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Michael Economides, RIP

University of Houston professor, climate skeptic, editor and friend Michael Economides passed away over the weekend. Economides was the first to expose the practical impossibilities of carbon capture and storage. Remember him as a champion of science. Help defeat warmism and carbon capture and storage in his memory.

Steve Milloy dishes on environmentalism on C-SPAN TV — Monday, May 27, 6:05 pm ET

Steve Milloy, the founder and publisher of, gives a conservative view on environmentalism and academia. The National Association of Scholars hosted this event in New York City, marking the 25th anniversary of that organization. Continue reading

Alert for NYC JunkScience Fans: Join Steve Milloy, Tom Wolfe on Saturday, March 2 publisher Steve Milloy will deliver the luncheon keynote address at the National Association of Scholars 25th anniversary celebration. Author Tom Wolfe handles dinner keynote duties. Continue reading

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TV Alert: Milloy on Cavuto About Sandy — Tonight!

Steve Milloy is scheduled to debunk the notion that global warming caused Hurricane Sandy on Cavuto tonight (Fox Business Channel at 8pm ET).

JunkScience Announces has obtained 3,500+ pages of documents showing how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill have violated (and continue to violate) every rule set since World War II for the protection of human study subjects from out-of-control scientists. Take the guided tour of the scandal at

P.S. If you can’t find the time or interest to check out, please save yourself the trouble of ever visiting again.

Steve Milloy, Publisher

Via Tom Nelson: RIP Alexander Cockburn

Farewell, Alex, My Friend » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names – Our friend and comrade Alexander Cockburn died last night in Germany, after a fierce two-year long battle against cancer. Continue reading