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Just stop using fossil fuels

The IPCC Working Group III Mitigation Report is out.  Continue reading

No dangerous climate change this century?

Even if you pile crazy assumption upon crazy assumption, you cannot even manage to make climate change cause minor damage.   Continue reading

The game pundits play with the IPCC reports.

The Canadian Free Press dissects Joe Romm’s (and the IPCC’s) economic effects of GHG reductions and taxes that will stabilize atmospheric CO2 levels and control temperature rise.  Continue reading

A new climate tipping point

The IPCC has issued a new climate tipping point in 15 years if we don’t act immediately.  Continue reading

VA Supreme Court Rules For Mann

The Virginia Supreme Court ruled that Mann’s emails are exempt from FOIA because they are “research.”


Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Storage along with CCS, just the fairy dust to save us from impending climate doom?  Continue reading

Dirty fuel

The media push following the Working Group 3 report is starting.  Continue reading