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Now On the Origin-of-Life Menu: An alternative to PRIMORDIAL SOUP

DNA has been shown to survive entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Continue reading

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Important new research from Germany: High heels may enhance a man’s instinct to be helpful

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Urban Hospitals & Health Insurance: Making It Work

Have you heard about the insurance company that provides free health coverage for the poor? Me neither. What about the hospital that provides free health care services to the poor? Of course, you say. Many of them do! Indeed, some of these hospitals even go bankrupt in the process.

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The Merry Old Land Of Oz

The career path of Dr. Mehmet Oz is most puzzling. Boasting a fine education (Tower Hill prep; Harvard undergrad; Penn med school; and Wharton), Oz did his residency at New York’s Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, and is now an attending surgeon at the same hospital. He also holds various academic appointments at Columbia’s med school. His name appears on more than 150 research papers, and he has published over 20 books—most of which have “You” in the title.

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Some splaining to do

Some have complained, well why don’t you just stick to debunking bad science–that’s what does.

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Nature Articles

Joe Bast Sent me this summary of Nature articles with his brief comments. I liked.

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Better do _something_ with those cow farts.

Either release the methane into the air or burn it for energy. Otherwise…
(from the BBC):

German cows cause methane blast in Rasdorf, Germany

Methane gas released by dairy cows has caused an explosion in a cow shed in Germany, police said. The roof was damaged and one of the cows was injured in the blast in the central German town of Rasdorf. Continue reading