.S. Navy personnel then blasted the 40-year-old warship with missiles and bombs until it sank. Continue reading

High Levels of PCBs Tied to Defective Sperm in Infertile Men

What man has “high” levels of PCBs, which were banned 30+ years ago? Continue reading

New Legislation Seeks To Eradicate PCBs In NY Schools

Much ado about nothing. Continue reading