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Sometimes unethical human experiments produce convictions

This is put out as a scandal because of the Podesta connection, but look at what it’s about–experimental material for vertebroplasties–bone injections to reverse collapse.

Milloy and I are pursuing action against EPA for human experiments–curiosity experiments to see if exposing people to small particles

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Mr. Shaw discusses gov sponsored human experiment–important stuff

The discussion requires amplification. Because the human exposure experiments are on our mind for sure.

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EPA Misconduct and Unethical Human Experiments

More on our efforts to expose human experimentation that makes no sense if the EPA is telling the truth about air pollution.

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You could be at risk if you. . .

So this is a very nice essay by Ms. Norman at National Center for Policy Analysis.

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NCPA Provides Promo on Getting Exposed

I like this, EPA experimenters are looking for subjects.

The Master is still the Master-just ask the Grasshopper

So Milloy the master says–grasshopper, the Common Rule as adopted by the EPA and the Government, doesn’t really prohibit the Human Experiment Program when toxic or lethal exposures are conducted.

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Thomas Lifson Comments on Human Experiments

If you want to see a long string of essays by Milloy and Dunn about EPA Misconduct, check out the American Thinker website

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