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Guardian defends homeopathy–it provides understanding

This Guardian writer makes the case for the warm and fuzzy feelings people get when they talk to their homeopathist.

How precious. All successful charlatans are charming and charismatic, don’t you know. Physicians and Surgeons who practice allopathic medicine just aren’t as friendly as homeopathy fans desire.

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Dr. Bloom does it again

Are your crayons killing you?  Dr. Josh Bloom has an immaculate takedown. And he does it more politely than I would. Continue reading

U of Toronto Continues its plunge into junky science curricula

I am astounded.

Toronto would claim to be a very urbane and educated place.

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More BPA nonsense This time claims of genetic mutations

I think endocrine disrupter talk is so silly and when you look at the disrupter research it is rife with scandalous misconduct.

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Misdirected anxiety of the warmers

Viv Forbes points out the silliness of scaremongering and false predictions of doom

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Nobel Laureate Giaever exposes Emperor–Junk reviews our manifesto

Here is a Nobel Prize winner warning us of Junk Science on climate claims. His point is that they are falling into fallacious thinking, using confirmation bias in ranges of evidence within the error rate of the instruments and recording methods.

I would like to use his observations on the reliability of the temp records as a jumping off point to discuss junk science concepts and a review of how junk science is foisted on the public.

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Joe Schwarcz, McGill chemist, receives award for excellent debunking of junk science

Homeopathy has been one of Dr. Schwarcz’ targets but he generally does public education on sound science topics.

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