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BBC proves that British IQs have declined

So the Environmental News correspondent for BBC jumps on the Atlantic Ocean as the culprit.

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Judith Curry on the latest excuse–Atlantic Ocean? Stadium Wave?

I read an interview of Judith Curry last week, so much hesitation in her comments, equivocation even when none was called for.

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More on patient safety– part 3–hospital acquired infections

Well this is very opportune, ACSH comments on a Brit study that questions hospital methods for reducing the acquisition or transmission of infections.

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Tol admits that consensus is the last refuge for lazy (and sometimes wrong) scientists

Tol has been walking back a number of things as a big IPCC guy.

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Roy Spencer on Ed Calabrese’s special interest, hormesis

I would like to thank Ed Calabrese and Roy Spencer for being my friends.

I do not deserve, as a slug emergency physician who didn’t like calculus, to know them and have them as allies.

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Why does it not surpise me that Paul Krugman–idiot economist–would defend Michael Mann.

Krugman is best known as the last living really enthusiastic acolyte of John M. Keynes, a pervert and a really bad economist, by his own admission, after a period of a decade.

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Brady’s death ruled a homicide after how many years?

The effects of the gunshot wound are not the cause of the death, even though it might be politically correct or interesting to say so. It may be that he died with the effects of the GSW apparent, but he did not die from GSW.

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