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Angela Logomasini discusses endocrine disruptor nonsense

In 2008 I wrote a piece for Heartland on the silly endocrine disruptor claims of some greenie junk researchers. Since then I kept track of the BPA hucksters and scaremongers.

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OK, there are some things science shouldn’t touch

That throaty roar from your new hot car isn’t the engine, it’s science junk.  Continue reading

Attention knuckleheads–Junk Science is more than the hard science–it’s about intellectual inquiry

I keep getting these silly comments by people who don’t like politics–they say–well what’s that got to do with junk science? You have violated the rules for the junkscience blog. BS is what I say.

Hey, bad science, junk science, is driven by politics, and money.

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Fallacies, Errors, Popperian discipline, the limits of Science

The essay put up yesterday by David Deutsch about fallibility made me turn round to discuss Popper.

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Debunkers alert

Some discussion on how to challenge a mistaken idea or a myth that has developed a life.

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Infallibility, fallibility–Karl Popper’s advice on good inquiries and good science

I liked this essay, maybe spent a little too long on papal infallibility, however it did provide a segue into fallibility and identifying one’s mistakes or errors, essential to good inquiry.

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Sierra takes apart the NRDC claim of severe Midwest weather.

Of course the data dredgers at the NRDC can slice and dice the data and claim a trend.

However what trend are they following–and what do they do with their trend line or claim of an effect of warming if there is no warming?
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