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California Enviro Problems–the CARB

Many years ago the California Air Resources Board, a sub division of the California Environmental Protection Agency distinguished itself as a lunatic fanatic bureaucracy. CA has paid the price.

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Alin Carlin explains why the bamster is working a strategy that is destructive

I have no disagreements with this theory.

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Putin and Russia invest in anti fracking propaganda–big surprise

Why am I saying this. Anybody awake out there????

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Why isn’t this handled as piracy?

Shell is seeking an injunction to remove Greenpeace activists who boarded their floating rig.  Continue reading

Marita talks nukes, oil and Iran

The world market could be affected by the aggressive nature of Iran in the middle east and the disruptions.

Marita discusses.

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Another Hubbert’s peak find

I am wearing out on the oil and gas finds and the proposed reserves that repudiate the Hubbert’s peak and Malthusian pretenses of the enviros and the fanatic misanthropes. as Julian always said–human creativity is the ultimate resource.

Calling Ehrlich and the Club of Rome–yu peple are cluless.

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Steve Goreham on the value of oil and gas

This is a no brainer, but sometimes people have to be reminded that oil and gas–petrol, is the key to our current progress and prosperity.

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