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Green jobs fantasy failing on global scale — EU trade with China more important that going green

The Washington Post reports: Continue reading

IBD: BLS Releases Another Phony ‘Green Jobs’ Report

“As yet another Solyndra looms, a new government report shows that by the government’s own broad definition of a green job, more can be found in a coal mine than near a solar panel.” Continue reading

WashPost: Obama should forget about ‘green jobs’, ‘energy independence’ as justifications for action on climate

At least the WashPost knows that “green jobs” are a hoax. Continue reading

Being Green is Expensive

We went to buy new flood light bulbs yesterday and could only get new energy efficient bulbs that cost $10 apiece. Continue reading

What does wind power and the electric car have in common?

As wind energy tax credits, which cover as much as a third of the costs of wind generation, set to expire at the end of the month, the industry has proposed a compromise plan to Congress. Continue reading

New Energy Economy — A Complete Flop

Former Colorado Governor, Bill Ritter, coined the term “new energy economy” in 2006 when he hoped Colorado would become a center for renewable energy commerce. It has been a resounding failure. Advocates of renewable energy say government tax credits and loan guarantees are necessary for the wind and solar industries to be competitive against other power sources. Continue reading

Case closed: Obama green jobs program a failure

“President Obama’s green jobs training program, which was part of his stimulus, has failed on most key jobs measures, according to a new internal audit that found it was training workers who already had jobs that didn’t need green energy skills, and was failing to place new enrollees in jobs once they finished the training. Continue reading