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The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Paul Driessen makes a good case. Here’s a review of a book by Epstein repeating the arguments.

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Here we go–earthquake scare in OK–we must stop fracking

The earthquakes are epidemic in Oklahoma. The Anti Fracker movement is afoot.

There is a lawsuit–meeeee o myyyy. I think Putin has something to do with this–he is an evil sorcerer you know.

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Fracking project in Utah on hold

Well one would expect such a thing, gasoline at the pump in our area is down more than 30%.

Market prices are related to demand and supply, that’s the way the market works to the advantage of the people.

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Driessen on divestment demands by silly college students and their noisy allies.

What do you expect of college students who have time on their hands a tremedous opinion of themselves–they try to pressure their schools on investment choices.

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Putin the greenie? Sure, he and the Saudis hate fracking

Now we have covered the fact that fracking has been around for 50 plus years and is safe and doesn’t foul the drinking water, it’s way too deep and the drill pipe is sealed, it has to be.
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Fred Singer discusses the latest nonsense–methane phobia

Methane is a trace gas, produced by industrial and natural process, and capable of absorbing infrared radiation, but not in a way that will causing warming since it’s absorption band overlaps that of water vapor–just ask Fred.

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Marita’s weekly dose of good energy sense

As usual, much to consider and Marita, ever the optimist, suggests some positive things the bamster might do.

On this eve of the SOTU speech. If I had my druthers, the republicans would stay home or better yet, the Repbublican controlled congress would not invite him to give the speech–the man loves the microphone even if he comes across canned and semi literate.

Thanks Marita for your efforts for sensible energy policy.

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