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Heard of Sylvia Burwell? Well she’s the new bamstercare momma

She and the HHS bamstercare project are having some problem, that resulted in cheating on the enrollment numbers.  Imagine that, the administration that cheats on unemployment cheats on its precious bamstercare.

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Gruberitis and media treatment discussion by Ann Coulter

I can never beat Coulter for clever and thorough.

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Zyban or Wellbutrin now considered for toxic effects that are serious

The Wellbutrin/ Zyban (buproprion) smoking cessation anti-depressant drug has some side effects that are serious and it raises an alert.

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Knee Arthritis and running

Wear and tear arthritis is certainly impacted by weight and activity.

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Gruberitis discussed

Had enough–you deserve more so you will not forget this lying piece of MIT crap.

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Jack Cashill says–Lies are no surprise–and a bamster video surfaces on the Gruber role

Jack Cashill’s new book, You Lie (Harper Collins) was released in early October–cataloging the lies and deceptions of the bamster.

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Dr. Salia dies of ebola, tested negative when he had it.

This is a sobering thought, Dr. Salia got sick November 6 and tested negative.

However it is no surprise to me.  A medical test is rarely foolproof.

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