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It’s not about fat or carbos, it’s about calories.

Why don’t people just shut the hell up.

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Organic grower goofballs

Mischa Popoff is a treasure, a man with much to say about the organic nuttiness.

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Pistachios are healthy? Really? I say this is a weak study

Look at this study, and see if you see what I see. This is a problem with these food magic risk assessment studies.

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Resveratrol comes a cropper

So here I go again. I am an equal opportunity food and wine editor–Chianti and other red wines are not magic unless used to charm your beloved, certainly not like the health food nuts would claim.

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Statins, Cholesterol, confusion

I can always count on some interest among old white guys about cholesterol and cardiovascular health.
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Food fetishist alert–go gluten free

We have all kinds of food nuts. I first was made aware of the gluten free fad when jail inmates started claiming they needed gluten free diets–their goal was a better menu. More fish, less baloney. Ain’t gonna happen.

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When even New Scientist dismisses an anti GMO study as previously discredited…

[New Scientist]

It’s back. A controversial study purporting to show that genetically modified food causes health problems was republished this week in the journal Environmental Sciences Europe (DOI: 10.1186/s12302-014-0014-5). It was retracted last year by Food and Chemical Toxicology, which published it in 2012.

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Lefty journalist shows nutty attitude

Bitman is unknown to me, but is mainstream NYT for purposes of profile.

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Processed red meat bad for your heart?

Research showing that high consumption of salami, ham, sausage and other processed red meats could give men greater chance of heart failure.  Is this an artifact of the statistics or is there an underlying cause? Continue reading

Fox drinks the Kool Aid

ACSH is shocked by the extremes of a Fox health column. Continue reading

PETA pops off on milk and dairy–Autism faux link

If you try hard and are lucky on selection–you too can show a causal relationship.

In this case assume that PETA has an agenda–and after that it goes down hill.

Mischa discusses Organic and Natural and such

Some people know more than I do–I know, you can’t believe that such a thing.

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Yet another actual analysis of toxins in “local” food gardens shows bad stuff…

But since these are used by yuppies and hipsters, instead of them
getting shut down we get comments like this in the NY Post:
“No one has ever gotten sick that we know of,” noted Annie
Faulk, 66, who also tends the Sterling Garden patch…
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Fruits, Veggies don’t reduce Cancer–Imagine that

Don’t you sometimes wonder how I can stand it–all these rules and declarations by nannies and elites that turn out to be nothin’?

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Joyce Parker sends me a Killer report on food fetishists

This is perfect–ooooooooh no honey, that’s Puerto Rican peanut butter, says the little Madison Wisconsin prig. Madison is a boutique and clueless little leftist enclave. They do think they are special in Madison, of course.

We need to stop the Bullies on GM

There are too many anxious idiots on the issue of Gentically Modified food sources.

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Humans Waste Food–Must be stopped.

Something must be done–expand the nanny state and stop food wastage.

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Organic Food is Healthier–right chemophobes?

So let’s consider organic food and how it might rate on the “healthy” scale.

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Pink Slime Scare causes ABC Heartburn

The same network that put up junk journalism on Food Lion, now gets a chance to explain their advocacy on beef products that they called pink slime but its just small pieces ground up from the butchering process.
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Food Fetishists and Junk Nutritionists Push Back

Thomas Lifson reports on the Saturated Fats are OK study and the reaction from the food nuts. Food “experts” are very much like climate junkster “experts.”

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