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Help me out here–there is a new interest in Nukes?

I am just a simple man, and I know what works and what panders to all kinds of silly preferences.

Here is a sensible power and energy project–Nukes.

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Marita marks the restart of a nuke in Japan

Nuclear Power is a very clean, safe and efficient thing.

Marita records the restart with some commentary on the nature of the problem of nuke phobia.

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Nuke Power is good stuff

But the enviro Luddites are afraid of everything–remember 3 mile island and Chernobyl? Remember Frankenstein? Cancer causing radiation, Scary, Scary, strontium 90 in the air–no safe level of radiation. Yada yada.

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Exelon Energy turns the screws in Illinois–demands subsidies for nukes

James Taylor takes a shot at explaining this attempt at jumping crony capitalism up to extortion.

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Imagine that the DOE is screwing with nukes

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Dr. Sakamoto discusses the benefits of low dose radiation

This is from a new web site to me, a tip from Jerry Arnett. The web site provides information on nuclear power.

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Dr. Jerry Cuttler makes a lot of sense on nukes and debunks some junk science.

Along with our friend Dr. Ed Calabrese, who exposed the misconduct of Muller on radiation effects, and the lies that started linear no threshold tox, Dr. Cuttler talks sense.

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