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So many fools, so little time–dietary supplements

Understand this, the basic food groups as far as your intestines and liver and muscles and tissues are concerned are amino acids, fatty acids, sugars, minerals, vitamins. Your body is a stupid but amazing machine. Chemicals don’t get religion or have preferences, they take your diet as it comes in and make the most of it. Cells are non judgmental.

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I restate the obvious–GM food stuffs studies are clear–it’s safe

One more time, with emphasis–this time a discussion of trillions of feedings.

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This essay settles the GM Foods debate–winner and champeen–GM

As the author says so well–it has saved so many lives and no one, absolutely no one has died from a GM food.

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All fat people–attention–low fat, low carb both work–no advantages seen in a big study

So what’s the big surprise?

A couple of years ago or so I got disgusted with the fat and stopped eating so much.

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Auto intoxication, enemas, and obsessions

I occasionally get just a little irritated with people who obsess about the contents of their diet and their intestines.

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GMO dynamics and politics.

ACSH reports. This generally trends to produce the right effect–promotion of more food foe da peoples.

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Stop the salty nuts (is that a pun or what?)

As you know food nannies, First Lady dietitian, food store pseudo experts, diet fetishists, everybody, including the food fetish nutritionists are very sodiumphobic. How about the mayor fetishist Bloomberg and his ilk?

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