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Polling and politics–junk methods produce deception on purpose

I continue to be irritated with media efforts to cover for the bamster, their favorite politician of all time.

Polling by Pew, a liberal organization indeed should always be taken with a grain of salt.

The Battleground poll is the best, Gallup is not so much, NBC, NYT, ABC WAPO CNN are what they are, an arm of the dem socialist machine. They get their marching orders from the left. Then there are serious agit prop machines like the Soros sponsored outfits.

However the government agencies are a part of the system–like the Bureau of Labor Stats and their ginned up unemployment numbers.

Here’s Bruce Walker, a regular very insightful political commentator at American Thinker to provide some perspective on this polling report that has been publicized so much.

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Most published medical research is FALSE — 85% of research funding WASTED, says Stanford study has been right for 17.5 years! Continue reading

Aaron Stover summarizers Will Happer–lecturing at George Marshall–a giant of a man

Aaron did damn good job of taking notes–my goodness. When I was in medical school certain individuals were designated to produce the notes becuase they were good–Aaron would get that job.

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John Ioannides

This author is a most important junk science detective.

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I swear I could drink herbicides and not suffer.

So EPA approves a herbicide and the greenies get panicky.

There is no danger to the bioshpere created by herbicides applied appropriately. I have applied some herbicides to reduce my problem with cactus. If you poured a herbicide into a stream or pond you might kill some fish.

Insecticides are a differnt thing, since they attack the autonomic systems of bugs and those side effects impact humans, whose nervous systems depend on the same chemical interactions.

Didn’t know you were living in a Mafia neighborhood, did you?

When big bucks are being handed out, not too long before the Mafiosi mentality dominates.

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Richard Dawkins, often wrong, never in doubt

A review by John Gray of Richard Dawkins’ autobiography An Appetite for Wonder: The Makings of a Scientist (Ecco Press) reveals an incurably arrogant man, certainly a serial violator of the Richard Feynman rule of how to be a good scientist–be your own most severe critic.

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