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Commentary on the two new female Army Rangers

This is an essay that I think will give the reader who doubts pause.

I will have to reconsider my own reluctance to think female special ops is not sensible, given the detail this male Ranger gives to indicate the accomplishment was not a fake affirmative action one.

I know and have known special ops people who were extraordinary so I thought the physical demands would be too much for light skeleton less muscular females. However.

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Don Feder talks the Vienna deal with Iran v Munich deal with Mr. Nazi

He points out that it is worse, I would agree. And to anticipate any complaints about junk talkiing politics–remember political science includes international relations, international law, history, cultural studies–how is that not intellectual inqiry, and science in the broad sense of the word.

If psychology and sociology are science–politics is practical application of those discipline with a dab of history and philosophy.

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An outline of a Middle East nuclear war

This sobering but probably realistic analysis by a nuke war expert, was enough to get my attention this beautiful Sunday morning in Texas.

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Roger Kimball recalls Hiroshima debate

He revisits his admiration for a great essay that appeared, believe it or not, in the lefty Guardian that explained and justified the A bomb attacks.

War is hell and people die. The horrors of war and the awful choices.

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Allen West speaks to the question of diversity quotas in the Armed Services–makes me wanna cry

Allen West has been a favorite political person for me for many years now.

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Victor Davis Hanson reviews the Munich “Peace in our time” cave to compare it to the Iran deal

Hanson is a military historian, ancient and modern, and says that Germany was weaker than the opposition when Chamberlain caved and gave up the Sudentland and of course everything else the bullies thought they could claim from there.

There is no substitute for cojones in the face of a bully–eh?
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Hasan is still alive–why?

Well I assert that capital punishment is appropriate for evil monsters.

Nidal Hasan is alive at Leavenworth and probably will never be executed in compliance with the final judgement against him.

I was at the back door of the emergency department that day, November 5, 2009, Hasan attacked our troops at the reception center, letting loose almost 100 rounds from two sidearms on unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood. I ran to the back door to see the first arrivals.
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