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Just another excuse to raise taxes

The UK may be floating another attempt to raise taxes on sugar in foods to reduce obesity.  This seems to work only in models.  Continue reading

Coffee benefits–some probably legit, some not so

What could be so bad about a morning stimulant from an aromatic and pleasant source?

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Fast food keeps getting hit, breakfast answer

Recently I had a gigantic Taco Bell breakfast burrito, I would hesitate to guess the number of calories, more than one adult male should eat for one meal, no doubt. I almost quit in the middle but forged on, it was good.

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Aspartame sensitivity–both bogus

We in medicine call it somatization, suggestibility, the nocebo effect, neurotic fears and anxieties.

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I can’t believe that AMSPEC put up this essay

Emmett Tyrell always has struck me as a guy with a fitness fetish.

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Kimmel makes fun of junk scientists–nice

Some say that making fun of the idiots beats a formal debate–I agree, and Saul Alinsky always encouraged vilification and lies as a much more effective tool than rationality and civility.

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Orthorexia nervosa–food fetishism as a diagnosis

I have too good a time just watching the commentariat. They go in circles and congratulate themselves when they see human foibles and expressions of suggestibility.

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