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James Taylor does a dissection of Crazy Cuomo’s Fracking ban

Thanks James, you are a friend and an erudite commentator.

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Was there any doubt?

Cuomo bans fracking in New York for potential health reasons.  Fracking jobs and income to be replaced by casino’s.   Ask Atlantic City how that’s working out. Continue reading

Oil price war by the Saudis–Sel tells us not to worry–good domestic companies will win

The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) warns that the Saudis are trying to shut down our domestic oil exploration and production by turning on the spigot and driving down the market price.
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Fracking is a game changer, Saudis may have to go to work

Saudis don’t work much–they bring in slaves and indentured foreigners.

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Prices on oil and natural gas are down–kills wind and solar chances

As if they weren’t already a no go in the marketplace, solar and wind are even more silly with fracking and oil production up.

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Marita enters a target rich environment

Marita Noon and her weekly commentary.  I cannot improve on it.

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Oil and gas production–big boost to the economy

We knew that.

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