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Eschenbach and Orient on Mercury–sensible Toxicology

Willis is a remarkable man, scientific to the core, brilliant insights and Jane Orient is one of my favorite physician/editor/writers.

I am privileged to know and admire these authors–here they take the mercury scares and the issues apart for your benefit, and mine.

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Another review of Michigan v. EPA

Go back and make up some more costs and benefits?  Continue reading

More on the EPA abuses that promote the utility MACT

I think this deserves a look.

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Simple Math?

If you don’t understand the math behind the mercury rule The Hill will explain it to you, without much of any math, or proof.  Continue reading

Michaels on the Mercury Rule

No real benefits and a made up population are the reasons we have the rule.  Continue reading

Mercury-in-fish STILL NOT associated with developmental harm to children

The latest update to the Seychelles study. Continue reading

Commentary on the SCOTUS review of the Utility MACT Rule

The complaints came about the WSJ article behind a pay wall.

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