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Buffett and Putin paying off the anti pipeline and green movements

So if Putin’s economy and Buffett’s railroad investments are benefited by anti pipeline crusades–guess what, the whores are in the street.

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Pipelines are safer

Well I suppose no one noticed–trains run on tracks and wheels and sometimes things go wrong.

Pipes just sit there. When something hits and breaks them it’s easy enough to stop the flow.

No fires.

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Keystone Pipeline predictions from Marita

My prediction is that Obama will never approve, but unions may push a veto override with Dems, however the enviros have judge shopping down to a fine point and some idiot federal judge will tie up the XL indefinitely.

Count on it. The EPA will always stand in the way and will participate in the collusive lawsuit to stop XL.

Again, count on it. The EPA and the well-funded NGO enviro litigation army will never allow the pipeline.

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Just when you think you’ve heard it all

The EPA says that Keystone XL will increase GHG emissions because the price of oil has decreased and we might use more if it were shipped by pipeline.  With a glut of oil, use will likely be unaffected by Keystone. Continue reading

What oil will be in the Keystone Pipeline?

Obama just said it is oil from Canada and Canadian companies that will just pass through to the world market.  Continue reading

Or just paying off the environmental activists?

Obama’s poor thinking on Keystone XL.  Continue reading

Mary Landrieu and the Keystone gambit

I lived in Louisiana for a time, and it was a hoot–good food, great people, corruption like you would expect of a state one writer called northern Costa Rica.  However I think Costa Rica has less political highjinks.

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