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More on the EPA abuses that promote the utility MACT

I think this deserves a look.

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Simple Math?

If you don’t understand the math behind the mercury rule The Hill will explain it to you, without much of any math, or proof.  Continue reading

Michaels on the Mercury Rule

No real benefits and a made up population are the reasons we have the rule.  Continue reading

Mercury-in-fish STILL NOT associated with developmental harm to children

The latest update to the Seychelles study. Continue reading

Commentary on the SCOTUS review of the Utility MACT Rule

The complaints came about the WSJ article behind a pay wall.

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Supreme Court to review the MACT rules which are way too expensive

A sterling dissent at the appellate court set this up.

The Mercury rules were silly from the get go, and I assure you the Minimata and Basra mercury incidents have nothing to do with ambient mercury or emissions mercury in the US.

There aren’t any people suffering from Mercury toxicity.

During the roll out of the rule enviros were claiming a link to autism–but autism is an epidemic created by diagnostic bending, not Mercury.

There go CFL’s?

New research comes up with almost 2.5 times the mercury than previously thought.  Continue reading