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Another Hubbert’s peak find

I am wearing out on the oil and gas finds and the proposed reserves that repudiate the Hubbert’s peak and Malthusian pretenses of the enviros and the fanatic misanthropes. as Julian always said–human creativity is the ultimate resource.

Calling Ehrlich and the Club of Rome–yu peple are cluless.

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Steve Goreham on the value of oil and gas

This is a no brainer, but sometimes people have to be reminded that oil and gas–petrol, is the key to our current progress and prosperity.

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Marita discusses world markets and exports of oil and gas

Link to: Oil and gas exports—one policy change, many benefits

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The Feds start to squeeze on fracking

Any surprises? After all fracking is evil and causes earthquakes and such.

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Comprehensive bill on energy issues

This bill hits all the important stuff. Sponsored by Cruz and Bridenstine (Texas Senator, Ok Rep)

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The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Paul Driessen makes a good case. Here’s a review of a book by Epstein repeating the arguments.

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Pipelines are safer

Well I suppose no one noticed–trains run on tracks and wheels and sometimes things go wrong.

Pipes just sit there. When something hits and breaks them it’s easy enough to stop the flow.

No fires.

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