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Food fetishists now campaign against meat on BS theory of carbon dioxide production

Let’s assume that meat has a carbon life cycle and a nutrional value.  Let’s assume the same for corn, wheat. and such, and assume there are carbon emissions production costs. 

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Big brother to guide your diet?

The proposed diet guidelines call for “intervention” by experts for those who don’t meet weight standards.  Continue reading

Are these the same idiots that warned us about eggs and cholesterol for 25 years?

Like moochelle, nutrition advisors have to advise about food, this time it’s about the politically correct issue of meat eating. They are dabbling in climate anxiety and catastrophe. Must control methane.

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Is your diet killing you?

Apparently the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee thinks so.  Continue reading

Henninger talks about the anti vax, anti sense movement and I would add the precautionary principle

I would say Henninger is a very insightful person usually and his assessment is right on some things here. He points some obvious things about people’s sense of security that allows them to ignore the dangers of refusing vaccines. However he is wrong on the motivations, by a click or two.

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Food fetishists suffer another knockdown–eggs up, nannies down

It isn’t just cholesterol and eggs, my friends, it’s the silly salt campaign, the warnings about fats and all this BS about sugars, whether fructose is better than sucrose or worse. What nonsense based on junk science claims, fed by anxious scaredycats and the scaremongers.

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Supplements and vitamins and healthy things

I am surprised at the lack of quality control in the health supplements products.

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