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New round of HFC ban

EPA is proposing a ban on several HFC’s, including 134a, based on ozone depletion and global warming potential.  Continue reading

Ozone Scare is Back

Researchers have found another scare. This could be very rewarding for them.

Continue reading

Angola warming blamed on ozone ‘hole’ (i.e., use of air conditioning, refrigeration) — no science, just proximity/politics

UPI reports: Continue reading

India tells Obama, China to get lost on refrigerant phase-out

The Economic Times reports: Continue reading

If Global Warming Promoters are Proud of all their ██████ ████████ Work, then Why do They Hide Parts of It?

We can apparently add one more situation to the growing pile of instances where folks pushing the idea of man-caused global warming are caught trying to hide inconvenient details. Continue reading

Myth: Montreal Protocol saved the ozone layer

A post at is titled, “Remember the hole in the ozone layer? We slowed that. We can slow climate change, too.” So let’s take a look at the ozone hole claim. Continue reading

Just makin’ it up: Study says ozone-protection treaty had climate benefits also

Not quite sure where they get the “also” part — i.e., ozone benefits in doubt. Climate claims a closer to speculation-cum-propaganda than science. Continue reading