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Will Happer, Physicist Princeton–with a chair position–says warmers are goofy mad

I would say yes but it’s about the true believer pathology–they are committed to a sky is falling concept so they can commit to a “solution.”

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From the belly of the junk science academic beast comes an inane essay

Dr. Noe–I assume Dr. Noe or he wouldn’t be a UC Berkeley faculty–writes an essay that ignores what is all around him, politically motivated and funded junk science and intellectual inquiry.

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Questioning the settled science, or just the science.

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Charles Battig on made to order junk science on temps

Charles discusses junk scientists performing like circus animals or snake oil salesmen–maybe Richard Feynman’s Cargo Cultists?

Charles wrote this very good essay on post modern science quackery, published today at American Thinker–he will be on the podium with me and Enstrom and Young on Thursday in DC at the Heartland Climate Conference.
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WSJ editorializes on posturing by Science Mag

As you know, the LaCour fake research published in Science is another example of the junk science and politically motivated published material that appears in Science.
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So the paper that claims no pause was “express”? How about a scam?

Here’s a little more about the NOAA surface temp scam paper.

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More on the NOAA cheating–no warming?–they’ll fix that

Thanks for the link from Joe Bast. Many years ago I told Roy Spencer he and the UAB satellite info would become more and more important because it was more global, and less likely to be screwed with by the politically motivated warmers. Siting, sifting and culling reporting stations, smoothing the record adjusting the record–now this–NOAA just “adjusts” away the surface data and cheats for their version of the story and enviro justice.

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