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So this NYC physician is your usual dumb ass hippie savior to the world and he exposed his girlfriend.

Doctors without borders is your typical bullshit lib organization. They think because they have good intentions they are special.

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Hospital owned Medical Groups more expensive than physician owned–surprise?

Bureaucracies are more inefficient and costly.

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OK, let’s be reminded about proportionality–Wanna know bout TB?

Tuberculosis is a major health factor around the world.

I have a TB test that’s positive, going back to my medical student days when I took care of a Vet at the Omaha VA who had TB.

This story describes the present day impact of TB.

I had the privilege of doing my internship at Harlem Hospital In 1971-72. The new 17 floor, 1000 bed hospital was built next to the old Harlem Hospital of modest proportions and the old Hospital was continued as a TB Hospital. TB is more of a problem for Blacks beyond any socio economic factors, they seem to be more susceptible to the disease.

My pediatric rotation was on a service that was dominated by Indian physicians, who described the peds wards in Indian Hospitals. Patients with the long-term effects of TB–bone disease of the spine, for example, were in the back row as they described it.

That gives you a little comparison of how it impacted an emerging country 40 plus years ago–consider the impact of TB in rural South America, Asia and Africa today.


Race, socialist crapola and pubic health officialdom

This essay explains what I have to say about the pathetic and chronically incompetent public health agencies, both national and local.

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Bamstercare still faces some legal Challenges

Wouldn’t that be just awful–no socialized medicine to promote rationing and mediocrity and harass physicians, nurses and hospitals.

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Electronic Medical Records give the illusion of what?

A computer between me and the patient can be a distraction and definitely increases busy work.

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There is an Ebola CZAR? MY MY

The CDC and the government in general have many people in positions that don’t do their job.
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