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Battig discusses Nero and the violin

Charles can’t help himself–we have a puerile president who can’t play the fiddle for sure.

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Keystone is safer too

The risks of rail car accidents are significant.

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Electricity comes from Somewhere

The crusaders against the Keystone XL pipeline promised they were going to use alternative energy.


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Salazar Says GO on XL

Wonder what got under his bonnet?

Billionaire enviro Tom Steyer fighting Keystone XL to help pipeline in which he has a financial interest

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One Comrade to Another: Former Obama advisers produce TV ads to pressure Obama to approve Keystone XL

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Nutty enviro billionaire accuses Canadian government of lobbying House GOP on Keystone XL during shutdown

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TransCanada says no Keystone XL permit in 2013 — Obama for ‘all of the above’ except fossil fuels

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Warmist tactic admitted: ‘Stopping dirty coal export facilities or tar sands pipelines is much easier sell than getting people to embrace higher energy prices’

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Enviros admit opposition to Keystone XL not about ‘extra’ carbon emissions: Tell Obama to reject pipeline even w/Canadian offsets

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Anti-Keystone XL protest draws sparse crowd in Wash DC — only about 30 show up to ‘save’ planet

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Community organizer ‘builds next-generation U.S. economy’ — What could go wrong?

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Canadian paper exposes billionaire enviro Tom Steyer’s “grand hypocrisy”

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Hansen: ‘Canadian government not representative of Canada’ — Does he know this GISS surface temps?

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Canadian paper to Neil Young on Keystone XL: ‘Stick to singing’

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Canadian radio station bans Neil Young after oil sands town compared to Hiroshima

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Canadian minister says Obama Keystone XL blackmail may be working

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Warmist George Schultz on Keystone XL: “It’s oil that’s going to be produced regardless of pipeline… Get over it!”

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Billionaire enviro launches $1 million ad campaign against Keystone XL jobs and wealth creation — I got mine, screw you, buddy!

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Unreasonable: Enviros hit Canadian PM for offering to cut carbon emissions in exchange for Obama approval Keystone XL

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