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Marita talks fracking and Colorado (is it Calirado?)

There is stuff in them there hills.

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Dealing with the EPA–another story

I think this should be reviewed for content and strategy.

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Another stupid local fracking ban

Longmont Colorado decided to exercise it’s local authority–to ban fracking, and was admonished by the courts.

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Fracking is safe, jackasses

Here is another handwringer proposal.

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Seldon declaims on the issue of earthquakes and fracking

When I read recently so many stupid claims of fracking causing earthquakes, I could not resist asking my favorite FOVORIIIITE PETROLEUM ENGINEER, Seldon Graham, to comment.

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The EPA has extended the comment period for the fracking rule to September 18, 2014.

Fracking neurotics are bozos

This business about fracking causing earthquakes ignores basic physics.

How could injections at 10,000 feet really be expected to disrupt the geology of a region?

Consider the mass and energy questions.

NCPA on fracking

A discussion of fracking and its clear cut benefits.

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Here’s a way to create a phony crisis. We complained and they ignored us–boo hoo

Decide for yourself. 50 years of fracking but this is a real emergency, a state official ignored our cry for help.

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2 million for fracking nuisance

This report is very troubling, since it creates a question. This isn’t about fracking,

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ACSH on Marcellus Shale Fracking

A very thorough report on the Marcellus shale formation and fracking by the American Council on Safety Science and Health.  Well worth spending a little time reading it.

Barnett shale fracking is safe–shut up enviros

I have a personal interest in Barnett Shale–I like Texas and I like oil and gas production.

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Continue the Fracking panic–ignore history, ignore good sense

So in a place on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana we have a little drama.
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Driessen on Hollywood hypocricy

This is easy–like exposing Mafiosi as criminals.

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Fracking by Stelzer

I always get heartburn reading Stelzer, I think a closet leftist, writing for an often ambivalent Weekly Standard. I like my conservative mags predictable and energetic–Barnes and Kristol invariable make me wanna hit somebody in the head.

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Count on Illinois, they will always do stupid

The Illinois politicians and green thugs are very concerned about fracking.

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James O’Keefe is a superhero–again.

This James O’Keefe, who does the video sting stuff for Breitbart News so well, catches a bunch of Hollywood people lying and cheating.

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Marita on the Well Being of Humans

Some people are convinced that we have no business on this earth, and we have no right to use the resources–the planet should be some kind of park.

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Latest from the Hymnal, natural gas won’t help

When apocalyptic predictions are made, there must be no wavering.

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A tale of two states

No fracking in New York while just across the line, Pennsylvanians reap the benefits.  Continue reading