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Formaldehyde sounds scary

Michael Shaw provides excellent commentary.

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Demonizing Formaldehyde For Fun And Profit

Formaldehyde is a simple and ubiquitous molecule, used in countless products and industrial processes. The compound is synthesized by virtually every life form, and does not accumulate in the environment. However, since formaldehyde (along with everything else) is a “chemical,” greedy fear entrepreneurs are more than willing to scare the public. In so doing, they not only extract millions of dollars in dubious donations, they routinely slander and libel dozens of perfectly fine products.

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Greene Answers a Question on Scary Formaldehyde

I have talked Bob Greene, industrial chemist and compliance man into writing for JunkScience.

It was a good idea.

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EPA overstates benefit of new formaldehyde rule based on officially discredited science

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EPA proposes formaldehyde rules

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Video: The Truth About Children’s Bath Products

The Personal Care Products Council pushes back on the anti-chemical industry attack on baby shampoo in a new video. Continue reading

Baby shampoo cancer allegations ‘false’

The use of quaternium-15 and 1,4-dioxane in personal care products is safe and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ allegations are false, says the Personal Care Products Council. Continue reading