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Whoa, journalists are working an agit prop agenda for warming–really?

Wink, wink–these clowns can’t hit their butt with both hands but would propose to tell people what to be concerned about.

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Oreskes is a creep and her creepy story bombs

Norm Rogers, an ally from Florida reports.
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The Feds start to squeeze on fracking

Any surprises? After all fracking is evil and causes earthquakes and such.

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Indoor air pollution, outdoor air pollution–junk science abounds

I am amazed at the people who commented negatively when I said Matt Ridley has no basis for his claim that 4 million people around the world die every year from indoor air pollution. Continue reading

Cleaning up the EPA science/research whorehouse

We at applaud the passage of HR 1029, a bill intended to reduce conflicts of interest in scientific supervision of the EPA portfolio of research.

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Stephen Moore on settled science of warming crusade

Pretty simple, look to the evidence if you pretend to be a scientist.

The planet temp is in a steady state in spite of carbon dioxide increasing, and in the past carbon dioxide and planet temps have not been linked.

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Enviro money compromises our alliances to promote sensible enviro laws

Here’s how it works–make a offer the supposed conservatives can’t refuse.

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