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Josh Bloom does my job

I get so irritated trying to get people to understand that toxicology is really easy to understand, if you avoid getting panicky.

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Astrology as a Science

Here’s a survey of belief in Astrology.

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From ACSH: Upholding its tradition, a new Lancet piece on chemicals aims to scare rather than inform

The current issue of Lancet Neurology has a “sky is falling” alarm about the alleged ever-rising threat of environmental chemicals for our children’s neurological development. The authors are well-versed in this subject: not toxicology or neurology, no, we mean they are experts in the subject of trying to scare parents and the media about remote or hypothetical chemical threats. Continue reading

Junk science at Oregon’s handwriting lab leads to shutdown

Courtesy of Oregon news media:
“Oregon State Police officials have quietly shut down their handwriting analysis unit, investigated for lapses in quality control, and laid off their last two examiners at a time when fewer crime cases require the work.” Continue reading

EPA Junk Science Takes Another Hit–More Secret Science Discussion

Got this on the bounce from Lee Brown, Exec with the Construction Truckers of CA.

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20 Rules for Junk Science Detectives

This is an outstanding set of rules for science detection and evaluating scientific assertions.

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America Is Only Nation Where Climate Scientists Face Organized Harassment

This wonderful piece of Journalism comes from “Inside Climate News”,  author, Katherine Bagley, 10th September 2012.

“While outspoken scientists of human-caused climate change in the United States endure torrents of freedom of information requests, hate mail and even death threats from skeptics, their counterparts abroad have been free to do their work without fear.

“I feel for my American colleagues and what they’ve had to deal with,” said Tim Lenton, an earth system scientist who specializes in climate tipping points at the University of Exeter  in the UK. Continue reading

Andrew Bolt: How a few trolls convinced Lewandowsky sceptics were mad

I have written before of my concern about Professor Stephan Lewandowsky’s cavalier misrepresentation of evidence and endorsement of underhand methods (which even included forgery by others) to peddle absurd smears of sceptics in his warmist zeal. Continue reading

10 conspiracy theorists makes a moon landing paper for Stephan Lewandowsky (Part II) PLUS all 40 questions

There were only ten positive responses.

There are many questions to be answered about this paper in Psychological Science.“ Questions worth asking at all kinds of levels. Continue reading

Oreskes, the Queen of Climate Smear, ignores the big money, has no evidence, throws names

You’d expect a professor to have done the basic research. Continue reading

Increased UV radiation: a hidden driver of marine declines?

Again with the old “ozone depletion” crap. Stratospheric ozone is seasonal, highly volatile and dynamic – it is also constantly created as well as destroyed by solar radiation. Continue reading

Skin cancer identified for the first time in wild fish populations

Oh good grief. This item claims Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is “directly beneath the world’s largest hole in the ozone layer“. Horse spit!

As this Mines ParisTech / Armines 2008 map of the surface irradiation in UV (280 – 400 nm) for a day averaged over fifteen years (1990-2004), expressed in J/cm², clearly shows it is regions with clear air and minimal cloud cover that receive the most UV. There is no GBR “ozone hole” but simply minimal air pollution. Note the similarity with this map of mean irradiance.

“Ozone hole”. Sheesh! Continue reading

CSM: Global warming’s evil twin threatens West Coast fishing grounds

Within the next few decades, ocean acidification – an effect of global warming – could leave sea creatures along the West Coast unable to maintain their protective shells, according to a new study. Continue reading

Terence Corcoran: Welcome to Junk Science Week 2012

Welcome to our 14th annual Junk Science Week, a five-day science fair extravaganza dedicated to exposing the scientists, NGOs, activists, politicians, journalists, media outlets, cranks and quacks who manipulate science data to achieve their objectives. Continue reading

Junk Science Week: 2052? More like 2084

Last October, at a conference in Ottawa, systems-management guru Dennis Meadows declared from the podium that it was already “too late for sustainable development.” Continue reading

Junk Science Week: Artificial science

Following New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s war on sugared beverages, news media seem to have sugar on the brain. An article in Tuesday’s New York Times ostensibly discusses the options involved in Choosing a Sugar Substitute. Unfortunately, the colourful feature does little to clarify the issue and far more to confuse its readers. Continue reading

Junk Science Week: How to create ­science consensus

New book recounts mass ­official craziness in policymaking Continue reading

Junk Science Week: Lipophobia and the bad science diet

How a now-discredited diet theory became a national mania Continue reading

Gone Feudal: Oregon State Uni (OSU) sack and target skeptics (and their children)

In an extremely worrying development, we can add Nick Drapela’s name to the list of skeptics fired for the heresy of speaking out. This email from Gordon Fulks came around today, and I want to spread the message. Continue reading

Freddie vom Saal & Pattie Hunt: Opinion: FDA’s decision on BPA exposes Catch 22

Can anyone recall someone not these two who has generated any anti-BPA stuff? None just spring to mind. Continue reading