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Former UK Enviro Minister knocks green blob

I like this guy’s attitude and he is articulate on the political strategies and corruption created by the fanatic watermelons.

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Sierra Twofer–the man is amazing on NOAA cheating and Aussie waffling

Here he comes today with two debunks of the media warming ninnies.

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What’s it like without electricity, daddy?

Damn the green crazies–they want a primitive world.

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You may recall we said 20 billion a year for climate propaganda

Well it continues to be true–big money buys big lies.

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Wanna make me grumpy–talk recycling

I know some stuff. For example, I know that recycling is stupid “do something to prove we care” nonsense. And it’s expensive. But it makes idiots feel good about themselves.

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Greenpeace thugs propose eco extortion in the courts

Greenpeace, gangsters of the enviro left, threatens people and in Chicago that would be called extortion or an offer of “protection” with the alternative threat clear.

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To hell with Africa say the 1st world warmer fanatics

Oh, sure they pretend to care, sure they care about people who have little but are breaking out of the bind of poverty and deprivation.

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Organic produce stymied by green laws

Want to expand your green, organic food business by moving closer to a road? Not in Maryland when you have to tangle with the green laws. Continue reading

California Circles Drain–Hanson Opines on Solutions

Victor Davis Hanson is a Classicist, now Fellow at the Hoover. Native Californian with a farm at Selma close to Fresno.

He knows and cares about CA.

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Video: ‘Green’ orphanage forces children to make own biofuels to save oxygen-providing local forest

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UK shoppers to ripped off with plastic bag fees — despite no evidence they damage environment

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‘Eco-school’ opened just THREE years ago – but is already leaking so badly that pupils will have to go into temporary classrooms for two years

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Report: 19% of typical Aussie home electric bill due to carbon tax and other ‘green’ energy programs

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Solar panels hamper firefighters in warehouse blaze; Panels can’t be shut off reports: Continue reading

Wildfires expose danger of California renewable energy mandates

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Warmist: Alternate-fuel vehicles a waste of time — need policies to reduce driving

John DeCicco writes at Yale’s environment 360: Continue reading

Warmists: Urban heat island effect makes global warming worse on poor

And how will making electricity and air conditioning more expensive and less available help? Continue reading

Malaria scare posed as barrier to irrigation of arid regions

Um… we have the technology to deal with mosquitos… it’s called insecticide. Continue reading

Enviros: ‘Feeding and caring for 800 million pets hurts Mother Nature’

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French ban Mercedes for using banned refrigerant in AC systems — 95% of French cars use same refrigerant

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