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Another hole in the healthy foods ship

Imagine you could have a double burger when you are really hungry or a carrot.

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Fast-food ban in L.A. fails to improve diets or cut obesity, study finds

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A really nice rant about nannies and meddlers

This writer certainly says it well–all these obsessive compulsive personality disorders running around with red pens.

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Another magical diet to prevent heart disease

ACSH discusses the fashionable Mediterranean diet and how a study of thousands of Greeks shows it reduced by 47 percent the rate of cardiovascular disease.

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Vitamins to fight the Nazis

Imagine that, a war machine on vitamins.

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Food fetishists now campaign against meat on BS theory of carbon dioxide production

Let’s assume that meat has a carbon life cycle and a nutrional value.  Let’s assume the same for corn, wheat. and such, and assume there are carbon emissions production costs. 

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Big brother to guide your diet?

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