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Marcellus Shale targeted

All this fuss– another fracking scare sponsored by enviros.
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Pretty fair discussion of Oil Bidness in USA Today–are you shocked?

I know, it’s hard to imagine, from a lefty outlet with no brains like USA Today.

Well, wonders never cease. This piece is written by a guy from the Manhattan Institute, a reliably conservative source.

I am stunned.

Note that at the bottom the USA Today folks take bows on their diversity of opinions published. Hope so.

Can the idiot not understand–Fracking is Soft Power

It’s easy to pander to the Luddites.

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Scary Fracking–just ask the enviros

Can’t be too careful with these chicken littles. Particularly if they are lawyers with nothing better to do.

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LA City Council Demands Fracking Studies

Southern California politicians are upset, demand an investigation of fracking after a quake in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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Deroy talks some more about the Marcellus Shale

Fracking is really a revoultionary thing.

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Journalists Anxious

Writers at the Fresno Bee Rag are concerned about fracking?

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New York Citizen Abuse

New York State is the ruling class elites gone rogue.

When you think New York, think the arrogant Junior, Andy Cuomo.

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Little study on effects of Fracking–excuse me.

So the concern is a failure to promote anxiety about a practice that has been studied to death?

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Methane Oxidizes–sho nuff?

So one of our genius crew, Dave, put up a comment that has me all disturbed and that ain’t good at my advanced age.

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Methane Menace

More discussion on the Methane Leaks/fossil fuel issues.

Feint (say squirrel) to confuse or distract.

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Government just Hates the Bakken

Here we go.

The Bakken Blitz–make you think of the IRS and other examples of government zeal.

Enviro regulators on the prowl.

Frackophobia Addressed by Deroy

Paul Driessen is hangin out with Deroy Murdock? Excellent. I have respected Deroy’s writing now for a long time.

Deroy expounds on fracking.

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Europe Resetting Enviro Anxiety Levels?

Fracking isn’t causing high anxiety?

Are the Luddites worn out?

A New Big Boy in Town

Thomas Lifson describes some interesting dynamics in world economies–particularly as it relates to what we in Texas Call Awl

And Fracking is the deal.

Follow the Money on Fracking and Pipeline Debates

All this anti fracking advocacy–and anti Keystone XL pipeline agitation certainly is funded by someone.

Here’s some stuff to consider on the fracking debate. Saudis have a dog in the fight.

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Newsman Suffers Anxiety Attack

Gee, there just isn’t enough information on the health risks of fracking for this Penn journalist.

Fracking is REEEALLY SCARY, Send Donations to. . .

I am astounded at the ignorance of people about fracking–it doesn’t contaminate ground water, it’s safe and important for progress and energy self sufficiency.

Hysterical reactions and media hype, and of course time for enviro organizations to put out scares to pump up donations.

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Fracking Anxiety in Maryland

Can’t be too careful in Maryland. After all, they’re drilling more than 5000 feet down and somebody could have missed something in all those other studies, somebody who didn’t CARE. This is a chance to protect the public and make a statement against progress and in favor of the children or . . . . whatever.

Study on the way, Maryland Health Department says they have no intention to recommend for or against fracking.

And I am Michael Jordan.–gas-drilling-public-health.html

Greenpeace: Fracking a ‘desperate ploy’ by UK government to keep people hooked on fossil fuels — No doubt manyin the UK are addicted to staying warm in the winter

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