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Here come the puddin’ headed neuroscientists again

This research group is convinced that Freud’s unconscious and subconscious hypothesis are proven by their outcome energzied research.

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Medicare and Medicaid are unsustainable

Yes, on the current course both programs will bust the budget and fail.

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Sudden death in Epileptics–cause identified?

It may be that stimulation of the Amygdala causes a loss of respiratory drive, according to U of Iowa medical researchers.

It is a case report on a rare condition.

Health care will cost more–now the media say that’s good?

An AMA morning report on the projections of increased health care costs and spending.

Now reports are that bamstercare is part of the reason as if it shows that bamstercare should be considered a positive development? The Newspeak is hard to follow without the leftist libretto.

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We’re hearing a lot about medical directors from Planned Parenthood

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Mandarins love report cards

The campaign to denigrate medical care in the US resulted in these report cards that are issued for hospitals and practitioners.

Here’s why they are a bad idea. why I hate bureaucrats with furrowed brows and clipboards, armed with red pencils.

And the medical associations and pin heads that enable the mandarins.

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Mike Shaw reminds us of political correctness in healthcare policy making and conduct

I also found Sally Satel to be a refreshing and insightful essayist and author on social science and psychiatry matters. She has provided great insights on fads like affirmative action and new psychiatric crusades. She is an addiction specialist and has n interest in military psychiatry.

I have been in medicine as a family practice, corrections, and emergency medicine practitioner for 44 years and can assert medicine and physicians are like so many in the oligarchy of professional chattering class people–blind to the ideological poison that is socialism/statism.

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