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Psych and guns

Here’s a story about a psychiatrist who violated a no guns policy.

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Guns are an epidemic? Only in your small brain, nannies

If I kill you with a knife, is that the beginning of a knife epidemic? Huh?

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Claims of 74 school shootings since Newtown debunked

Cooke is an active writer and investigator. Here he takes down the map of 74 school shootings.

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Jabba the Hutt raises an anti-American rant from his panniculus adiposus

Let’s see if I can recall what Mike Moore has done that didn’t involve despicable and loathsome anti Americanism while he eats Bon Bons, Twinkies, KFC, whatever, at his exclusive Lakeside estate in Michigan.

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Gun control morons speak out

Mr. Franklin thinks guns are a problem–I would say guns are tools–they are very useful tools for what they do.

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Pinheads get Stupid

The leadership of Medicine is pathetically predictable–leftist because people in medical leadership are academic elites with the fatal conceit.

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Yale report on Gun Injuries to Children

I saw this report from the Journal Pediatrics

CHILDREN victims of firearms. 7000 hospitalizations in 2009.

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