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Guns are an epidemic? Only in your small brain, nannies

If I kill you with a knife, is that the beginning of a knife epidemic? Huh?

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Claims of 74 school shootings since Newtown debunked

Cooke is an active writer and investigator. Here he takes down the map of 74 school shootings.

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Jabba the Hutt raises an anti-American rant from his panniculus adiposus

Let’s see if I can recall what Mike Moore has done that didn’t involve despicable and loathsome anti Americanism while he eats Bon Bons, Twinkies, KFC, whatever, at his exclusive Lakeside estate in Michigan.

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Gun control morons speak out

Mr. Franklin thinks guns are a problem–I would say guns are tools–they are very useful tools for what they do.

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Pinheads get Stupid

The leadership of Medicine is pathetically predictable–leftist because people in medical leadership are academic elites with the fatal conceit.

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Yale report on Gun Injuries to Children

I saw this report from the Journal Pediatrics

CHILDREN victims of firearms. 7000 hospitalizations in 2009.

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Guns and Self Defense Revisited

I am jumping in here with a new post because the string or comments is long and I need to make a few clarifications.

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Claim: Guns don’t make nations safer — But violent crime rate in gun-free UK is 4x higher than US

A study rushed to publication following the Navy Yard shooting. Continue reading

National gun registry gets head start as Maryland compromises gun owners’ privacy

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Colorado lawmakers ousted in recall vote over gun law

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Don’t fund anti-gun junk science

Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America writes in USA Today: Continue reading

Feds issue research agenda for more gun control junk science

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Shot Down: EPA lead ammunition ban blocked by federal court

“There is quite simply no sound science that shows the use of traditional ammunition has harmed wildlife populations or that it presents a health risk to humans who consume game taken with such ammunition.” Continue reading

Post-NewTown anti-gun junk science starts: ‘Nearly 20 percent of suicidal youths have guns in their home’

This kind of junk is why there is opposition to the CDC conducting gun research. Continue reading

Gun Control–Demystified

As expected, in the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, the gun-grabbers have reared their heads once again.  So far, they have made only limited progress. No doubt, gun control posturing provides feckless politicians with a means of distracting the public from the pressing issues of the day … Continue reading

GE Capital cuts off funding to small gun stores

“GE Capital is still doing business with merchants with more diverse lines of business, including Wal-Mart Stores, the nation’s largest seller of guns and ammunition, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, he added.” Continue reading

Pediatrician group slams Senate for gun vote; Infers background checks would have prevented Newtown, other tragic shootings

The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that gun control is a public health issue — no wonder it can’t figure out that mandatory background checks would not have stopped the Newtown tragedy. Continue reading

Enviro writer in meltdown after Senate gun vote; Tweets ‘F*ck Max Baucus’, Calls Mark Pryor a ‘colossal a**hole’’s Dave “Nuremberg-Trials-for-Skeptics” Roberts has rude comments about Democrat Senators voting against the gun control bill today. Continue reading

As predicted: MSM links Second Amendment supporters with other UN gun treaty opponents — North Korea, Iran and Syria

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Obama vote for UN gun treaty puts Second Amendment supporters on same side of treaty as opponents North Korea, Iran & Syria

Gun controllers sure to have fun with this. Continue reading