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What oil will be in the Keystone Pipeline?

Obama just said it is oil from Canada and Canadian companies that will just pass through to the world market.  Continue reading

Or just paying off the environmental activists?

Obama’s poor thinking on Keystone XL.  Continue reading

Mary Landrieu and the Keystone gambit

I lived in Louisiana for a time, and it was a hoot–good food, great people, corruption like you would expect of a state one writer called northern Costa Rica.  However I think Costa Rica has less political highjinks.

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My Senator’s logic on Keystone XL

Mr. Kaine (D. VA) sent an email containing his logic for opposing Keystone XL.  Continue reading

Summary of Senate debate on Keystone XL

For 6 hours, America watched Senate Democrats make one unbelievably incoherent argument after another against Keystone XL — before voting to defeat the pipeline 41-59. Continue reading

Not so bad compared to the Russian stuff?

The EU abandons the “dirty” label for Canadian tar sands oil.  Continue reading

Keystone the Magic Pipeline

Greenhouse gasses increase whether you build it or not, depending on the study. Continue reading