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Yet another actual analysis of toxins in “local” food gardens shows bad stuff…

But since these are used by yuppies and hipsters, instead of them
getting shut down we get comments like this in the NY Post:
“No one has ever gotten sick that we know of,” noted Annie
Faulk, 66, who also tends the Sterling Garden patch…
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Dearborn MI Debate on Jobs v Air Quality

This is a good example of how Michigan people have become enemies of progress and industry.

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Oh the Agony of the Research Community

Here is a story of a woman committed to child health, specializing in leukemia epidemiology, who is condemned for speaking sensible to the hysterical about lead. And I am forced to wade through the usual BS from Huff Post.

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update: Senate overules EPA with… some common sense. (stop laughing)

Back in mid November, Junk Science reported on the EPA’s sudden mandate to pretty much block any new fire hydrant installations/repairs due to their hysteria over lead.
Sen. Schumer [D-NY} pushed through a law yesterday exempting the hydrants. Continue reading

Get the Lead Out.

The last lead smelter in America is closing.

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EPA blocking repair/installation of fire hydrants

In an unbelievable bit of hysteria about lead pollution, the EPA has just blocked pretty much all installations/repairs of fire hydrants? Why? Because they have a small amount of lead in their composition. —>

Claim: Lead paint ban responsible for lower murder rate

Lead paint was only a problem for kids who ate paint chips. Continue reading

Claim: Higher blood lead level means slower walking pace for women

This is junk science because: Continue reading

Claim: Kids living near ‘toxic waste sites’ get more lead, may have lower IQs

No kids were tested for IQ! So how do they know higher lead levels are even statistically associated with lower IQs? Continue reading

Continued scares about lead in children

A study of Detroit children blamed dust from the soil and carried by the wind during the summer months for higher seasonal lead levels in children. Parents do not need to worry about letting their children play outside! Continue reading

Is lead poisoning behind some juvenile crime?

No. “High” blood lead levels are a sign of poverty, which is associated with juvenile crime. Continue reading

Study casts doubt on link between cannabis, teen IQ drop

Defense of dope smoking brings out epidemiological skeptics. And why wouldn’t these criticisms also be true for the lead-IQ claims? Continue reading

Greens exploit Newtown to remove lead from bullets

The Center for Biological Diversity tries to ride anti-NRA fervor. Continue reading

Follow the warming money

Follow the warming money

This might make you mad. That’s even more reason to read about it.

$1.9 million in environmental justice grants 10th May 2010 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $1.9 million in environmental justice grants to 76 non-profit organizations and local governments working on environmental justice issues nationwide. The grant program supports Administrator Lisa P. Jackson’s priority to expand the conversation on environmentalism and work for environmental justice. Continue reading

Lead ammunition still hampers condor recovery

A program aimed at restoring the endangered California condor to much of its historic range across the Southwest remains hampered by lead poisonings, shootings and predation but is making marked improvements in other areas, wildlife officials say. Continue reading

Lead poisoning blocks recovery of California condor population

Study confirms lead-based ammunition as primary source of lead in condors, shows population cannot recover as long as lead contamination persists Continue reading

There is evidence that childhood exposure to lead causes permanent damage

I was going to put this under “mining” in recognition of the the effort put into the data dredging involved Continue reading

Environmentalists take aim at toxic lead in ammunition

In a move opposed by many hunters, Jordan, along with 100 organizations in 35 states, wants the Environmental Protection Agency to ban or severely limit the use of toxic lead in hunting ammunition. Continue reading

Lead-paint rule counterproductive

“Rather than address the problem where it exists, the government has cast a net over the entire nation.” Continue reading

Lead-ammo ban sought to protect wildlife

A group of 100 environmental organizations has petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate lead in ammunition as a toxic substance. Continue reading