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Artificial Science On…Artificial Sweeteners

This one has it all: Research from a prestigious institute published in a prestige journal; a provocative and contrarian set of findings; topical subject matter, sure to attract mainstream media; and the use of ultra high-tech genome sequencing in the too-cool-for-school realm of the gut biome. Just published online in Nature, the study is entitled “Artificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance by altering the gut microbiota.” [Suez et al.]

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Claim: Fish oil supplements increase prostate cancer risk

Though I’m skeptical of the link with prostate cancer (weak statistical results), the important part of this study is… Continue reading

Claim: Fatty acids found in fish linked to lower risk of breast cancer

This is junk science because… Continue reading

Magical Food: Cinnamon could prevent Alzheimer’s

Good news for Cinnabon sales — junk science for the rest of us. Continue reading

Magical Food: Soy and tomato combo may be effective in preventing prostate cancer

This is junk science because… Continue reading

Magical Food: Coffee (plus tamoxifen) prevents return of breast cancer

“One theory we are working with is that coffee ‘activates’ Tamoxifen and makes it more efficient.” Continue reading

Magical Food: Eating fish associated with lower risk of dying among older adults

Even if the statistical association is true (and it is weak), this is probably a socio-economic effect. Continue reading