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Shut the scientific whorehouses down–transparent science and peer review integrity

There is so much incest and conflicted peer review it is a disgrace. Money lubricated science produces claims that don’t replicate and violate scientific methods.

There are some efforts afoot to stop the corruption. The lies. The insider deals, the corruption fueled by ambitious and money pressure.

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EPA BS epidemiology and risk assessment on air pollution

This essay is pretty good, but misses the underlying fraud.

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Here we go–earthquake scare in OK–we must stop fracking

The earthquakes are epidemic in Oklahoma. The Anti Fracker movement is afoot.

There is a lawsuit–meeeee o myyyy. I think Putin has something to do with this–he is an evil sorcerer you know.

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Charles Battig, engineer, physician, discusses air pollution junk science.

Nice work, thorough.

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More on small particle air pollution–African Dust, intercontinental dust–toxicology

This is a great day. I reviewed the papers sent to me last week by a friend of Fred Singer that discuss intercontinental air pollution by dust with one paper focusing on African dust.

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Ross Pomeroy advocates consensus science–nice going Ross

I was astounded to read this ignorant babble about warming, mixed in with some reasonable stuff on various forms of truthers and paranoids.

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Follow up on Data Quality act paper by Kogan

Please consider this addendum by Kogan on his paper about the Data Quality Act (Informationtion Quality Act), the Congress intended, I repeat, intended the Data Quality act to rein in the abuses of the government agency research thugs. They knew what they were doing. Whether they will act to enforce their intentions in the DQA is the question.

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