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Yet another nail in Tamiflu™

Tamiflu™ (generic name: Oseltamivir) has been promoted for years as a miracle drug for treating influenza (including swine flu) and other viral nasties. The US gov’t has spent gazillions of tax dollars stockpiling it. But…. Continue reading

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Bird Flu Update from China

More on the new Bird Flu–a chance for public health people to get some face and mic time.

Let’s see, how many years now have we been scared about Bird Flu? This time it’s really scary?

Bird Flu Transmission Human to Human?

Chinese report.

Bird flu is more virulent, lethal, not good if it became communicable between humans.

Corona Viruses Are Virulent, New One from the Middle East

The SARS epidemic of 2003 was caused by a corona virus, but it was not the Bird Flu. One of our smart readers caught my mistake. I was confused by my recollection of the high mortality of bird flu, like corona virus infections.

Continue reading

Remember that “Swine flu” (A/H1N1) scare five years ago?

Some researchers analyzed the news coverage in the UK. To the surprise of, well, absolutely no one, people with connections to the drug industry were way more worried publicly, and were solidly promoting the use of anti-viral and other meds. This despite the fact that the effectiveness of these treatments is, to be charitable, very questionable.
To be fair, of course, many experts are, indeed, working in their industries of choice. Just like, for example, aeronautical experts are going to be found at Boeing. But they really should ID their affiliations and reporters need to keep them in mind: Continue reading

Expert: Flu vaccine might be less beneficial and less safe than has been claimed, and the threat of influenza appears overstated.

CDC studies are “simply implausible” and likely the product of the ‘healthy-user effect’ (a propensity for healthier people to be more likely to get vaccinated than less healthy people). Continue reading

Flu Shots for Elderly Only 9 Percent Effective

“It turns out that this year’s flu shot is doing a startlingly dismal job of protecting senior citizens, the most vulnerable age group.” Continue reading

This year’s seasonal flu vaccine poorly effective among seniors

The CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report notes that the overall effectiveness of this year’s seasonal flu vaccine was 56%. But the seasonal vaccine failed to protect seniors 65 years and older. Continue reading

More Severe Flu Seasons Predicted Due to Climate Change

“It appears that fewer people contract influenza during warm winters, and this causes a major portion of the population to remain vulnerable into the next season, causing an early and strong emergence.” Continue reading

Early flu season accelerates; no peak yet, CDC says

How’s that vaccine working out? Don’t ask the CDC. Continue reading

Ind. hospital fires 8 workers who refused flu shot

The flu shot is a crapshoot… it may or may not work, even when the vaccine matches with the predominant virus. Continue reading

Climate change could increase levels of avian influenza in wild birds

Rising sea levels, melting glaciers, more intense rainstorms and more frequent heat waves are among the planetary woes that may come to mind when climate change is mentioned. Now, two University of Michigan researchers say an increased risk of avian influenza transmission in wild birds can be added to the list. Continue reading

10 deaths linked to anti-flu vaccines

TEN deaths have been linked to the nation’s flu immunisation program since the 2009 swine flu pandemic, including elderly patients and unborn babies. Continue reading

U.S. Infectious Disease Chief Urges Flu Scientists to ‘Engage,’ Support H5N1 Research Moratorium

A voluntary moratorium on potentially dangerous experiments aimed at understanding highly virulent strains of the H5N1 influenza virus should continue for the time being, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director Anthony Fauci told a meeting of flu scientists here. But, he added, scientists should redouble their efforts to engage with the larger public to gain support for the vital but risky work. Continue reading

Bird flu strain sickens seals — could it strike humans, too?

We know deadly influenza can come from birds. We know it can come from pigs. Now it appears humans may face a danger of pandemic flu from seals, as well. Continue reading

Swine flu vaccine linked to increased risk of rare nerve disorder

The 2009 human “swine flu” vaccine given to millions of Canadians was associated with twice the normal risk of developing Guillain-Barre syndrome — a rare but potentially paralyzing nerve disorder, Quebec researchers are reporting. Continue reading

Freeze on mutant-flu research set to thaw

But some fear that if more labs work on the viruses, the risk of accidental release will multiply Continue reading

Bird Flu Type Could Be Transmitted Through Air

In an experiment showing how the virus that causes bird flu might trigger a human pandemic, scientists induced five genetic changes in the bug, transforming it into a type capable of airborne transmission between mammals. Continue reading

Convulsion Risk From CSL Flu Vaccine Linked To Components

Convulsions in children immunized with a CSL Ltd. (CSL) flu shot probably were caused by an excessive immune response to viral components in the vaccine, according to preliminary findings of a two-year study. Continue reading

Powerful New Approach to Attack Flu Virus

An international research team has manufactured a new protein that can combat deadly flu epidemics. Continue reading