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Bergson and Einstein arm wrestle on TIME

These two intellects didn’t agree.

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Pomeroy on the potential for a middle eastern renaissance

Well, I would have my doubts about the potential for science in the Middle East–culture and intellectual inquiry require human liberty. They are stuck with a manifesto written by an illiterate highwayman in the 7th century that, according to the adherents, is the last word, immutable wisdom.

islam is not about liberty and the value of humans–it is a socialist ideology that is besotted with intolerance and xenophobia.

But Pomeroy looks back to the glory of the Caliphate.

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Stan Young, junk epidemiology debunker, get’s applause

This essay by Pomeroy reminds us of the value of Stan Young’s work. Why all these epidemiology studies are so unreliable when they trumpet assertions based on small associations.

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Nye the ninny

Well if all weather events can be blamed on warming that isn’t happenin’ what else can be blamed on a non event?

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Scientific Fraud has NYT in a wad–NYT, the home of journalistic advocacy

These NYT clowns don’t get it–if a NYT reporter lies for justice–he gets applause. Now they get their panties in a wad because scientists lie?

Integrity is the product of character, and the leftists have no virtue that keeps them from their deceits in political advocacy.

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Darwin was a genius, says Huff Po essayist Rifkin

Well Darwin was a good observer, and eloquent writer. He had bred pigeons and knew about selective breeding practices. He already knew of the generally accepted theory that living things were related somehow, but the devil is in the details.

Rifkin’s essay about Darwin from Huff Po, is linked below, but there are some questions to ask. Rifkin is satisfied Darwin is a genius–Aristotle was also a genius, but limited by the tools available, so he was wrong on many things–like the 4 elements.

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The Panel on Human Health at the Climate Conference organized by Heartland

This is the link to the panel on Human Health for the Heartland Climate Conference in DC June 11,12.

I was pleased to participate–great presentations by the members, who have been mentioned favorably on many occasions here at JS.

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