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Race, socialist crapola and pubic health officialdom

This essay explains what I have to say about the pathetic and chronically incompetent public health agencies, both national and local.

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Bamstercare still faces some legal Challenges

Wouldn’t that be just awful–no socialized medicine to promote rationing and mediocrity and harass physicians, nurses and hospitals.

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Electronic Medical Records give the illusion of what?

A computer between me and the patient can be a distraction and definitely increases busy work.

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There is an Ebola CZAR? MY MY

The CDC and the government in general have many people in positions that don’t do their job.
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Cato author criticizes the Emergency Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)

The CATO author puts up an old argument but a flawed argument in the current real world.

He fails on the threshold question–when Hospitals voluntarily participate in Medicare they give up their freedom and liberty rights and that includes 5th amendment property rights. That’s why the expanding administrative state is so oppressive and tyrannical.

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Doctors Versus The Medical Establishment

While there has always been a scientific establishment—and within that a medical establishment—it is only quite recently that the notion of “scientific consensus” has been advanced to prove the verity of a particular theory. Indeed, precisely because disruptive breakthroughs occur in science with some frequency, the establishment was always reluctant to equate consensus with truth. Rather, consensus was used to bully rebels into submission to the status quo. In fact, equating consensus with truth is a classic example of reversing cause and effect.

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The CDC is some kind of joke?

Here are some ridiculous episodes in the life of the CDC

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