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No dangerous climate change this century?

Even if you pile crazy assumption upon crazy assumption, you cannot even manage to make climate change cause minor damage.   Continue reading

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The game pundits play with the IPCC reports.

The Canadian Free Press dissects Joe Romm’s (and the IPCC’s) economic effects of GHG reductions and taxes that will stabilize atmospheric CO2 levels and control temperature rise.  Continue reading

A new climate tipping point

The IPCC has issued a new climate tipping point in 15 years if we don’t act immediately.  Continue reading

VA Supreme Court Rules For Mann

The Virginia Supreme Court ruled that Mann’s emails are exempt from FOIA because they are “research.”


Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Storage along with CCS, just the fairy dust to save us from impending climate doom?  Continue reading

Dirty fuel

The media push following the Working Group 3 report is starting.  Continue reading

Working Group III Report

Cut global GHG emissions by 50% by 2050 control the climate to <2°C temperature rise with a barely noticeable impact on the economy.  Continue reading

Green smear campaign?

Professor Richard Tol, co-lead author of the IPCC report economics chapter publicly disagreed with the overly alarmist projections in the summary for policymakers and is now getting heat from the greens. Continue reading

Recycling food security

Food supply and security is one of those staples that seems to be immune to facts. Continue reading

Revisiting IPCC Official’s “North Pole Melts after 50 million-year Freeze”; That’s Not his Only Problem.

James McCarthy, a senior IPCC official between 1997 and 2001, made a statement about Arctic ice melt in 2000 so erroneous that the New York Times needed to write a major retraction about its mention of it. Later in 2004, McCarthy was part of an ‘expert’ press briefing about “Global warming likely to continue spurring more outbreaks of intense hurricane activity”. In Donna Laframboise’s 2011 blog, she tells how that press briefing is tied straight to the infamous resignation of Chris Landsea from the IPCC. As many know, the predictions for hurricanes haven’t worked out so well lately. More recently, we are told McCarthy was involved in the origins of the idea that skeptic climate scientists are ‘paid shills working for the fossil fuel industry’. Continue reading

Navigating the American Carbon World (with the UN)

There is much activity in the UN climate arena at the moment, as they push for yet another “Global Agreement on Climate Change”

At the moment, UNFCC executive secretary, Christina Figueres is boasting that they have an agreement to come to an agreement by 2015. Whilst it is to be hoped that this agreement to agree goes the way of previous ones, it highlights that they haven’t gone away and are determined to keep pressing on, no matter that the AGW paradigm is collapsing.

She gave a speech this week in San Francisco, entitled Navigating the American Carbon World
Continue reading

Confronting What We Believe

By Rich Kozlovich

This week there has been posts all over the place talking about Viscount Monkton’s ejection from the U.N. sponsored Climate Change Conference in Qatar. Continue reading

More computer modeling from MIT

MIT is trying to sell (“pursuing partnerships”) to policy makers and city planners a new computer modeling tool they say will project the effects of climate change on communities. In their press release, researchers with MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change say that Hurricane Sandy is a glimpse of what will happen in the future of the world as it becomes more vulnerable to climate change. Continue reading

Obama’s U-Turn: UN Climate Talks Going Nowhere

After one week of UN climate talks in Thailand, not a single country has made a fresh commitment, and US negotiators stunned delegates by calling for any new treaty to be ‘flexible’ and ‘dynamic’ rather than legally binding, representing a complete U-turn on its previous position. Continue reading

Hank Campbell: UN Agrees To Do Nothing On Climate Change, Arranges More Meetings

Being on a UN committee to discuss climate change must be a lot of fun; you get to fly to exotic locations and no ever expects you to get anything done. I guess that applies to the UN overall. Continue reading

Bangkok 2012: Climate talks breaking down

In a repeat of the Bonn conference, rich and poor countries square off as the search for an international agreement on climate change continues. Continue reading

New Report: Government Cannot Rely On Stern Review To Justify Costly Climate Policies

London, 4 September: As the cost of government measures to combat climate change hit households and businesses, a new study published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation casts grave doubts on the validity of the “Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change” which the government relies on to justify its policies. Continue reading

Bangkok Talk Fest: The Never-Ending Climate Deadlock

Fears are mounting that the latest round of international climate talks could once again end in deadlock, as diplomats gathered in Bangkok reportedly clashed on a number of different fronts. Continue reading

Daniel Mason: Stern climate change review ‘not fit for purpose’ says Tory MP

A senior British Conservative has called for the commissioning of a fresh independent study into the economics of climate change and sharply criticised economist Nicholas Stern’s six-year-old report – which warned that the costs of doing nothing to prevent global warming significantly outweighed the costs of acting. Continue reading

Poor seek to cut CDM access at UN climate talks

More than 130 of the world’s poorest nations have sought to pressure richer countries to agree new legally-binding goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions by threatening to deny them access to cheap U.N. carbon credits, potentially making it more expensive for them to meet domestic emission goals. Continue reading