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There go CFL’s?

New research comes up with almost 2.5 times the mercury than previously thought.  Continue reading

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Cleaner air, what will new regulations accomplish?

The EPA announces progress in air pollution.  Major “cleaner air” standards haven’t come into effect yet, are they needed? Continue reading

Viv gets another hit

Viv Forbes makes sense again on climate and enviro issues.

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updated, was: Bad science, bad business, in Chili’s (restaurant chain) autism feelgoodism

update: Chili’s backed down.
earlier msg left below:
Courtesy of Forbes: It seems that Chili’s has gotten on the autism bandwagon/promotion. They’re announced they’ll “support the National Autism Association (NAA) by giving this group 10% of their take at the table on Monday, April 7.” Not a good idea… Continue reading

Medical Records Dispute in the UK

This is what we can anticipate will be the response of Government right here at home.

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Mercury Scare

Repeat after me–dose makes the poison.

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Skeptic’s Dictionary–Vaccines and Jenny McCarthy

Why write something when someone has said it better?
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