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KillTheDrill – Offshore (kinda), but deepwater drilling?

Hat tip to M. Malkin for sending this out today.

Russky money for American greenies?

I am shocked to know that the Russkys would finance leftist commie green groups–that were dedicated to opposing American oil and gas exploration.

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Brazil walks back a climate fanatic agenda. Greenies incontinent and trembling

I love this stuff.

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James Taylor does a dissection of Crazy Cuomo’s Fracking ban

Thanks James, you are a friend and an erudite commentator.

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Nice essay on the demise of the warming crusaders project–if it’s true–good

When billions are spent to promote the warmer crusade, trust me, it won’t just go away–

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Marita’s pretty stoked

I will leave it to Marita to talk.

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Green hypocricies by Viv Forbes

I like this man.

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