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New round of HFC ban

EPA is proposing a ban on several HFC’s, including 134a, based on ozone depletion and global warming potential.  Continue reading

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Ozone Scare is Back

Researchers have found another scare. This could be very rewarding for them.

Continue reading

Angola warming blamed on ozone ‘hole’ (i.e., use of air conditioning, refrigeration) — no science, just proximity/politics

UPI reports: Continue reading

India tells Obama, China to get lost on refrigerant phase-out

The Economic Times reports: Continue reading

If Global Warming Promoters are Proud of all their ██████ ████████ Work, then Why do They Hide Parts of It?

We can apparently add one more situation to the growing pile of instances where folks pushing the idea of man-caused global warming are caught trying to hide inconvenient details. Continue reading

Myth: Montreal Protocol saved the ozone layer

A post at is titled, “Remember the hole in the ozone layer? We slowed that. We can slow climate change, too.” So let’s take a look at the ozone hole claim. Continue reading

Just makin’ it up: Study says ozone-protection treaty had climate benefits also

Not quite sure where they get the “also” part — i.e., ozone benefits in doubt. Climate claims a closer to speculation-cum-propaganda than science. Continue reading

Warmists cheer misuse of Montreal Protocol

HFCs don’t thin the ozone layer, but they are greenhouse gases. The Montreal protocol is about ozone depletion — can it really be used for global warming as well? Like EPA’s abuse of the Clean Air Act for greenhouse gases, the Montreal Protocol is being similarly expanded. Continue reading

Claim: Upper atmosphere winds changing — global warming to blame

The study authors claim that the alleged phenomenon could slow recovery from the non-crisis of ozone depletion. Continue reading

EPA-endorsed glue doesn’t hurt the ozone — just workers

While ozone repairs itself naturally, it’s a different story for heavily exposed workers. Continue reading

New study reveals gas that triggers ozone destruction; Climate models in error

“Our research reveals an important negative feedback for ozone – a sort of self-destruct mechanism.” Continue reading

Antarctic ozone hole closes early this year

“Despite a 25-year-old agreement that limits the production and use of ozone-destroying chemicals (the Montreal Protocol), stratospheric ozone in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, as well as globally, is no longer decreasing, but it has not yet started to recover either.” Continue reading

Asthma inhaler bill fails — in House!

The bill to put back on store shelves Primatene Mist failed in the House yesterday by a vote of 229-182. Big Pharma apparently convinced enough Republicans that asthma inhalers ought to be less accessible and more expensive.

Effort to Curb Dangerous Coolant Falters, Sometimes at Home

Is your HVAC tech simultaneously causing ozone depletion and global warming? [NYTimes]

You’d think Molina would keep a very low profile after the ozone debacle

I guess this is to be expected – Molina was integral to the Montreal Protocol nonsense, which was kind of a stalking horse for Kyoto and the climate crap. One pretend problem or two, what’s the difference? Continue reading

Increased UV radiation: a hidden driver of marine declines?

Again with the old “ozone depletion” crap. Stratospheric ozone is seasonal, highly volatile and dynamic – it is also constantly created as well as destroyed by solar radiation. Continue reading

Skin cancer identified for the first time in wild fish populations

Oh good grief. This item claims Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is “directly beneath the world’s largest hole in the ozone layer“. Horse spit!

As this Mines ParisTech / Armines 2008 map of the surface irradiation in UV (280 – 400 nm) for a day averaged over fifteen years (1990-2004), expressed in J/cm², clearly shows it is regions with clear air and minimal cloud cover that receive the most UV. There is no GBR “ozone hole” but simply minimal air pollution. Note the similarity with this map of mean irradiance.

“Ozone hole”. Sheesh! Continue reading

People fell for the Montreal Protocol so, try tying warming to people’s cancer fears – that’ll get ‘em

Climate concerns – Harvard researchers find link between climate change, ozone loss and possible increase in skin cancer incidence

At first I thought this might be a spoof in The Onion or something but apparently this lot take themselves seriously. Continue reading

‘Go Out in the Sun!’ Majority of Germans Lack Sufficient Vitamin D

A new report finding that a majority of Germans lack sufficient vitamin D has set off a debate in the country between dermatologists and nutritionists, who recommend a simple, natural remedy for gaining more of the essential vitamin: sunshine. Continue reading

Carbon price to drive gasses action

The federal government’s emissions pricing scheme will drive down the use of gases that have more than a thousand times greater impact on global warming than carbon dioxide. Continue reading