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Now the climate is impacted by recession

So the lack of carbon dioxide increase is due to recession, not fracking?

Maybe. Reduced economic activity would reduce emissions from economic activity, but what about world economic increases?

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Fracking opposition has been too successful

This is a link to a color coded map on fracking restrictions for the US.

You might ask–why, even the EPA says fracking is not harmful–but people in this country want to be afraid, scaremongers dominate too many political discussions–all the anxious people with matching t-shirts.

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The reports of fracking’s demise are greatly exaggerated

I have some friends who run a companies or have investments in exploration for oil and gas. They remain optimistic that Saudi and Russian efforts to dampen fracking enthusiasm are not working.

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Ok joins in the effort to stop the local nannies from prohibiting fracking and oil and gas exporation and extraction.

It is so easy to pressure local politicians–they are a bunch of overgrown teenage seekers of office.
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Buffett and Putin paying off the anti pipeline and green movements

So if Putin’s economy and Buffett’s railroad investments are benefited by anti pipeline crusades–guess what, the whores are in the street.

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The fracking study is not what the enviro’s wanted

The draft of  EPA’s fracking study shows minimal impact on drinking water.  I wonder how much the final will change. Continue reading

EPA bites their tongue, admits fracking and drilling aren’t harming water supplies for humans

The problem with any half ass admission like this is that it leaves open the precuationary principle–as the EPA says–we must be ever on the alert. Remember the rule of practical politics–keep the populace alarmed so they will be clamorous to be led to safety (Mencken).

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