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Charlatans Rule at the EPA

Francesca Grifo PhD, doyen of scientific integrity at the Union of Concerned Scientists, has been appointed in charge of scientific integrity at EPA, a lateral move, junk science in the private enviro sector to the same role in government.

With this appointment the EPA accomplishes two things, cover for continued junk science and a thumb in the eye of any serious critic of EPA scientific misconduct.

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Warmist points out LATimes bans letters from skeptics — but prints horoscopes!

Graham Readfern writes in the Guardian: Continue reading

No Loss: Science reporters becoming an endangered species — But almost all are dodos, anyway

“Without journalists to uncover stories and speak to authoritative sources, the public loses,” says an editor. But science is not received wisdom. Virtually all science reporters have yet to figure that out. Who-says-what isn’t important. What’s important is how they know what they claim. Continue reading

Disgusting: Race-baiting WaPo columnist likens tea party to cross-burning, white citizens councils of old South

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BBC pressured to silence skeptics — Warmists likened to ‘brain surgeons’, skeptics to ‘homeopaths’

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Warmists seek scapegoat for IPCC failure, ask ‘Have the MSM failed us?’

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WaPo’s Juliet Eilperin back to her old non-disclosure tricks — so we’ll do it for her

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