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Here comes another Boston scaremonger chemophobe with an autism theory

So this was sent to me by one of our commenters–a researcher named Seneff at MIT who specializes in nutrition claims she has found Roundup (culprit chemical, glyphosate) to be the cause of the autism epidemic.

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More on the food nannies nonsense

I know you think I am piling on, but here is another essay that discusses why we should STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THE FOOD NANNIES.

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NYT expands on the eggs cholesterol food nanny problems

I thought this was pretty good for an article written by from the belly of the junk science nanny beast.

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Chemophobia by the Food Babe.

My, what a clueless person is the Food Babe. But she gets a lot of notice.

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Food fetishists suffer another knockdown–eggs up, nannies down

It isn’t just cholesterol and eggs, my friends, it’s the silly salt campaign, the warnings about fats and all this BS about sugars, whether fructose is better than sucrose or worse. What nonsense based on junk science claims, fed by anxious scaredycats and the scaremongers.

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I am a doctor, I love entertaining a new diagnosis–orthorexia–food fetishist on a mission

I can’t help myself, I am so disgusted with food obsessives and how they make the regulatory and consumerist nonsense.

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Here we go again with another cause of autism

I would say the biggest cause of autism is a change in the diagnostic criteria for autism.

So you have a variant of mental retardation that would fit the new criteria for autism–what’s the point?

Now another component of the dietary intake is proposed as a cause of autism?

Not likely.

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