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Keystone the Magic Pipeline

Greenhouse gasses increase whether you build it or not, depending on the study. Continue reading

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Keystone XL more has more GHG than estimated

New “research” says the GHG from the Keystone XL is underestimated and, although small, is a step in the wrong direction.  Do they suppose the oil will stay in the ground if there is no pipeline? Continue reading

Battig discusses Nero and the violin

Charles can’t help himself–we have a puerile president who can’t play the fiddle for sure.

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Keystone is safer too

The risks of rail car accidents are significant.

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Electricity comes from Somewhere

The crusaders against the Keystone XL pipeline promised they were going to use alternative energy.


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Salazar Says GO on XL

Wonder what got under his bonnet?

Billionaire enviro Tom Steyer fighting Keystone XL to help pipeline in which he has a financial interest

The Daily Caller reports: Continue reading