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Scientific Integrity is hard to obtain

You can read hear what a lefty mag has to say about science fraud, junk science in service to an agenda or ambition. The Atlantic is troubled that the statist hegemon would be corrupted. Me too.

At the big journals they always ignore the government conflicts and emphasize the private sector conflicts. Full time government and heavily funded government researchers don’t include their obvious conflicts on their papers.

Why is it they think that they are not corrupted by agency pressure and the knowledge that they better put up what the agency wants or it’s no promotions, no grants, no appointments, no AAAS or NAS memberships, no awards and status to help their academic careers along.

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It’s Sunday–time for a totalitarianism report

I got up this morning to a blue sky gonna be hot day in Texas, happy to be an American in the greatest political experiment in history, but I looked at American Thinker for today starting off with Clarice Feldman, the lead on Sunday almost every week, and it made me want to cry for the political mess we are in–why couldn’t I just have pancakes and then enjoy the day?

On Sunday the new stuff is on American Thinker, and Thomas Lifson, the remarkable and erudite editor, gave me pause with the intensity of the essays posted. As the shadows shorten, I could think about nice thoughts, my horses and dogs are happy like they are every day, but serious people need to be aware of our predicament, while the bamster is vacationing again.

Incidentally I sure hope the bamster has improved his swing–the only golfer I have seen with a worse loopy swing is Charles Barkley.

Don’t spill your coffee. Below is food for alarm.

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Mark Steyn’s book about the fraudMANN doing well

Steyn is a great writer and he deserves a good target like the creepy Mann.

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The natural gas–we’re cleaner people get their just desserts–the bamster attacks

I couldn’t tolerate the natural gas campaign to eliminate coal, because neither coal or natural gas cause any serious air pollution problems.

However, for the greens they hate fossil fuels from any origin and now the natural gas people get their dismissal slip.

From the great one, the bamster.

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The totalitarian left is the home base for junk science is devoted to exposing bad intellectual inquiry in all aspects of modern academic hard and soft science, including psycho-social/cultural inquiry. Why would we ignore such a target rich battleground?

I can’t help you if you insist that JS is just about medical or climate claims that are based on junk science. After all public policy and public attitudes are affected as much by junk social science claims as bad hard science, and scientific methodology is a general strategy to find the truth.

Here is an essay on why the left needs to cheat and lie on science and systematically ignores evidence of their failed ideology.

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Consensus disappears–Jo Nova discusses the new “nonconsensus”

Jo keeps us informed.

Consensus is a form of totalitarian non science anyway.

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How is it that the narcissist in chief hasn’t had enough attention?

He wants more attention, maybe he ought to have a regular TV Show–woops, he does, sponsored by the media. He’s in your face every day. Man hates America and Americans.

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