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Politico pushes Obama campaign message — GOP skeptics are crazy

Is a literal belief in the Book of Genesis really crazier than belief in a centrally-planned economy powered by windmills? Continue reading

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Columbia Journalism Review joins warmist attack on Reuters

CJR reports: Continue reading

Warmists continue assault on skeptic Reuters editor

Media Matters writes: Continue reading

Intolerant: MSNBC calls plea for ‘tolerance’ from skeptic GOP Senator ‘disconcerting’

MSNBC’s Steve Benen writes: Continue reading

Bad for warmism: In-the-tank BBC asks ‘Why has global warming stalled?’

BBC science editor David Shukman reports: Continue reading

Warmists attack Reuters editor as skeptic

David Fogarty writes at The Baron: Continue reading

Warmists attack Reuters for taking climate scare off media life support

Climate progress reports: Continue reading

WaPo allows Canadian leftist to slam America in op-ed on Fourth of July

In “The American Revolution was a flop,” Paul Pirie writes: Continue reading

Canadian paper: Obama climate-Keystone link ‘more cynical ploy than principled substance’

The Ottawa Citizens editorializes: Continue reading

NYTimes scrubs Obama advisor ‘war on coal’ quote

Stalinized. Continue reading

Networks fail to mention ‘lull’ in warming in all 92 climate change leading up to Obama speech

Media Research Center exposes the Lamestream Media. Continue reading

Delingpole: The BBC long ago became a mouthpiece for green lunatics. Why does it pretend otherwise?

James Delingpole writes: Continue reading

NYTimes columnist Joe Nocera discloses what WaPo’s Juliet Eilperin refuses to

In Joe Nocera’s NYTimes column today about a lawsuit against the NCAA, he writes: Continue reading

Media Matters slams CNBC for giving equal time to non-warmists

Unfair fairness? Continue reading

Warmist Backfire: ‘Extreme weather’ voyeurism is popular — link to climate change, not so much

“This year, ABC will feature the most extreme weather ever for the network, potentially double the 2012 minutes logged. That as the larger subject of climate change remains, according to his data, essentially unreported.” Continue reading

PBS NewsHour: CO2 Very Bad… except when plants use it to grow better

In the PBS NewsHour’s brief news wrap feature on May 10, its viewers received “grim” news of a worldwide rise of CO2 levels, and were treated to similar news again on Monday (6th paragraph). As I reported last year right here at JS, that’s all we’ve ever heard from them about global warming. But did a particular admission in their climate change report last night undermine their entire narrative? Continue reading

WaPo ups photo fraud: Invisible CO2 described as ‘smoke’

The Washington Post’s editors insist on picturing — and now describing –CO2 as something other than what it is — invisible. Continue reading

WaPo Photo Fraud: This is NOT carbon dioxide

The caption on this photo from the WaPo’s ironically titled WonkBlog is entirely misleading… Continue reading

WaPo’s Juliet Eilperin at it again: Flacking for billionaire donor to her husband’s employer

Now that the Washington Post has gotten rid of its ombudsman, “reporter” Juliet Eilperin is back to writing press releases to help Mr. Juliet Eilperin’s career. Continue reading

Hypocrisy: Enviro Journalist Society calls EPA e-mail scandal ‘totally bogus'; An effort to ‘politically damage EPA’

For the Society of Environmental Journalists, EPA transparency is only a problem when enviros can’t get info out of EPA. Continue reading