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The Merry Old Land Of Oz

The career path of Dr. Mehmet Oz is most puzzling. Boasting a fine education (Tower Hill prep; Harvard undergrad; Penn med school; and Wharton), Oz did his residency at New York’s Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, and is now an attending surgeon at the same hospital. He also holds various academic appointments at Columbia’s med school. His name appears on more than 150 research papers, and he has published over 20 books—most of which have “You” in the title.

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Some splaining to do

Some have complained, well why don’t you just stick to debunking bad science–that’s what does.

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Nature Articles

Joe Bast Sent me this summary of Nature articles with his brief comments. I liked.

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Better do _something_ with those cow farts.

Either release the methane into the air or burn it for energy. Otherwise…
(from the BBC):

German cows cause methane blast in Rasdorf, Germany

Methane gas released by dairy cows has caused an explosion in a cow shed in Germany, police said. The roof was damaged and one of the cows was injured in the blast in the central German town of Rasdorf. Continue reading

A Hobbyist Challenges Papers on Growth of Dinosaurs

ok, I’ll admit I primarily posted this because dinosaurs are always cool… but this story does demonstrate how even Accepted Truths in Science aren’t necessarily foolproof. Doesn’t mean they’re wrong, but a bit of skepticism should always be kept in reserve.

[NY Times story]

A dinosaur hobbyist who made his name as a Microsoft multimillionaire published a scientific paper on Monday alleging “serious errors and irregularities” in dinosaur research involving some of the world’s top paleontologists. Continue reading

Claim: Adolescent marijuana use causes permanent brain abnormalities

This is junk science because… Continue reading

Junk Science Week at the FP: Women on boards

“With no cause and effect between profits and women on boards, the Catalyst claims look like more junk science based on statistical significance.” Continue reading

Researchers surprised to find tumor evidence in Neanderthal bone

“… as they were not exposed to toxins, pollution, radiation and unhealthy diets.” Continue reading

RFK Jr: 2013 sequester caused IRS to target tea party groups in 2011

Everyone knows that the present caused the past. Continue reading

Study: Benefit of cycle helmet laws to reduce head injuries still uncertain

Even with a helmet, cyclists who choose to mix it up with cars are playing a dangerous game. Continue reading

Nature Study: Global central planning would ensure ‘world’s technological, socio-economic, and environmental systems’ don’t become ‘global time bombs’

Professor Dirk Helbing of ETH Zurich’s Risk Center clearly missed the 20th century. Continue reading

Study: Environmental Labels May Discourage Conservatives from Buying Energy-Efficient Products

Probably because environmental labels are like a sign flashing “CAUTION: THIS PRODUCT IS A JUNK SCIENCE-BASED RIP-OFF!” Continue reading

Claim: Sleeping duration linked with higher colon cancer risk

Dubious if not automatically self-debunking — data from the perpetual junk science machine (i.e., self-reported and unverified data, multiple inquiry fallacy) known as the Nurses Health Study. Continue reading

April Fools’ prank about ‘dihydrogen monoxide’ in water gets Florida deejays suspended

Dihydrogen monoxide is no laughing matter. Continue reading

Large asteroid heading to Earth? Pray, says NASA; 1 km-sized asteroid could ‘plausibly end civilization’

Please go back to worrying about what the temperature nowhere on Earth will be in 100 years. Continue reading

Feds Spend $1.5 Million to Study Why Lesbians Are Fat

Meanwhile, deadly antibiotic resistant bacteria are stalking hospitals. Continue reading

Lance Armstrong, Nutrition Products Sponsor Accused in Suit of False Advertising

“The cyclist was also sued yesterday with FRS Co., a nutritional products maker for which he served as spokesman, in Los Angeles federal court by consumers claiming Armstrong and the company engaged in false advertising by linking his Tour de France victories to FRS products.” Continue reading

F-35 fleet remains grounded as DOD tests continue

Not junk science — just junk. Continue reading

Study: Tanning parlors may misinform clients about risks

Are federal regulations coming — and will beaches and pools be required to post them as well? Continue reading

Nice Mother: Calls her love child with former Sen. Pete Domenici a ‘mistake’

The 34-year-old “mistake” is a former Navy officer and lawyer. Continue reading