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LOST: Secretary Kerry Still Pushing Law Of The Sea Treaty

“Under LOST, any economic activity, even those on land, that threatens the sanctity of the oceans through what are deemed excessive greenhouse gas emissions would be subject to international approval similar to the “global test” then-Sen. Kerry said all our actions should be subject to.” Continue reading

Feulner: No time to get LOST

“President Reagan was right to reject LOST 30 years ago. The U.S. Senate should do the same thing today.” [Washington Times]

Dennis Ambler: Things More Worrisome than AGW: UN seeks to control 70% of Earth’s surface – The Oceans

There are many politicians, both Democrat and Republican, who constantly press for the US to ratify “The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS),” commonly referred to as LOST, an international agreement that was concluded in 1982, and came into force in 1994. Continue reading

INHOFE AND DEMINT: U.N. treaties mean LOST U.S. sovereignty

Liberals intent on imposing backdoor globalism Continue reading

Vice Adm. Robert R. Monroe (Ret.): Ratification of ‘Law of the Sea’ advances world government

Ratification of the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) would be a giant step toward World Government. The principal purposes of LOST are to transfer technology and wealth from developed to underdeveloped nations and to increase exposure to international litigation. Consider two quotations
from LOST’s Preamble: Continue reading

NEGROPONTE: The U.S. will be lost without LOST

America should sign the language we authored Continue reading

RUMSFELD: America’s LOST sovereignty

Treaty undermines U.S. interests Continue reading