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Hard to guarantee “organic”

So organic foods aren’t so pristine–big deal, it’s still just food with a trace of chemicals, like the mainstream food.

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David Ricardo rises

Ricardo made a case for specialization and trade as maximizing market efficiencies. That immediately came to mind when I read this essay about the myths of buying locally grown food.

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Reduced rates of some food borne infections

CDC report discussed. Understand that food borne illness is under-reported because many of the infections are not severe enough to garner attention. There is a wide spectrum of infectious presentations.

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Homeopathic products and the FDA

Nutritional supplements, homeopathic products, generally safe but questionably effective. What is the role of he FDA?

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Chemophobia by the Food Babe.

My, what a clueless person is the Food Babe. But she gets a lot of notice.

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Here we go again with another cause of autism

I would say the biggest cause of autism is a change in the diagnostic criteria for autism.

So you have a variant of mental retardation that would fit the new criteria for autism–what’s the point?

Now another component of the dietary intake is proposed as a cause of autism?

Not likely.

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Listen up on the Rice debate–some people eat mostly rice

The rice eaters who eat old timey rice have diets deficient in beta carotene, a precursor to Vitamin A, essential for vision and good health.  You can die or go blind from Vit A deficiency.

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