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More on small particle air pollution–African Dust, intercontinental dust–toxicology

This is a great day. I reviewed the papers sent to me last week by a friend of Fred Singer that discuss intercontinental air pollution by dust with one paper focusing on African dust.

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Clean = Allergy or Asthma?

A study says that infants living in clean homes have a greater chance of developing asthma. Continue reading

Chapel Warming

According to CBS news last night, there now appears to be a greenhouse gas problem, inside the Sistine Chapel. Carbon dioxide from millions of sweating people visiting the chapel each year, it reported, is threatening the 500 year old ceiling artwork. Continue reading

Be aware of air conditioning pollution

Air conditioning is the essential in the hot summer for daily life and work. However, improper use of air conditioning has become the main reason of indoor air pollution. Continue reading

Killer laser printers?

Are you pressing “Print” or “Death”? Continue reading

Climate change affects indoor air quality?

Will climate change — or extreme environmentalism — hurt indoor air quality? Continue reading