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Half a million to study why fat girls don’t get dates?

Oh gee, imagine that, someone wonders such a thing.

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Wanna lose weight–exercise is good

Do people actually get grants for these studies?

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Let’s talk fat

Here is a discussion of obesity, a multifaceted and major problem.

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Obesity still a big Problem

The media was announcing success at reducing child obesity not long ago, but we know that wasn’t true.

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Let’s have a Saturated Fat Party

Many of us JunkScience folks are rejoicing to see another one bite the dust.

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FAA to pilots: If you’re too fat, better make sure you get enough sleep

“Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Fred Tilton has notified Air Medical Examiners (AMEs) that they will soon be required to measure the body mass index (BMI) of all pilots and controllers during their medicals. Anyone with a BMI of 40 or more (up to 25 is normal)” … will have to be evaluated by a “board certified sleep specialist” to make sure they don’t suffer from sleep apnea and get enough rest.
– While the link between BMI and health issues is a lot more tenuous than the medical-industrial complex would like to believe, the correlation between being fat and suffering sleep apnea is pretty real. But whether the FAA should be getting involved in this level of control is another story, all together, Shirley.
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Blame DDT exposure…3 generations ago for your weight

The latest scare claims that exposure to DDT several generations ago is making people fatter today. The explanation sounds all “sciency” and impressive, but junkscience often does. Continue reading