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Fred Singer discusses methane and the crusade to reduce methane

Every day some lefty is working on a new project to harass people.

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Methane is now the scare, the beat goes on–Boston is leaking methane

This is BS. No way that the methane leaking out of Boston pipes is worth 90 million. If it was there would be a project to prevent it. 90 million is serious money.

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Paul Driessen on methane

An excuse for expanding government.

Paul Driessen speaks to the issue.

You may recall that last week JS put up a post from American Thinker by Fred Singer pointing out the methane fear nonsense.

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Here come the nannies. Got an obsession about meat.

What these clowns don’t know is that vitamins and iron and minerals are more available from meat. Vegatables are not so nutritious as meat–that’s just plain true. All this fresh fruits and veggies is just food fetish cultism. Balanced diet, proper calories, no cults, please.

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Fred Singer discusses the latest nonsense–methane phobia

Methane is a trace gas, produced by industrial and natural process, and capable of absorbing infrared radiation, but not in a way that will causing warming since it’s absorption band overlaps that of water vapor–just ask Fred.

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Intestinal bleeding transfusion strategies parallel Battlefield Protocols

This paper is going to be the discussion item for this month at our journal club.

Lay people can and should understand why medical research sometimes provides guidance that is counter intuitive, at least on the surface.

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Gulf absorbs Methane from Spill–What a Surprise

Study shows methane not a significant problem in the Gulf.

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