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Peanut Allergy prevention–Eat Peanuts during Pregnancy

A study that makes sense.

The concept is called desensitization.

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CVS Morality and Public Policy Making.

I would say that smoking tobacco goes back a ways and that even the worst results of epidemiological studies shows that 90% of tobacco smokers manage to avoid the deadly cancer causing effects of cigarette tobacco smoking.

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Media Food Panic

The Media, following the lead of the Public Health community, loves to create food anxiety.

Here are examples.

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Canada has their nannystate folk, too. Bans… Ovaltine™ and other common foods

courtesy of the BBC:
“The owner of a British food shop in Canada says he has been ordered to stop selling Marmite, Ovaltine and Irn Bru because they contain illegal additives.

“Tony Badger, who owns Brit Foods in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, told local media that food safety officials had removed the foods from his shelves.  Continue reading

The Antibiotic Panicmongers

Let’s get back to the real world, if a cow or a pig is treated with an antibiotic, and then the pig or cow is slaughtered for meat,

GUESS WHAT, the antibiotic is not in the meat, since it is digested as just another chemical.

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Thanks Louie

Louis Pasteur was a great man and he showed us the way to a safer food supply.

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European version of FDA decides Aspartame is safe after all

[European Food Safety Agency press release]

“Aspartame and its breakdown products are safe for human consumption at current levels of exposure, EFSA concludes in its first full risk assessment of this sweetener. To carry out its risk assessment, EFSA has undertaken a rigorous review of all available scientific research on aspartame and its breakdown products, including both animal and human studies.”

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Enviros attack Red Lobster for dirty Asian seafood

“Today’s Seafood Special: Pig Manure, Antibiotics, and Diarrhea Bugs.” Continue reading

Food allergy is a disability under the ADA?

“Colleges and universities are especially vulnerable because they know their students and often require them to eat on campus, Eve Hill of the Justice Department’s civil rights division says.” Continue reading

Nonsense: F.D.A. Offers Broad New Rules to Fight Food Contamination

Multi-billion dollar-costing regulatory overkill that will accomplish little. Wash and properly cook food that you purchase from trusted manufacturers and vendors. Continue reading

Health groups sue U.S. for failing to protect food supply

Two U.S. health and environment organizations sued the federal government on Wednesday for what the groups say is a failure to implement and enforce a new food safety law that could help prevent thousands of deaths caused by food-borne illnesses each year. Continue reading

Resistant bacteria ‘no concern at all’ if food properly cooked

Food safety | An Agriculture Canada study found enterococcus bacteria in 94 percent of poultry samples collected from Alberta grocery stores Continue reading

Food-borne illnesses not diminishing, CDC finds

Little progress has been made in combating many types of food-borne illnesses in recent years, according to new federal data, an outcome that food safety advocates say underscores the need to put into place the landmark food-safety bill signed by President Obama more than a year ago. Continue reading

“Veggie” diet blamed for poor performance of China’s women volleyball team

“Veggie” diet blamed for poor performance of China’s women volleyball team MercoPress 27th July 2012
Fearing tainted meat, China’s women’s volleyball team has stuck to a strict vegetarian diet for the last three weeks, which the team’s coach is now blaming for his athletes’ abysmal performance. Continue reading

Takayuki Shibamoto: What’s in Your Food?

Are the “carcinogenic” chemicals that are produced when foods are cooked really cause for concern? Continue reading

Produce-safety testing program on chopping block

Congress is poised to scrap funding for the only program that consistently tests select vegetables and fruit for pathogens — an initiative that’s led to about 30 recalls since 2009. Continue reading

Eye-roller: GMOs should be safety tested before they hit the market says AMA

And what other foods are tested anywhere near as thoroughly as GMOs? With their activist stance on “global warming,” fracking and this nonsense it appears the AMA has been completely captured by the looney enviro brigade. Continue reading

A Package You Can Eat, To Prevent Plastic Pollution

Um… food hygiene? Continue reading

Article is [not] wrong to advise pregnant women to eat swordfish.

A TIME Magazine article lists swordfish as a natural source of vitamin D when reporting research that associated low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy and higher levels of body fat in her child.  However, pregnant women should not eat swordfish due to its high methylmercury content 

Nope. It’s EHN that is entirely wrong here. Pregnant women should not worry about the activist myths of immense mercury danger – it doesn’t exist unless you could eat several hundred pounds of commercially available oily fish each and every day. Mom & bub are both better off with a high fish diet. The great mercury scam is actually a facet of the attack on cheap and abundant energy (“dirty” coal), just as the fabricated fears over fracking are now. Misanthropic greenies do not want you to thrive. Continue reading

Consumers Trust Food Biotechnology, Food Safety, Survey Finds

While criticism of genetically modified foods has received widespread media attention in the past few years, consumers remain generally supportive of food biotechnology, according to an industry-funded survey released Thursday. Continue reading