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Labs and viruses: nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong…

It seems that a bunch of epidemics (arguably pandemics) were courtesy of… escapes from labs that were researching them/trying to produce vaccines, etc. Continue reading

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Got a bad Carotid Artery? Read this

Carotid endarterectomy (surgery to open) or stenting (putting an internal strut in) have always been a very dramatic and sometimes complication producing approaches to obstructed carotids.

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Insomnia? Hyperarousal disorder?

Hyperarousal disorder or generally being tightly wound causes sleep and anxiety disorders.

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updated, was: Bad science, bad business, in Chili’s (restaurant chain) autism feelgoodism

update: Chili’s backed down.
earlier msg left below:
Courtesy of Forbes: It seems that Chili’s has gotten on the autism bandwagon/promotion. They’re announced they’ll “support the National Autism Association (NAA) by giving this group 10% of their take at the table on Monday, April 7.” Not a good idea… Continue reading

Zeke the Grim Reaper

I have warned about the problem of socialist statists in a place where they can decide who lives, who dies.

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Except in bear country, maybe

A new research study suggests too much running is tied to shorter lifespans. Continue reading

Diet drinks linked to heart disease?

A study published Saturday says women who drink two or more diet sodas a day are 30% more likely have a cardiovascular even and 50% more likely to die than women who rarely drink diet sodas. Continue reading

Healthcare ideas, versus Socialist Junk Central Planning

I Can’t resist putting this fine and brief and insightful set of suggestions up.

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Claim: FDA’s overly broad and expensive rules… keep life saving drugs from market

This argument gets thrashed out every couple of years, with the FDA saying all these regulations and studies “protect” the US consumer (“Thalidomide!, Thalidomide!”) while folk hoping for better and faster access to drugs point out the huge expenses and delays. Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Marker? Predictor? Phospholipids? Tau? Amyloid?

Hope you understand this is not a breakthrough of any significance.

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Salt of the Earth

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus calls his disciples “the salt of the earth.” While the meaning of this expression is clear, its derivation may not be. Roman scholar Pliny the Elder would say: Nil utilius sole et sale—There’s nothing more useful than sunlight and salt. The habitual use of salt is intimately connected with the advance from nomadic to agricultural life. Traditionally, salt is identified with three special qualities… Continue reading

Texas AG Candidate Promises More Lawsuits–Loser?

I have expressed my disappointment with business, industry legal attempts to push back on EPA overreach.

You might ask, well waddauthink about the State Attorneys General? Sorry to say–not much.

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EPA Junk Science Takes Another Hit–More Secret Science Discussion

Got this on the bounce from Lee Brown, Exec with the Construction Truckers of CA.

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Puncture Wars

I am sometimes an expert in medical situations where standard of care is the issue. I can always find out what the standard should be, by reviewing the reliable literature.

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Gee, Computers Aren’t Magic?

Healthcare computing and the use of the electronic health record has been a difficult roll out.

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Psych III Borderline Personalties and Junk Therapy

Jaffe provides another essay with insight on personality disorders. A nice job and well thought out.

Please do not underestimate the impact of personality disorders on family and societal discord.

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Psych II

DJ Jaffe is an advocate for mo’ better outpatient community psych programs.

Psych programs are fertile ground for some junk science concepts for sure.

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Measles scare in SF. (no) thanks to anti vax whackoes…

It seems that a college student “infected with the contagious disease” (measles) rode on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system last week. This semi-legitimately has the public health folk concerned and they’ve made the usual announcements warning people (10,000? 100,000?) who rode the trains, etc., etc. Continue reading

NY Psych Industry Pushing Something that’s Crazy

I won’t go into too long a lecture about the stupidity of this proposal to close the NY State Psych Hospitals,

but someone in the psych industry needs to have his head examined.

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Junk Numbers on Unemployment and the Uninsured

Politics can produce junkscience economics/social sciences numbers that confuse public health policy and prevent proper solutions.

Gotta have a good diagnosis to develop a good treatment.

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