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Why I continue to advocate for markets in health insurance

It’s easy to understand–Milton Freidman said it best–there is no free lunch.

Healthcare is a service, and should be subject to market incentives. Healthcare as a gift or government provided handout will always be mediocre and expensive.

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Medicare and Medicaid are unsustainable

Yes, on the current course both programs will bust the budget and fail.

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Harvesting Fetal Tissue For Fun And Profit

A series of disturbing videos has brought this grisly practice to the forefront, even if it is nothing new. PhD chemist and theologian Stacy Trasancos dug into the scientific literature to discover some early references…

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Leftist inanity on bamstercare–Oregon Kitzhaber style

I have a personal problem with the conduct AND POLITICAL STUPID OF an emergency physician elitist, John Kitzhaber–who was a LEFTIST CREEP and corrupt in his conduct, also a victim of his hormones and sex drive. He hooked up with trouble.

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Sudden death in Epileptics–cause identified?

It may be that stimulation of the Amygdala causes a loss of respiratory drive, according to U of Iowa medical researchers.

It is a case report on a rare condition.

Further to the Beth Israel Deaconess story

Please allow me to connect some dots here. In this piece, we exposed the firing of a tenured, well-respected physician (also on the Harvard Med faculty) because he quietly spoke out on the health dangers of the gay lifestyle. Continue reading

HIV in drug users–the story in Indiana reveals

HIV has always had a special status because it is associated with homosexuals, but this is about the problem of ideology getting in the way of public health.