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Misanthropy is the Enviro Movement

This will stop you in your tracks.

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Paul Ehrlich calls UN chief Ban Ki Moon a ‘joyful idiot’ for celebrating humanity

Moon and a group of young people made the mistake of smiling in a photo celebrating the global population hitting 7 billion. Continue reading

Population Bomb-er Paul Ehrlich Quote of the Day:

The Population Bomb’s very first sentence is: Continue reading

Book reveals left’s dream of child-free America

“What to Expect When No One’s Expecting: America’s Coming Demographic Disaster.” Continue reading

About That Overpopulation Problem

“Research suggests we may actually face a declining world population in the coming years.” Continue reading

Robin McKie: Climate change: how theatre delivered a dramatic warning about the planet’s future

Misanthropy is popular, it seems Continue reading

New Report: WWF’s Failing Credibility – Why WWF’s Rio+20 Program to ‘Green’ the Global Economy is Delusional

The pro-development NGO, World Growth, today released a new report, which concludes WWF is wholly out of touch with the real world.  Continue reading

Killer whale at risk due to inadequate prey population

Southern resident killer whales, found along the northwest coast of North America, are in trouble mostly because of inadequate prey, the number vessels in their habitat has much less impact, according to work published June 6 in the open access journal PLoS ONE. Continue reading

Zac Goldsmith: climate change pushes other issues off the agenda

Tory MP says issues like pollution, and biodiversity have been dropped while economic reform has fallen off agenda Continue reading

Philip Cross: The end of thought?

Jeff Rubin forgets that knowledge, not cheap oil, brings growth Continue reading

Alex Epstein: Understanding the Green Menace: Robert Zubrin’s Merchants of Despair

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

A consensus of the world’s leading scientific bodies and governments has proved that our current way of life, in which individuals can produce, consume, and procreate as they choose, is unsustainable and self-destructive. We must, therefore give the government the power it needs to end the threat that we pose to ourselves. Continue reading

Peter C Glover: Ehrlich, False Prophets and the ‘Futures’ Market

When Elijah stood on Mount Carmel he faced a formidable array of 950 prophets (I Kings 18:19). All were resolute in their populist ‘consensus’ theory about a troubling environmental matter. Continue reading

Ehrlich’s still at it: Cut world population and redistribute resources, expert urges

Nuclear disaster or plague likely unless population shrinks and natural resources are reassigned to poor, says Prof Paul Ehrlich Continue reading

Ben Pile: The Royal Society Takes Another Step Away from Science

So when did inequality, poverty, reproductive rights, and the issue of what levels of material wealth people should be entitled to become matters of ‘science’? (It’s a rhetorical question). Continue reading

World needs to stabilise population and cut consumption, says  Club of Rome  Royal Society

Singing that same old song and still as wrong as they always were Continue reading

Robert Zubrin: The Population Control Holocaust

Around the world, the population control movement has resulted in billions of lost or ruined lives. We cannot stop at merely rebutting the pseudoscience and recounting the crimes of the population controllers. We must also expose and confront the underlying antihumanist ideology. Continue reading

David Bier: Experts on Caring about the Environment

Common sense teaches that the world would be a better place if people were more informed about it. Continue reading

Much handwringing about food production

In this composite post the UN is trying to feign concern for people (!), claiming we need to make sure there is enough food, water and energy to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population and to avoid sending up to 3 billion people into poverty (as if the UN’s and greenies’ biofuel, antidevelopment and anti biotechnology policies hadn’t achieved that already). And much more …

Misanthropists chumming the waters before Rio+20

Climate Change Activists Need To Talk About Population Too Continue reading

Climategate 2.0: Stretching to the truly bizarre

Who at CRU subscribes to newsletters from the “Spiritual Leader of the Global Community”, a.k.a. “President, Earth Government”? Continue reading