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How to do a scam diet study

This is a great essay on how to cheat on a diet study.

And it hinges on the effect of multiple inquiry, which is a focus of my friend and ally Stan Young PhD–a Statistician at the National Institute for Statistical Science.

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Another math climate theory–the tipping point chaos gambit

I think this essay has a certain stink to it. I know some people are fascinated with stunning proposals, like predictions about Y2K catastrophes and such. Until the prediction or hypothesis goes ppppphhhhit and they find another.

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Umbilical cord delayed clamping claimed to produce better kids

This report from the morning’s AMA news release leaves me a little skeptical.

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Dave Burton emphasizes some points on the method

I cannot agree more. Burton lays it all out very clearly.

The method is the method–the method doesn’t change because of the tool called the computer.

However the computer can become a way to cheat on the method.
Simulations and models generated by computers can hide errors and finding the errors can be a challenge in a big computer program.

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Is there really a debate about the efficacy of helmets?

When I played football the best helmet was the Rydell, with a suspension head support inside supplemented with some padding. A lesser design for the time was the Wilson, that relied more on padding. The Chicago Bears used Wilsons. Rydell won that battle for approval.

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This study on Charter Schools is despicable.

Damn these people, they set up a straw man–the failure of charter schools to provide transportation and meals, and then assume that means that Charter Schools are discriminatory.

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Science advances by fits and starts–great stories about early efforts

So don’t be so hard on Aristotle, or Galen, or so many other scientists who didn’t get the right answer, but they were observing and then proposing answers to questions. Trial and error is called that for a reason.

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