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Diabetes has a serious impact on health

When one considers, hypertension and diabetes are big contributors to the disease burden, particularly in 1st world where infections are not as devestating.

Here is a brief discussion of diabetes mellitus typ 1, II and gestational.

Important to know that kidney disease, vascular and heart disease risk are increaased by diabetes, as well as suscepibility to infections.

Human health benefited by warm

Another study that confirms my argument that warm is good for humans.

Cold and cooler is a killer.

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The mess that is bamstercare–an analysis by Grace-Marie

Many years ago, i squired Grace Marie around the Texas capital to meet Texas politicos and talk heathcare. She has a long history of good work on health policy. Here she takes apart the bamstercare mess. A nasty story–of illegal and unconstitutional modifications of the law in an effort to create an advocacy group that will scream if they lose their free lunch.

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More on obesity, morbid obesity, diabetes and risks

Well this study shows mild obesity increases life expectancy but also cardiac events.

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LIpid lowering drugs reduce stroke, don’t impact Heart Disease in the elderly

This study is fairly robust, all elderly patients, average age 73, the lipid lowering drugs reduced stroke but not heart disease.

MiKe Shaw send this to me with the question what’s up here?

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Grace Marie on King v. Burwell effect

If the exchanges are a fatal problem for bamstercare, Grace Marie speculates on how people might benefit with a market revived.

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Duodenoscopes must be cleaned better

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