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The Bamstercare web site is not secure? Shocking news

Yeah right, and we never thought the bamster people could screw it up this bad?

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Obesity affects your heart–has to do with fluid physics

So you have a pump and a lot of pipes, big and small. More pipes if ubefat.

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Keeping an open mind about probiotic effects

Hey wuddikare? If you are consitpated and some food supplement, if that’s what you would consider probiotics, works–go for it.

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Of course it could be just a coincidence, this enterovirus outbreak

Jeannie writes frequently for AT. She’s a nurse as I recall.

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Oh happy day, oh happy day. Have a drink–maybe 4

Obsessives ruminate over things like healthy eating and, of course, very limited drinking of alcohol.

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Auto intoxication, enemas, and obsessions

I occasionally get just a little irritated with people who obsess about the contents of their diet and their intestines.

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Is your sunscreen killing phytoplankton?

The ingredients of sunscreens and sunblocks can react with UV light to create hydrogen peroxide which is toxic to phytoplankton.  It didn’t say anything about bleaching hair. Continue reading