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Ben Shapiro makes sense and exposes commies

I know, many think the bamster is just a guy who has our best interests in mind. NOT.

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Ferguson and Kitty Genovese

What, you may ask, does a tragic police-involved shooting have to do with the brutal rape and murder—50 years ago—of a woman from Queens, NY? That’s easy…

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Lancet continues its effort to be a rag–Dalrymple comments

I do like Dalrymple (Daniels) because he strips the pretense from Lancet and its ilk.

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Media Matters Smear of ICCC9 Speakers = Epic FAIL

Gotta feel sorry for the poor writers at Media Matters with their “Climate Denial Goes Vegas” attempt to smear all the speakers at the 9th International Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas a few days ago. Their very first major wipeout was the title they chose for their smear, but they would not have had prior knowledge of how Lord Monckton was going to destroy the “denier” label there. With regard to me, Russell Cook, your humble Panel 9 “Communicating Climate Change: The Blogosphere” speaker, our friends at Media Matters made 6 errors in 4 line categories in their pathetic attempt to trash me. Continue reading

Steyer-Bloomberg-Paulson Risky Business Project Too Busy to Defend Its Science

Former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson was on the PBS NewsHour last Wednesday night, explaining on behalf of his new Risky Business Project how much of an economic catastrophe inaction on solving global warming could be. Since I already had a set of tough questions to pose to organizations that otherwise proceed on the premise of man-caused global warming as settled science, I fired off those to Risky Business Project to see what result I’d get. Watch what happened in this case. Continue reading

Ross Gelbspan is Still Not a Pulitzer Winner (not even for just 4 Days) [*5/6/14 update, an ongoing label fumble]

What we have is a classic case of “now you see it, now you don’t”…. an egregiously incorrect accolade for global warming alarmist book author Ross Gelbspan that has now disappeared without explanation from an article at the highly regarded Columbia Journalism Review. [5/6/14 update now at 7th paragraph – the plot thickens] Continue reading

Jacoby on Preaching to the Unconverted.

Jeff Jacoby writes for the Boston Globe and he is a conservative.

Imagine being a conservative columnist for a NYT owned Boston newspaper. And Jacoby is not a fake conservative like the NYT David Brooks.

Here Jacoby talks about his 20 year life as a writer of opinions. He relates the nature of putting an opinion on paper and the responses he gets.

I found his approach or attitude to be similar to mine.

I offer opinions based on experience, education and scholarship and what I adopted as a philosophy of life.

We may start off as tabula rasa, but when we write as adults, not so. When we express opinions we tell our story and reveal ourselves and we hope to inform and influence our readers. Worth while–humans are social creatures.