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Michael Economides, RIP

University of Houston professor, climate skeptic, editor and friend Michael Economides passed away over the weekend. Economides was the first to expose the practical impossibilities of carbon capture and storage. Remember him as a champion of science. Help defeat warmism and carbon capture and storage in his memory.

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Steve Milloy dishes on environmentalism on C-SPAN TV — Monday, May 27, 6:05 pm ET

Steve Milloy, the founder and publisher of, gives a conservative view on environmentalism and academia. The National Association of Scholars hosted this event in New York City, marking the 25th anniversary of that organization. Continue reading

Alert for NYC JunkScience Fans: Join Steve Milloy, Tom Wolfe on Saturday, March 2 publisher Steve Milloy will deliver the luncheon keynote address at the National Association of Scholars 25th anniversary celebration. Author Tom Wolfe handles dinner keynote duties. Continue reading

Merry Christmas from!

TV Alert: Milloy on Cavuto About Sandy — Tonight!

Steve Milloy is scheduled to debunk the notion that global warming caused Hurricane Sandy on Cavuto tonight (Fox Business Channel at 8pm ET).

JunkScience Announces has obtained 3,500+ pages of documents showing how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill have violated (and continue to violate) every rule set since World War II for the protection of human study subjects from out-of-control scientists. Take the guided tour of the scandal at

P.S. If you can’t find the time or interest to check out, please save yourself the trouble of ever visiting again.

Steve Milloy, Publisher

Via Tom Nelson: RIP Alexander Cockburn

Farewell, Alex, My Friend » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names – Our friend and comrade Alexander Cockburn died last night in Germany, after a fierce two-year long battle against cancer. Continue reading

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

You’re right, we’re asking for reader assistance again. This time we are trying to quantify just how wrong is the IPCC’s magically magnified greenhouse effect. Continue reading

Happy Fourth of July!

Old Glory

And a happy, if slightly belated Canada Day:

Update 6/14: Something interesting has come up: an appeal for assistance

Thanks everyone who has responded so far. There is no such thing as an irrelevant, insignificant or distracting lead in what is becoming a major quest.

Most frightening response received so far: “… but with out the multiplier we don’t get enough co2 warming from the models and since we don’t know what else it could be it must be the co2

The author of that will not give permission to publish our communications and I will not identify them other than to say they are a frequently published and well-known climate researcher. I would be embarrassed to have it attributed to me, too.

It seems likely we will need everything we can get on the original CO2 saturation chamber experiments too, so, if someone has a source…

Thanks again for the assist so far Continue reading

OPEN THREAD – feel free to talk about whatever you please

I’ve got some time to spend with digital climate models and will only pay brief attention here for a few days.

No matter how provocative the trolls might be please play nicely. I’m afraid those who don’t will find themselves arbitrarily dropped into the troll cage without warning or recourse as I swoop by. New commenters will find delays clearing their initial posts for the same reason of sporadic attention as I emerge but briefly from the realms of PlayStation® Climatology™.

Have fun & do try not to break any furniture ;)

Don’t blame us, it’s WordPress – again

Yes, we’ve heard the grumblings of those who can not scroll past the first 14 fresh items. This is apparently an issue depending on browsers – doesn’t afflict my Safari but is apparently causing issues in Firefox and Chrome (don’t know about MSIE, haven’t used it in years).

This is not something we did but our WordPress host has made yet more unannounced and unwanted changes.

Only known workaround for those afflicted is to open the last item you can reach and choose the previous item to scroll through new material.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Top Stories

EPA fails to explain deletion of illegal diesel experiment on children from data base (April 25) | More Ground Zero Junk Science (April 24) | Another dim bulb for energy April 12 Continue reading

In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

Andrew passed away unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles. Continue reading

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Top Ten Stories of 2011

By popular choice. Drum roll please… Continue reading

Merry Christmas from!

To you and yours from us and ours.

RIP: Ron Smith

WBAL-AM talk show host and friend Ron Smith energetically and humorously railed against global warming hysteria and other junk science scares. We’ll miss you, Ron. Continue reading

RIP Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski

Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski died Saturday while undergoing surgery in Poland. He was 84. An atmospheric chemist, radiation specialist, and medical doctor, Dr. Jaworowski was a frequent contributor to 21st Century Science & Technology and to EIR. Dr. Jaworowski fought fearlessly for the truth, with major original contributions on subjects including the Chernobyl radiation hysteria, the linear no-threshold theory, and global warming, and weathered every attack for his views with courage and equanimity. Continue reading

RIP Dr. Michael R. Fox

Nuclear Scientist, Hawaii Reporter columnist and long-time friend Mike Fox dies after battle with cancer.

Continue reading