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Gulf absorbs Methane from Spill–What a Surprise

Study shows methane not a significant problem in the Gulf.

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Methane Menace

More discussion on the Methane Leaks/fossil fuel issues.

Feint (say squirrel) to confuse or distract.

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Flatulence debunked as major cause of global warming

Curbing methane emissions from farting animals may now be ranked lower as an environmental issue at the UN, but the livestock industry remains a focus. It recently appointed Mitloehner as chairman of its new Food and Agriculture Organization to measure the environmental impacts of the livestock industry. Continue reading

The Methane Hydrates Revolution: Successful Natural Gas Extraction Test Is A “Game-Changer”

The Department of Energy announced plans to ramp up methane hydrate extraction research after a preliminary test was declared a success Wednesday. Surveys estimate that successful extraction of natural gas from methane hydrates could power America for the next 1,000 years. Continue reading