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Claim: Fish oil supplements increase prostate cancer risk

Though I’m skeptical of the link with prostate cancer (weak statistical results), the important part of this study is… Continue reading

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Claim: Fatty acids found in fish linked to lower risk of breast cancer

This is junk science because… Continue reading

Magical Food: Cinnamon could prevent Alzheimer’s

Good news for Cinnabon sales — junk science for the rest of us. Continue reading

Magical Food: Soy and tomato combo may be effective in preventing prostate cancer

This is junk science because… Continue reading

Magical Food: Coffee (plus tamoxifen) prevents return of breast cancer

“One theory we are working with is that coffee ‘activates’ Tamoxifen and makes it more efficient.” Continue reading

Magical Food: Eating fish associated with lower risk of dying among older adults

Even if the statistical association is true (and it is weak), this is probably a socio-economic effect. Continue reading

Magical Food: Does Greek coffee hold the key to a longer life?

Only 0.1% of Europeans live to be over 90, yet on the Greek island of Ikaria, the figure is 1%. Continue reading

Magical Food: Green tea extract interferes with the formation of amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s disease

“Researchers at the University of Michigan have found a new potential benefit of a molecule in green tea: preventing the misfolding of specific proteins in the brain.” Continue reading

Magical Supplement: Prenatal DHA reduces early preterm birth, low birth weight

Nonsense. 350 pregnancies over 6 years. Gestation is complex. Much of the data are self-reported. The result is clinically insignificant anyway — e.g., 2.9 day longer average gestation in treated group. Continue reading

Magical Food: Coffee decreases risk of death

“A large study of nearly half a million older adults followed for about 12 years revealed a clear trend: As coffee drinking increased, the risk of death decreased.” Continue reading

Magic Vitamin: Folic acid supplements early in pregnancy may reduce child’s risk of autism by 40 percent

So there was a lot more autism before folic acid supplementation became commonplace? Continue reading

Magical Food: Vitamin D, omega-3 may help clear amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer’s

But test tubes don’t get Alzheimer’s. Continue reading

Claim: Vegetarianism can reduce risk of heart disease by up to a third

Self-reported, weak statistical garbage. Continue reading

Magic Food: Brightly colored veggies war off Lou Gehrig’s disease

From the perpetual junk science machine of the Nurses Health Study. Continue reading

Harvard’s at it again

And Harvard media department is at the ready with a press release to hype the results of yet another Nurses’ Health Study. Continue reading

Magic Food: Strawberries, blueberries may cut heart attack risk in women

If true, most likely a socio-economic effect. The graveyards are full of flavonoid consumers. Continue reading

Magic Food: Caffeinated coffee may reduce the risk of oral cancers

“A new American Cancer Society study finds a strong inverse association between caffeinated coffee intake and oral/pharyngeal cancer mortality. The authors say people who drank more than four cups of caffeinated coffee per day were at about half the risk of death of these often fatal cancers compared to those who only occasionally or who never drank coffee.” [EurekAlert]

Diet may protect against melanoma

A diet rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fats could help protect against skin cancer, research suggests. Continue reading

Fish oil lowers air pollution risk.

Fish oil supplements might protect against adverse effects on the heart that are associated with particulate air pollution, a laboratory study with people has found. Continue reading

Research pours cold water on alleged benefits of sports products

Study reveals there is a ‘striking lack of evidence’ to back up claims made for trainers, drinks and supplements Continue reading