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Aspirin for prevention of stroke and heart attacks

The balanced approach is discussed here below.

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Avoiding microaggression with offensive disease names

This is ridiculous, some international people with time on their hands advocating avoiding “offensive” names for diseases?

Another political correctness fetish?

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I told you bamstercare was a shakedown and a lie–ED visits up, not down

This is not a surprise–outpatient medicine is not where the tech and the access are.

Wanna make an apointment and then get shuffled to lab and xray and often see mid level practitioners?

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Telemedicine makes sense.

Telemedicine was starting 40 years ago in places like Nebraska. Then it was like modern day tele conferencing with studio cameras and sound.

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Dr. Oz gets a proper vetting by some Columbia P and S faculty

I was once an intern in the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons system.

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Placebo effect, research to indentify the suggestible

The issue should not be about the genomic marker for placebo vulnerable–such a gene would be extremely hard to identify since placebo inclined is not well defined. Why do these people always say stupid things.

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Senate plays along–kick the can

The Sustainable Growth Rate physician pay adjustments (SGR), after being “ignored” for many years, now is removed as an irritant with bipartisan support–everything is ok now and the can gets kicked down the road but Congress avoids a physician protest.

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