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Dr. Schwartz on aspartame opponents–knock out

No cure for chemophobes, even if you win the argument, remember obsessive complusives need soemthing to fear and avoid–the world is a scary place.

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Risk Factors and preventive medicine delusions

Well I have been carrying around Ernest Curtis’s essay on risk factor medicine. Ernest is a cardiologist and cardiology actually is a place where risk factor medicine is well developed. I have pleased to say that Ernest thinks risk factor medicine is hocum and bunkum–I think it is too.

So I respond here to Ernest’s excellent discussion and try to offer some reasons why risk factor medicine has become such a big deal and dominates public policy discussions and patient education–public health people love to talk living healthy and such.

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I would like to stuff trans fats in a hole somewhere

These food fetishists just can’t stop, and they pay to create junk science to support their theories.
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Ag science strives to produce the perfect potato

Of course the food fetishists and the fanatic enviros will call it the Frankenstein potato because it will be–oh horrors, genetically engineered.

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Life expectancy discussed by ACSH

Usually ACSH and I agree, and in this essay they say sensible things.

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Natural food alert–all you obsessives and fetishists

The restaurant business is constantly trying to keep up with food fetishists who apparently have too much time on their hands. Comfortable fist world people can talk junk food–most of the world would say–good food, plenty of calories, fat and protein. Continue reading

David Ricardo rises

Ricardo made a case for specialization and trade as maximizing market efficiencies. That immediately came to mind when I read this essay about the myths of buying locally grown food.

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