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EPA damage to the economy? Easily more than 100 billion in 20 years.

NCPA report, but they are conservative. I recall the Carol Browner EPA ozone regs that were based on crapola human effects studies.

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EPA Miscreants Beale and Brenner

The Minority Staffers on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee issued a report on the Beal/Brenner/EPA Scandal.

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The Master is still the Master-just ask the Grasshopper

So Milloy the master says–grasshopper, the Common Rule as adopted by the EPA and the Government, doesn’t really prohibit the Human Experiment Program when toxic or lethal exposures are conducted.

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The EPA Targets Sulphur

Every day I get up and my wife tells me the EPA did something to make me mad.

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Joel Schwartz the good, follow up on Ozone

There is a Joel Schwartz the bad, physicist lefty enviro fanatic at Harvard.

Schwartz the good follows up on the Mike Honeycutt with some fine tuning that is extremely informative.

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Honeycutt is da best

Michael Honeycutt is the Chief Toxicologist for the State of Texas.

Here is his latest message, informing me of his op ed for the Houston paper.

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Wearing us out–with Scares

Ozone has been on their mind as another scare.

The research never stood up to analysis on the claims of toxicity.

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Cal Truckers Support Milloy Work on Air Pollution

Steve Milloy is a regular contributor to the public education and political advocacy work of the California Construction Trucking Association.

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GOP warns EPA ozone rules will cost $1 trillion

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Witnesses Say EPA’s Forthcoming Ozone Standards Impossible to Meet

“Witnesses agreed that if EPA tightens the current ozone standard, many parts of the country will be unable to meet the new limit due to naturally-occurring or uncontrollable ozone.” Continue reading

Ozone: EPA to propose most expensive regulation ever later this year

“If the standard is reduced to 60 parts-per-billion, as some of the EPA’s advisory committees have proposed, even “pristine locations” like Yellowstone National Park might not meet it.” Continue reading

EPA releases new risk assessment for ozone

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