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NYTimes objects to Netanyahu’s insistence that Iran give up its terrorist ways

In a shocking editorial slamming the Israeli PM’s “unconvincing” speech: Continue reading

Terrorist Iran defends itself in NYTimes with Clintonian excuse

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RIP M. Stanton Evans — Pioneer of Conservative Movement

Among other books and accomplishments, Stan Evans wrote the definitive account of Joe McCarthy and his times. Continue reading

Study debunks notion that use of fans in hot weather is dangerous

While it at first seems silly that a study was necessary for this, public health knuckleheads were actually scaring people away from fan use. Continue reading

NOT SCIENCE: ‘Former NFL players who played tackle football before age 12 at increased risk of memory and thinking problems later’

Nope. Not even close. Continue reading

American Sniper: A Contrarian View

By now, the story of Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle is familiar. He holds the record for the most confirmed kills, he wrote a book which led to a movie, and he was killed on a shooting range by a PTSD ex-Marine. There is also the troubling business regarding comments he made about Jesse Ventura.

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Faith Versus Reason?

Now is as good a time as any to address the false dichotomy between “faith” and “reason.”

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