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Is your sunscreen killing phytoplankton?

The ingredients of sunscreens and sunblocks can react with UV light to create hydrogen peroxide which is toxic to phytoplankton.  It didn’t say anything about bleaching hair. Continue reading

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How’s your T cell population?

This short and very informative essay is the lesson on for today.

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More on patient safety– part 3–hospital acquired infections

Well this is very opportune, ACSH comments on a Brit study that questions hospital methods for reducing the acquisition or transmission of infections.

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Doper alert

Ok, up and at em, all you dopers. Here comes Emmet Tyrell to ask the question–are we nuts to be promoting Maryjuanna as the way to go?

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Patient Safety Part II

I told you 2 days ago that the patient safety movement is another example of junk science.

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Digoxin is a problem?

Here’s the way it developed, Digoxin was a drug that had an important role in treatment of many heart related conditions but it does have it’s downsides.

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Ebola discussion–some uncertainties

I think it is a virus that is a bad boy, but worse in the 3rd world. If you get a bad illness in the 1st world, your chances are better. Sorry, that’s what progress will do.

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