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Body temperature is not 98.6 F (37 C) I’m quittin’

I can’t even rely on body temp rules? And nobody told me?

Think of all the medical texts that have to be changed.

I have always looked skeptically at people who said–Oh, my temperature is different from most people’s.

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Treating hypertension doesn’t reduce stroke risk??? Another one down the drain

This is one of the most popular journal items for Medscape in the first half of the year–no doubt.

I kills what was thought at one time to be well established–treat the numbers with hypertension. Not so, and another question is posed.

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A New York City surgeon tells the real toll of bamstercare

This is a sad but real assessment of the problem of centralized gov controlled medical care from the big city.

Here at Junk Science and before I was writing here, I have explained the Reagan was right when he said the socialized medicine was the end of America as a great social/political experiment in liberty and free markets.

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Could Jardiance be a breakthrough for Type II diabetes? Reduce cardiovascular deaths?

Let’s hope this isn’t hype.

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Work stress and overtime causes strokes? Another Type A myth?

Their was at one time a big myth, supposedly proved by good “research” that Type A personalities get heart attacks, aggressive hard workers with short tempers get what they deserve. Let’s all do Yoga and repeat our mantra to ourselves.

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Bad psych ideas are hard to kill–consider the street crazy

I was in New York as an intern during the times when crazies were allowed to roam, the early 70s. I lived in the part of Manhattan where the rag men would accost you to clean your windows. I was on Central Park West one day when a crazy man, maybe the Larry Hogue mentioned in this essay, was creating a scene in the street. He had actually stopped traffic and no one took him in and put him in a cell until something could be done to tone down his behavior. Big deal at that time–do your own thing, anything goes–who knows who’s crazy after all, said some.
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Research Using Fetal Tissue

What better follow-up to last week’s story on harvesting the tissue? As mentioned in that article, fetal tissue has been harvested for medical research for years. Even before abortion was legalized, other sources were tapped, and according to an article by AP science writer Malcolm Ritter, this practice dates back to the 1930s.

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