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Organic grower goofballs

Mischa Popoff is a treasure, a man with much to say about the organic nuttiness.

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Frenchee French junk science–food scare, sacre’ bleu

A year ago these clowns published a study that was withdrawn. Now they republish the study on line.

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Food fetishist alert–go gluten free

We have all kinds of food nuts. I first was made aware of the gluten free fad when jail inmates started claiming they needed gluten free diets–their goal was a better menu. More fish, less baloney. Ain’t gonna happen.

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When even New Scientist dismisses an anti GMO study as previously discredited…

[New Scientist]

It’s back. A controversial study purporting to show that genetically modified food causes health problems was republished this week in the journal Environmental Sciences Europe (DOI: 10.1186/s12302-014-0014-5). It was retracted last year by Food and Chemical Toxicology, which published it in 2012.

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Lefty journalist shows nutty attitude

Bitman is unknown to me, but is mainstream NYT for purposes of profile.

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Mischa discusses Organic and Natural and such

Some people know more than I do–I know, you can’t believe that such a thing.

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Vermont goes backward on GM

Now this journalist calls it Genetically Engineered, but the panic is the same.

And just as stupid. Count on the greenies of Vermont.

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We need to stop the Bullies on GM

There are too many anxious idiots on the issue of Gentically Modified food sources.

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GMO opposition discussed by Miller

Henry Miller is at the Hoover and is an expert on the benefits of genetic modification.

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Food Fetishists and Junk Nutritionists Push Back

Thomas Lifson reports on the Saturated Fats are OK study and the reaction from the food nuts. Food “experts” are very much like climate junkster “experts.”

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GM crop debate

A discussion on the GM crops issues, featuring an advocate who is on the science and policy advisory group for ACSH.

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They want to Starve the Carbon Based Units

My friend and high flying Agriculture Lawyer, Gary Baise, midwest farmer hissownself, and DC Law Firm Doyen of EPA regulatory abuses, writes a regular column for Farm Futures

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Aspartame OK Really

Another round of discussion about the sweetener Aspartame

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Union of Concerned (Junk) Scientists are Sponsors at AAAS Meet

Orwellian junk science outfits always get dressed up with nice names.

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Let’s talk some more Taubes

Some reacted negatively to my applause for Gary Taubes.

Let’s discuss.

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Taubes be da Man

I have always admired the work of the great Taubes, since he is fearless even when he hopes to get published by the NYT and other lefty pubs.

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CVS Morality and Public Policy Making.

I would say that smoking tobacco goes back a ways and that even the worst results of epidemiological studies shows that 90% of tobacco smokers manage to avoid the deadly cancer causing effects of cigarette tobacco smoking.

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Damn the Chemophobes

Here we go again. Parabens are the bogeyman. These people need to take a nap.

Media Food Panic

The Media, following the lead of the Public Health community, loves to create food anxiety.

Here are examples.

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Genetically Modified Food–a Wonderful Development

Here’s a vote in favor for GM foods from a former nut case.

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