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Mexico takes Gulf Oil and Gas Private? Wow.

This could be a game changer for Mexico’s economy.

Allowing for private participation as opposed to the old PEMEX gov

  • monopoly?

    Ross Pomeroy blows up some petrol myths

    Well he uses Oil as the take off point.

    Very nice.

    I would emphasize his point about fossil fuels–dinosaurs are not the decaying carbon that makes fossil fuels–it’s plant life.

    Other myths busted are worth the effort.

    The reports of fracking’s demise are greatly exaggerated

    I have some friends who run a companies or have investments in exploration for oil and gas. They remain optimistic that Saudi and Russian efforts to dampen fracking enthusiasm are not working.

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    The strange dynamics of carbon taxation

    Why would oil and gas companies in Europe go for carbon taxes?

    Read this stunning indictment of their motives.

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    Ok joins in the effort to stop the local nannies from prohibiting fracking and oil and gas exporation and extraction.

    It is so easy to pressure local politicians–they are a bunch of overgrown teenage seekers of office.
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    EPA bites their tongue, admits fracking and drilling aren’t harming water supplies for humans

    The problem with any half ass admission like this is that it leaves open the precuationary principle–as the EPA says–we must be ever on the alert. Remember the rule of practical politics–keep the populace alarmed so they will be clamorous to be led to safety (Mencken).

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    Gazprom (think Russian Bear) hits a rough spot?

    You bet, and since the Russian economy is not very diverse, this is a problem.

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