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Let’s outlaw gun free zones–give the bad guys something to fear

I am constantly irritated by people who don’t understand that a gun is a tool.

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More Kleck on gun ownership

It doesn’t make any difference to me, since I know that a gun in my hand is a good thing when the circumstances require it.

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Gun ownership research–homicide and crime rates

Gun ownership impact on crime and homicide rates.

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Mike Shaw’s opinion about Chris Kyle the sniper

Where to begin.

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Better not be an insomniac

So a long time policeman, former military has his guns confiscated for insomnia.

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More on creepy Zeke, brother of Rahm, the tough Chicago guy ballet dancer

I am just too damn close to Zeke’s check out time to be objective. Sure, 20 plus people are dead from my 50 year high school reunion class, but a lot of us are fine.

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The Academy of Pediatrics is brain dead on gun control, but they are brain dead on homosexuality too

Let’s consider how Pediatrics has become so riven with political correctness.

The junk science on children and guns is poisoned by the definitions. 15 year old gang bangers are not children, they are street thugs.

The reason they are brain dead is they want to be–they hate guns. want to go along with disarming us so the state will be the only entity with power and control.

As for being brain dead about homosexuals–they pretend that predation of children is not a problem when it is well estalished that predation of minors is part of the lifestyle–homosexuals and lesbians.