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Meteorologist discusses Climatologist Bell’s new book

Witless is another book that helps explain the noisy panic and bad science and policy of the warmer scam.

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Items from Idso–lessons in climate studies

Articles that are good for my eye from Craig’s new items.
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Craig Idso always makes my day

I thought I would just send you what Craig sends me regularly, always great stuff.

Craig is one of the editors, with his dad and Bob Carter, of the books published by the Heartland and the Non Gov International Panel on Climate Change.

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Freedom of speech

Insightful discussion. is a web site that is about free speech on science and public policy issues. That means politics is an imposing factor in the discussions. You can pretend otherwise, and magnify any ignorance you might have about the science or research or opinion nonsense promulgated by the oligarchs.

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Vitamins report has everybody in a tizzy

Colorado researchers found negative effects in people who ate extra vitamins. Big splash in the news. Vitamins can hurt you and cause cancer–talk about a scare.

We warn you–don’t trust observational epidemiological studies with small associations even if you like the results–be an honest scientist.

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Forensic Science failures are a scandal

The problem with science in the service of government activities is that weak or unreliable evidence gets in.

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Paul Driessen on the problem of gov/research complex funded with billions

Amazing to me, the hypocrisy of American Academics–they swill at the trough of federal and state largess for research that is directed to supporting government agendas–then they talk all the time about how private industry and business concerns or even philanthropists corrupt science.

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