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The problem of useless eaters and undesirables

Leo Alexander was a psychiatrist investigator for the Nuremberg Tribunal and he investigated the misconduct of Nazi physicians and the killing machine they managed before and during the war but also the human experimentation programs that killed and maimed human subjects.

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MSM whitewashes EPA human experiments scandal, totally ignoring the central issues

Greenwire’s Robin Bravender and Amanda Peterka apparently can’t even manage he-said-she-said journalism. EPA said everything was okay and, well, what else matters — especially if you’re a journalist who wants to have access to EPA in the future? Continue reading

Did the EPA repent or did they continue the kids exposure experiments?

Here’s a Wash Examiner report.

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EPA exposes exercising asthmatics to 9 times more diesel particulate than deemed safe — No adverse health effects reported

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EPA Scandal of Human Exposure Experiments with air pollutants

More on the nature of the EPA perfidy.

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EPA banned experiments on children —but not until after it sprayed diesel exhaust up the noses of 10-year olds

But the agency still defends the tests as necessary for public policy — yet another illegal rationale. Continue reading

From the archives–Dunn and Milloy on junk EPA research and researcher whores, 2012

Well we found out from EPA officials when we were litigating the question of unethical human exposure experiments in a Virginia Federal Court 2 years ago, that 10 US medical schools were doing human exposure experiments with air pollutants.

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