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Oh… it’s the Freedom FROM Information Act

I asked the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for e-mails relating to the EPA study published in the NIEHS journal Environmental Health Perspectives that started me on the EPA human testing controversy. Here’s a sample page from what I received today: Continue reading

EPA’s own diesel crimes worse than VW’s

My latest on Breitbart… Continue reading

Socialists like Pinker have no business writing about bioethics

So the loony tuner new age jackass psychologist to the post modern age, Steve Pinker, starts a debate about bioethics.

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Nature report on researcher fraud case–Where’s Grassley on EPA unethical human experiments?

Here’a a case of an HIV vaccine researcher at Iowa State who switched samples and made false reports in research funded by NIH–he gets 57 months and a 7 million dollar fine (how the hell is he going to pay that?).

The penalty was the result of Senator Grassley’s advocacy but it was just a Lincoln Law type fraud–NIH funding fraud–my question would be why no Senate or Congressional outrage, particularly from the physicians in Congress about EPA human exposure experiments involved what EPA alleges are pollutants that are deadly, toxic and carcinogenic?

The problem of useless eaters and undesirables

Leo Alexander was a psychiatrist investigator for the Nuremberg Tribunal and he investigated the misconduct of Nazi physicians and the killing machine they managed before and during the war but also the human experimentation programs that killed and maimed human subjects.

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MSM whitewashes EPA human experiments scandal, totally ignoring the central issues

Greenwire’s Robin Bravender and Amanda Peterka apparently can’t even manage he-said-she-said journalism. EPA said everything was okay and, well, what else matters — especially if you’re a journalist who wants to have access to EPA in the future? Continue reading

Did the EPA repent or did they continue the kids exposure experiments?

Here’s a Wash Examiner report.

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