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Another EPA biofuels lie pointed out

John, a commenter, pointed out and linked to the EPA claim that ethanol caused no net CO 2 emissions increase.

Well let me count the lies.

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Sel Graham on the EPA Carbon Dioxide liar’s club

Editors note–this attempt to copy paste Sel Graham’s essay has resulted in a strange thing–all the links drop out.

Master of the web site, Milloy, has been asked to attempt to kill the problem so Sel’s complete essay with links will entertain and inform you. Sorry

john 1282

Sel has always, as an petrol reserves engineer and lawyer, been all over the silly EPA claims on fuels and carbon dioxide. He is my friend and ally.

Here’s his latest column. He writes regularly for a local newspaper.

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Lt. Col. Bob Endlich provides info on why biofuels suck–big time

Marita Noon recommended I put this man Lt. Col Endlich, on my list of people with expertise who think and write well.

Former Air Force meteorologist, but more than that.

I provide his note and his link to a comprehensive monograph by Capt Ike Kiefer (US Navy) that takes down alternative fuels nonsense. Nothing comes close to gas and diesel. And diesel engines are essential to heavy work.
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What’s new in fracking–a very comprehensive report on new techniques and developments for production

I appreciate knowing these things, along with the economic info on oil and gas capital markets.

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Hubbert’s Peak supporters take another hit–supergiant gas field discovered in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean? Consider that–all along, right under their feet.

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Marita discusses oil prices v. gas prices–lack of syncrony

It’s about refinery capacity and distribution.

A more complete explanation by Marita–a great essayist, who puts out good stuff every week.

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Judas Goats in oil, gas, coal–leading the industries to the slaughter house

Viv Forbes is a geologist, but he also tends sheep.

He draws a great parallel.

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