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Lyin’ BSer Dan Rather lectures us on seeking the truth

Mind if i sneer a little? Dan Rather made his chops as a partisan lefty–spinning everything for his cause, with careless disregard for evidence, or truth.

He was a professional bullshitter even when he sat in the anchor chair, but why not, the Dean of leftist bullshitters, Walter Cronkite, did it before him.

Now Dan tries to play non partisan truth seeker–must have had a spell on the road to Damascus.

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Chipotle takes a tumble after going anti GMO–too bad

I shed these crocodile tears knowing the little twerps did it to be cool and appeal to the neurotic “natural only” elements of the society.

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Mother Jones makes a pitch for irradiated food? Excellent

Irradiation of food to reduce bacterial content is a benign and effective way to make the food safer.

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Even Slate puts up a pro GM piece

I know, I shouldn’t be looking at Slate–the lefty site–but I couldn’t resist, they are getting down on the rabid anti GM movement.

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Hard to guarantee “organic”

So organic foods aren’t so pristine–big deal, it’s still just food with a trace of chemicals, like the mainstream food.

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David Ricardo rises

Ricardo made a case for specialization and trade as maximizing market efficiencies. That immediately came to mind when I read this essay about the myths of buying locally grown food.

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Reduced rates of some food borne infections

CDC report discussed. Understand that food borne illness is under-reported because many of the infections are not severe enough to garner attention. There is a wide spectrum of infectious presentations.

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