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Indoor air pollution, outdoor air pollution–junk science abounds

I am amazed at the people who commented negatively when I said Matt Ridley has no basis for his claim that 4 million people around the world die every year from indoor air pollution. Continue reading

Stan Young waxes eloquent on matters of warming and air polluton

Stan Young is a very erudite and insightful analyst.

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So consider whether you trust the EPA on its claims about Ozone.

They make it sound so serious and scientific. They say the new ozone standard will prevent 335 lost school days and prevent 32,000 asthma attacks, 750 deaths–that’s nonsense.
Ozone doesn’t cause asthma or kill anyone, anytime, anyplace in America.

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Another EPA Dirty Secret: Agency’s hushed-up human experiments debunk ozone health claims

EPA has proposed to tighten its standards for ozone in outdoor air. However, ozone in outdoor air, especially at current levels, doesn’t hurt anyone and the EPA knows it… but EPA doesn’t want you to know it. Here is a short exposé based on EPA documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act. Continue reading

Ozone regs never make sense–but they cost a bunch

Report on the cost of ozone regs–this round. Previous rounds were expensive too.

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EPA damage to the economy? Easily more than 100 billion in 20 years.

NCPA report, but they are conservative. I recall the Carol Browner EPA ozone regs that were based on crapola human effects studies.

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EPA Miscreants Beale and Brenner

The Minority Staffers on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee issued a report on the Beal/Brenner/EPA Scandal.

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