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Hasan is still alive–why?

Well I assert that capital punishment is appropriate for evil monsters.

Nidal Hasan is alive at Leavenworth and probably will never be executed in compliance with the final judgement against him.

I was at the back door of the emergency department that day, November 5, 2009, Hasan attacked our troops at the reception center, letting loose almost 100 rounds from two sidearms on unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood. I ran to the back door to see the first arrivals.
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Well, let’s talk McCain

McCain was never a good conservative. He and his running dog buddy Lindsey Graham were always working to prevent conservative advances.

Now the Trumpmeister has everyone upset–Trump is accused of not being properly deferential to McCain but that’s not true–Trump gave McCain his due for being a stand up POW under severe torture. However McCain is not sacred and shouldn’t be treated as such if he is in the political arena–far from it since much of his political conduct is inexcusable for a declared conservative. He has no principles and is always buffing up his image for the lefty press. What a worthless man when it comes to conservative causes.

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The purges in the military of real warriors. The Evidence is Compelling

The essay below puts on display what I have known and warned of for years. The military is being destroyed by the politically correct, post modernist, socialist left. The special problem recently is politicians and citizenry who have never served and have no perspective about military service and the import of a strong national defense structure. The Services are suffering from an assault by the left that is viscerally anti military and intent on extinguishing the culture and morale of our fighting forces. God help you if you look and act like a warrior instead of an anxious bureaucrat.

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The anti military strategy continues

This is an announcement about the reduction in troops of 40,000 scheduled for 2016-17

This is an essay by James Webb, former Senator, who wrote a wonderful book about my favorite group, Born Fighting–How the Scots Irish Shaped America (2004). Webb is a marine, former Senator, assistant secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Navy. His book told the story of the Scots Irish (Celt) backbone of American Fighting forces going back to the Revolutionary War.

Of course the current administration eschews such a belligerent group and abhors outfits like Rangers, Marines and such.

This week an announcement was made that we would send another 450 “advisors” to Iraq in the face of Iraq’s failures to recruit new troops to fight IS forces. Leading from behind while we put our soldiers in situations where the rules of engagement might as well be written by our enemy and our strength in air cover and weaponry is politely restrained, compromising force protection and offensive effectiveness. But if the goal is to lose–why not?

Makes me sick to think John Kerry, poseur and traitor, is Secretary of State, working on giving Iran Nukes. Now that’s really leading from behind. Almost as good as the disgusting Powell Doctrine that included an anti military element always have an exit strategy. Wars fought to an agreement violate basic military philosophy but make the lawyers and diplomats happy–the politicians who never served. Seems like a good idea–kick the can down the road and take a victory lap with a piece of paper held high.

One more item–as another thumb in the eye of the military, the bamster has in mind promoting a homosexual to Secretary of the Army–24/7 trying to take down our traditions, he hates this country and the people in it–he is a Saul Alinsky and Jeremiah Wright acolyte and avid world order anti-American socialist pushing the sexual deviant agenda hard as you can read in the comments from military leadership in this essay about their concerns on the other agenda items–body dysmorphics (I was born in the wrong body, boo hoo) cross dressers and the like.

I was at the back door of the ED the day Hasan massacred people at Fort Hood

November 5, 2009, 14 dead, including one unborn child, 32 wounded. Last week I was reminded because they finally decided it was war, not workplace violence, and agreed to award purple hearts. I still don’t trust that the bamster will do it, but here’s the news.

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Ketamine gets a push for depression–bad idea?

Ketamine is a dissociative agent–this promo for Ketamine as an antidepressant is fraught with down side problems.

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The problem is Rules of Engagement–and if the idiot bamster would just shut up?

Now we have night raids–understand this–our people operate at night better than anybody–because of training and resources.

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