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Nice essay on the demise of the warming crusaders project–if it’s true–good

When billions are spent to promote the warmer crusade, trust me, it won’t just go away–

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Marita’s pretty stoked

I will leave it to Marita to talk.

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Green hypocricies by Viv Forbes

I like this man.

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I wonder if they considered GHG’s

The California super rich don’t believe they are bound by rules for normal people, especially when it comes to green lawns and drought.  For a while, you just haul in water at exhorbitant costs.  Continue reading

Charles Battig MD MS takes on the silliness of Sustainability

I can’t help myself. Sustainability makes me mad because it is emblematic of the inanity of
people who like to think they are enviro friendly.

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Follow the money

When you next notice a green group waging war on some or other Big Carbon outfit don’t for a moment believe that the motive is altruism. Follow the money and you’re likely to find that donations from one vile corporate polluter are underwriting those eco activist assaults on a competitor Continue reading

Paul Driessen comments on the silly Africa conference

When will people start to realize that the greenies hate people, and their hate falls particularly hard on the 3rd world.

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