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Big breakthrough–academics are narrow minded and censorious

Mr. Gobry tells me something new? No, but it is revealing that he thinks what he has written is a revelation. What planet has he been living on? He does choose some good examples, though, to make his point.

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Genetics is not what it’s cracked up to be–Delusions of grandeur about the genome

Tom Bethell is a science writer–many years ago he wrote a great essay on cancer research and the refusal of oncological researchers to deal with the most important characteristic of cancer cells–multiploidy.

Bethell also has written eloquently about the scam that is the genome project. I called it that.

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Physics nerds alert

Physics World announces the 10 most important physics events of the year.

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Time magazine shows ignorance

Well Time is concerned about EU backing off crazy air pollution regs.

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Stan Young and John 1282 on warming and junk science

I was very impressed by Stan Young’s paper on warming and air pollution human effects. Stan is a PhD statistician/geneticist who always teaches me something. A fine man and great thinker.

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Stan Young waxes eloquent on matters of warming and air polluton

Stan Young is a very erudite and insightful analyst.

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Looking for heart disease–in the ED

I am interested in the subject matter of this journal article–the use of cardiac biomarkers.

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