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Dementia will increase–Duh?

The article linked warns of another epidemic scare–a terrible thing–our bodies will outlive our brain functionality for many of us. We will live a life of gradual intellectual deterioration in many cases, and worse, dementia and disability, early or late is apparently an inherited thing and cannot be avoided if it picks you.

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Josh evaluates the inane comments of the Columbia 8 on the Oznut

Apparently there is this disease that is endemic to east coast big cities and Ivy League schools–it’s called dissembling or deceit and prevarication, but in other parts of the world the word LIE covers it.

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What is the best way to phrase–let me die

I do believe that physicians are not as forthcoming as they should be on terminal illness and choices to be made.

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The Oz episode continues–what is the definition of a quack?

Dr Oz Blasts Writers of ‘Brazen Letter’ Calling for Ouster

Today Med Scape put up a typical lefty journalistic piece written by a guy named Lowes.

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E cigs are not cigarettes, they are nicotine delivery vaporizers

Get it–cigarettes may cause lung cancer–10 % lifetime risk for a pack a day smoker, but there is no evidence of disease or cancer from e cigs and they may help people quit.

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Newt is a central planner RINO–he loves to make big statements, even when he’s ignorant

The last thing we need is more NIH fumbling, the lack of antibiotics is the result of FDA excesses.

NIH is a menace. They fund all kinds of junk science and cover for misconduct. We know, we have been dealing with their funding of research featuring irresponsible epidemiology that relies on small associations. They also fund junk toxicology. They even fund and tolerate unethical human experimentation.

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Crony capitalism in the health sector

Here we go with the Medicare system.

Commentary by John Graham of NCPA.

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