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Viv gets another hit

Viv Forbes makes sense again on climate and enviro issues.

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updated, was: Bad science, bad business, in Chili’s (restaurant chain) autism feelgoodism

update: Chili’s backed down.
earlier msg left below:
Courtesy of Forbes: It seems that Chili’s has gotten on the autism bandwagon/promotion. They’re announced they’ll “support the National Autism Association (NAA) by giving this group 10% of their take at the table on Monday, April 7.” Not a good idea… Continue reading

Medical Records Dispute in the UK

This is what we can anticipate will be the response of Government right here at home.

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Mercury Scare

Repeat after me–dose makes the poison.

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Skeptic’s Dictionary–Vaccines and Jenny McCarthy

Why write something when someone has said it better?
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Info on the Lightbulb Legislation

Received from someone who knows.

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DOJ settles with NYC suburb over oil tank maintenance, but there’s more

[press release from US DOJ]
“… today announced the settlement with Suffolk County (Suffolk) in a federal civil environmental lawsuit alleging that Suffolk violated the federal leak prevention requirements for underground storage tanks at 35 facilities that the County has owned or operated.  The violations involve 68 underground storage tanks, which contain gasoline or waste oil in generally large quantities and can cause serious environmental damage if allowed to leak.”
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Study: Mercury in fish, food scare overblown — Dietary mercury a small part of mercury in body

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Study: No link between mercury exposure and autism-like behaviors

Keep sharp objects away from RFK Jr. and Jenny McCarthy. Continue reading

Concern about mercury overblown

A terrific letter to the editor of The Union (Grass Valley, CA). Continue reading

GOP Congressman says you could subpoena all medical records from 60 miles around any coal plant and never find case of mercury poisoning

From the ongoing Energy and Power Subcommittee hearing. Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.) gets the mercury con. Continue reading

Claim: Higher mercury levels in humans associated with increased risk of Type 2 diabetes

Past the weak association epidemiology, what would the biological mechanism be? Continue reading

Mercury in Fillings: Common test may overestimate exposure from dental amalgam

“These results challenge the common assumption that mercury in urine is entirely derived from inhaled mercury vapor.” Continue reading

Global mercury treaty will take decades to work

“This crackdown certainly has a few cracks in it.” Continue reading

140 countries agree to UN mercury treaty

“More than 140 nations have agreed on the first legally-binding treaty to curb mercury pollution. Delegates at UN talks in Geneva approved measures to control the use of the highly toxic metal, which is widely used in chemical production and small-scale mining, in order to limit mercury emissions.” Continue reading

Poison pill: Not all mercury is toxic

This commentary is correct about thimerosal but wrong about mercury in the environment. Continue reading

Treaty ‘insufficient’ to reduce global mercury levels

Mother Nature is, by far, the biggest emitter. Continue reading

UN: Rising mercury emissions increase risk to humans

UN report + BBC reporting = FUBAR article. What’s mercury vapor go to go with burning coal for electricity? Continue reading

Mercury emissions explain European socialism

Manmade mercury emissions cost Europeans 700,000 IQ points per year, a new study says. Continue reading

Even Best-Performing Units Cannot Meet Mercury, Air Toxics Standards, Brief Says

The Environmental Protection Agency’s mercury and air toxics standards for new coal-fired power plants are so stringent that even the best-performing existing plants cannot meet them, energy companies that are developing five new plants are arguing (White Stallion Energy Center LLC v. EPA, D.C. Cir., No. 12-1272, brief filed 7/27/12). Continue reading