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The Industry and economics of Climate Change/Global Warming

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One could hope

Are the German Greens facing extinction?  Die Welt thinks they could be facing political extinction.  Continue reading

Marita’s pretty stoked

I will leave it to Marita to talk.

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In the administrative socialist state everything is a government program

I am reading a great monograph by Ludwig von Mises titled Bureaucracy in which he declaims on the poisonous nature of bureaucracy and the administrative state.

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Charles Battig MD MS takes on the silliness of Sustainability

I can’t help myself. Sustainability makes me mad because it is emblematic of the inanity of
people who like to think they are enviro friendly.

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Enviros sponsor bird slaughter

Sure they care about nature, sure they do–

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Why would energy costs be so burdensome–we elected a villain as pres

The cost of energy climbs, the costs of fuels escalates. Does that make sense given recent discoveries of unlimited resources? Only if a monster is in the white house, the green monster.

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