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Pretend Petrol isn’t important–then live with your stupid

The fracking change is much more important than you can imagine–petrol products are essential to modern life.

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Marita Noon on Oil supply crunch

Marita talks about the US picking up the slack on declines in middle east oil supplies.

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Fracking Comes to North Carolina

Maybe.  The North Carolina Senate voted 33-13 in favor of fracking.  Continue reading

NY Times reporter believes in underground carbon sequestration

In an otherwise reasonable summary of some proposed major changes being suggested by the NYS Public Service Commission in how electrical utilities and their grids would operate, the reporter adds this unattributed cautionary note:
“Burning natural gas in thousands of locations would make it almost impossible to capture carbon from power plants and pump it underground to avoid worsening climate change.”
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American Companies Sabotage XL as a Business Strategy?

Foundations using money from business interests to campaign against those donor’s competition? Shocking. Imagine such deviousness.

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BP Profits down, Deal with the Russkys on

BP is hurtin’ from the Deepwater Horizon/Macondo spill, but they have opportunities like the Rosneft (Russian Oil Co.) deal.

Boy am I Scared–Again

So some satellite info creates another scare about the oil sands and steam extraction.

I am just tremblin’.

Keystone XL Approved?

One major hurdle has been passed (or repassed).  How much longer and how much more costly? Continue reading

DOJ settles with NYC suburb over oil tank maintenance, but there’s more

[press release from US DOJ]
“… today announced the settlement with Suffolk County (Suffolk) in a federal civil environmental lawsuit alleging that Suffolk violated the federal leak prevention requirements for underground storage tanks at 35 facilities that the County has owned or operated.  The violations involve 68 underground storage tanks, which contain gasoline or waste oil in generally large quantities and can cause serious environmental damage if allowed to leak.”
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Report: 10.2 trillion barrels of oil recoverable with new technologies

That’s about 10 times what we’ve used so far. Continue reading

Fossil fuel production from federal lands falling under Obama

Who needs energy or tax revenues? Continue reading

The receding threat from ‘peak oil’

The BBC reports: Continue reading

Chevron takes gloves off in epic junk science battle against prominent lobbying firm

A lengthy, but terrific story in the WaPo. Go Chevron, go. Continue reading

BP forecast: Oil will remain king for transportation through 2030

Also… “U.S. oil production growth was the largest in the world last year, showing that despite some suggestions to the contrary, crude is plentiful, BP Chief Executive Officer Bob Dudley said Wednesday.” Continue reading

Enviros Schvitz: ‘What if we never run out of oil?’

“The world has been running into fossil fuels, not away from them.” Continue reading

Enviros Unfriended: Zuckerberg’s advocacy group in favor of Keystone XL, opening ANWR

Two years ago, Zuckerberg touted Facebook’s “clean energy” efforts. Looks like he’s matured since then. Continue reading

Obama Energy nominee Moniz: Throws up roadblocks for natural gas exports; Concerns over price elasticity, ‘cumulative impacts’ — code for global warming

In response to a question on LNG from Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow. At best, Moniz is a central planner. Continue reading

Rajendra Pachauri’s Conspiracy Theory

Climate skeptics are routinely accused of being conspiracy theorists… But Pachauri is peddling a conspiracy theory of his own. Continue reading

Report: Arkansas oil spill may have reached Lake Conway

It’s a manmade lake that may require a manmade clean-up. Continue reading

Bryce: Peak Oil Cult Is Proved Spectacularly Wrong

Last year, domestic natural gas production averaged 69 billion cubic feet per day, a record, and a 33% increase over the levels achieved back in 2005. That year, Lee Raymond, the famously combative former CEO of ExxonMobil, declared that “gas production has peaked in North America.” Continue reading