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Can I talk about the nuttiness of organic foods? Or can Henry Miller MD?

Well I am pretty good at putting down organic, which is worthless and so are some others, but let’s consider what Henry Miller MD, a big boy, has to say.

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Eat eggs, my daddy is vindicated

My father was a physician, and he was a farm boy and he said these food fetishists and nutritionists were FOS, only he didn’t use bad words with us kids.

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Josh Bloom takes on the Food Babe

I got a chuckle out of this essay by Bloom, who is over at ACSH but also works the Science 2.0 site.

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GM crop study discussed by The Economist

Well The Economist has to admit the evidence is overwhelming for GM.

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Another report on GM advantages

Who am I?   Your humble reporter of events.

Henry Miller MD on GM

There are not many who are as well informed on GM as Henry Miller.

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Food nannies and scaremongers losing on Genetic Modification

What a disappointment, all the neurotics apparently don’t  outnumber sensible people.

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