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Antibiotics cause obesity

There is a very strong bias against antibiotics for respiratory illnesses and colds in childhood.

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Urban Hospitals & Health Insurance: Making It Work

Have you heard about the insurance company that provides free health coverage for the poor? Me neither. What about the hospital that provides free health care services to the poor? Of course, you say. Many of them do! Indeed, some of these hospitals even go bankrupt in the process.

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Flu talk, it’s fall.

So every fall i have to get my flu vaccine to stay right with my job.

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Ok TKM Ebola and use it–FDA needs to get moving

News on the Ebola treatment that appears to work. FDA plays nervous Nellie as usual.

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Incest no big deal–hey consent cures everything

Consanguinity will keep the Muslims in trouble–higher rates of genetic disorders.
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Sierra Rayne, a hero of junk, on the measles vaccine benefits–stunning

I have always been a big fan of Sierra Rayne, as you all know, because he puts so many climate fanatic claims down.

Here, however, he goes deep into the Measles issue, and the importance of the Measles vaccine. His scholarship and eloquence are astounding.

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Victor Davis Hanson comments on goofy Zeke

Zeke just can’t imagine old people contributing much–and they cost so much.

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