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Hubbert’s Peak supporters take another hit–supergiant gas field discovered in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean? Consider that–all along, right under their feet.

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Marita discusses oil prices v. gas prices–lack of syncrony

It’s about refinery capacity and distribution.

A more complete explanation by Marita–a great essayist, who puts out good stuff every week.

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Judas Goats in oil, gas, coal–leading the industries to the slaughter house

Viv Forbes is a geologist, but he also tends sheep.

He draws a great parallel.

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Why the Oil Export Ban needs to go

Good for the US and for our allies.

Bad for Russia and the oil cartel.

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Mexico takes Gulf Oil and Gas Private? Wow.

This could be a game changer for Mexico’s economy.

Allowing for private participation as opposed to the old PEMEX gov

  • monopoly?

    Ross Pomeroy blows up some petrol myths

    Well he uses Oil as the take off point.

    Very nice.

    I would emphasize his point about fossil fuels–dinosaurs are not the decaying carbon that makes fossil fuels–it’s plant life.

    Other myths busted are worth the effort.

    The reports of fracking’s demise are greatly exaggerated

    I have some friends who run a companies or have investments in exploration for oil and gas. They remain optimistic that Saudi and Russian efforts to dampen fracking enthusiasm are not working.

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