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Fred Singer discusses the latest nonsense–methane phobia

Methane is a trace gas, produced by industrial and natural process, and capable of absorbing infrared radiation, but not in a way that will causing warming since it’s absorption band overlaps that of water vapor–just ask Fred.

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Marita’s weekly dose of good energy sense

As usual, much to consider and Marita, ever the optimist, suggests some positive things the bamster might do.

On this eve of the SOTU speech. If I had my druthers, the republicans would stay home or better yet, the Repbublican controlled congress would not invite him to give the speech–the man loves the microphone even if he comes across canned and semi literate.

Thanks Marita for your efforts for sensible energy policy.

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NCPA writer gets suckered by fracking opponents pretending to be earthquake scientists

National Center for Policy Analysis is a conservative organization promoting progress, free markets, and limited government generally. They should be more careful before accepting agit prop from a thinly disguised enviro outfit.

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Marlo Lewis puts some rational comments on the decline in oil prices

It was bound to happen, idiots come out of the woodwork, panicky announcements from doomsayers. Marlo advises.

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Suing to rewrite the law?

The next attack on fracking seems to be suing for disclosure under EPCRA 313 (Toxic Release Inventory) rules.  Continue reading

Andrew is a charlatan, like his father

So he decides to prohibit fracking.

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National Geographic speculates on fracking

You can never trust National Geographic. Period. They have an agenda–they are in the front pew at the church of Mother Gaia–they don’t like humans much except maybe museum directors and wildlife park supervisors.

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