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Paul Driessen teams up with David Legates, great meteorologist

Doesn’t get any better.

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Here’s a futurist talking BS

So this guy, who obviously has a lot of time on his hands, thinks it will be a millennium before we crank up our scientific methodologies and attitudes to properly understand the universe.

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4012 and 1422, fine and dandy, but what congress can do is demand good science and kill the conflicts

Congress has oversight authority–but refuses to use it.  Passage of 4012 and 1422 are emblematic of their frustration with government agency junky science and policy making high handedness , but they have the authority to kick agency butt–they are just too weak and poorly prepared.

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Glen Beck is a neurotic and an easy touch for con men

Body awareness is a disease that I consider critical to hypochondria.

Glen Beck is an admitted insomniac, obvious hypochondriac, and suffers the personality disorder of an alcoholic (recovered) and histrionic narcissist.

Now that’s a damn mouthful, but there are plenty of successful people who contribute to the entertainment of others who are emotional and mental health train wrecks.

Here’s the story, delivered by someone from Slate, but I think pretty insightful.

Careful with the chiropractor/naturopath thing, it’s junky science for sure.

The brain is a great place for junk scientists–lots of mystery and opportunity for tunnel vision confirmation bias BS research .  Just like psych research that knows where it’s going before it starts and always finds the answer suggested in the hypothesis.

The people treating Beck are foisting junk and taking advantage of his goofy personality.  Beck has all kinds of mystical or mysterious ailments that don’t exist–but he is an anxious and dramatic man.

HR 4012 passes–intended to stop data hiding, make agency science transparent

This is something Milloy and I support wholeheartedly–and we hope it will be linked up with the Data Quality Act provisions and the conflict of interest prohibitions to close down the government’s Science Whorehouse.

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Greek boy makes good, exposes research problems, goes to Stanford

One of the commenters on my post yesterday about eggs put up a link to an article in TheAtlantic about the great Greek physician John Ioannidis, who blew a big hole in the mainstream medical journals and their published research boat a few years ago.

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Eddie Bernice Johnson spits up nonsense

Eddie B is all covered up in scandal recently, kinda like Maxine–seems she diverted funds to relatives, but here she pops off about something she knows nothing about–science.

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