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Let’s talk fat

Here is a discussion of obesity, a multifaceted and major problem.

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Obesity still a big Problem

The media was announcing success at reducing child obesity not long ago, but we know that wasn’t true.

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Let’s have a Saturated Fat Party

Many of us JunkScience folks are rejoicing to see another one bite the dust.

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FAA to pilots: If you’re too fat, better make sure you get enough sleep

“Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Fred Tilton has notified Air Medical Examiners (AMEs) that they will soon be required to measure the body mass index (BMI) of all pilots and controllers during their medicals. Anyone with a BMI of 40 or more (up to 25 is normal)” … will have to be evaluated by a “board certified sleep specialist” to make sure they don’t suffer from sleep apnea and get enough rest.
- While the link between BMI and health issues is a lot more tenuous than the medical-industrial complex would like to believe, the correlation between being fat and suffering sleep apnea is pretty real. But whether the FAA should be getting involved in this level of control is another story, all together, Shirley.
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Blame DDT exposure…3 generations ago for your weight

The latest scare claims that exposure to DDT several generations ago is making people fatter today. The explanation sounds all “sciency” and impressive, but junkscience often does. Continue reading

Food nannies rocked — 40 years of federal obesity research fatally flawed, says study — JunkScience vindicated again!

“These results suggest that without valid population-level data, speculations regarding the role of energy intake in the rise in the prevalence of obesity are without empirical support.” Continue reading

This food nanny is discouraged about obesity rates

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Obama tries taking credit for fake reduction in childhood obesity?

This is a ridiculous report that is probably intended to validate Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” nannying. Continue reading

New Nanny Study: Parents should only give children zero-calorie drinks and milk

Although only a small percentage of children are obese — and even a smaller percentage are obese because of caloric intake — no child should drink juice or have a soda as a treat? Continue reading

Study: Obesity epidemic partly explained by erroneous data

A new study in the American Journal of Epidemiology indicates that parent-reported height/weight data for children isn’t all that reliable. We have always been critical of self-reported obesity data. Continue reading

Indiana school district loses $300K because students refuse to buy first lady’s healthy meals

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Claim: Obesity causes genetic changes that are passed on to offspring

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UK Paper says obesity epidemic is Nixon’s fault — Farm policies made burgers bigger, fries fattier

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Obesity Is Not a Disease: But calling it one is a symptom of our bloated federal government

Michael Tanner writes at National Review: Continue reading

Claim: Obese male mice father offspring with higher levels of body fat

Lamarckism returns as “epigenetics.” Continue reading

Obesity campaign slammed for digitally fattening kids

“The public service ad by First 5 California features an overweight girl drinking sugar with a straw, but the ad has been criticized because the child model’s weight was digitally altered to make her look fatter.” Continue reading

Harvard nanny Walter Willett is spitting mad about overweight-causes-death scare being debunked

“More and more studies show that being overweight does not always shorten life — but some public-health researchers would rather not talk about them.” Continue reading

Chicago Tribune: ‘Worry about food stamp growth, not junk food’

“So lighten up, already. We’re all for reducing obesity, reining in health care costs and prudent spending of taxpayer dollars. But we don’t think the government needs to micromanage the grocery shopping habits of its citizens.” Continue reading

Study: Waist to height ratio ‘more accurate than BMI’

“Measuring the ratio of someone’s waist to their height is a better way of predicting their life expectancy than body mass index (BMI), the method widely used by doctors when judging overall health and risk of disease, researchers said.” Continue reading

Duke hires ‘the major public voice on obesity’ to head public policy school

Would you listen to this man lecture you on what you eat? Continue reading